Pointless is as pointless does.

About 5 months ago CM Punk said he was going to take the title off of Cena, and Walking away from the WWE with Title in hand… That went nowhere fast, but not as fast as the next brain child of the idiots, featuring that lovable crazy man, R-Truth, and his moronic sidekick, twatface miz! These two had the unfortunate tale of being caught up in the most idiotic, rushed, pathetic story line in wwe history, I am really starting to wonder if the wwe only cares about the Attention deficit disorder members of their audience. Since forming, for some reason, still not yet explained… and don’t say “2 FIGT TEH COSIRPISY!” because that story line was all good and dandy when R-Truth, By Himself was fighting the conspiracy.

In an early article I explained how R-Truth was being held back by the lack luster, tv changing, boring blow hole, void of entertainment value, twatface miz. If you missed it, write your hate letters to my twitter @Tim5000 after reading this one http://wrestlingrambles.com/2011/09/19/t5x-quick-note-making-the-lies/ but moving on. Miz and R-Truth are both complaining about a conspiracy. Let us see… who has the full right to bitch about being held back… the 100+ day champ, cutting Promo’s with celebrities (no matter how ‘D’ or ‘F’ listed they might be), Main eventing Wrestlemania and winning… or the guy who has been pandering for years and is now just finally getting his chance. “BUTT TIM, DAT IZ WHY MIZ IS COMPLAINING HE DOESNT…” Shut up.

If you are remembering why Miz is thinking there is a conspiracy against him over the fact that he had to do a Sub-way promo with Jared (AKA the ‘F’ list Celebrity) then let me remind you of something that was already said. ONE HUNDRED PLUS DAYS AS WWE CHAMPION YOU NUMBSKULL! If Miz’s main problem is that he has to sell sandwiches for one fucking night, then that kinda proves my point, he gets too much spot light, while R-Truth is not getting enough. R-Truth was complaining about not getting enough, that he isn’t on anything, while twatface was, and is doing all the ad work… so logic (I know that is a word most of the wwe staff knows little about, but let us continue) would tell us, that R-Truth should hate the Miz, not join forces with him, for what is really no reason. (Oh no, the miz cannot sell a sandwich, and John Cena can’t sell a beat down. Why is it that the main eventers cant sell nothing but merch?)

well anyways, the deed is done, these two are a team. and in the wwe has been doing with what as these two as a team again? By the looks of it, making themselves look even more fucking retarded. Let us list some events shall we.
– Truth and Miz beat up the superstars, refs and cameramen inside the hell in cell main event
– Triple H Fires them
– The Dynamic duo of stupid plan to sue the wwe for wrongful termination
– – After beating the shit out of non wrestlers remind you
– – – Meaning NO CASE
– The WWE feels unsafe and almost everyone preforms a walkout.
– Vince Tells HHH that he is no longer in charge of the day to day work
– Johnny “2-of-clubs” is now in charge
– Walk out is over
– Johnny “2-of-clubs” rehires R-Truth and his trained monkey, the Miz
– The Dynamic duo, repeat what they did, and cause problems in the main event.
– Johnny “2-of-Clubs” doesn’t really do anything, but yell at them…

One could say, that Johnny “2-of-Clubs” rehired the duo of idiots to prevent the law suit, but take a look at one clear note :
– – After beating the shit out of non wrestlers remind you
– – – Meaning NO CASE
One could also say that Johnny is in on all of this, but then why would he allow Cena to pick his opponent.
One could also say that the WWE staff is sniffing glue before each episode, and I think that is the best answer we will get.

Now we have a tag match at survivor series with Team Who Gives a fuck, against Team Superman. Now picking The Rock as a teammate when you are John Cena… is Like Superman Teaming up with Goku for Dragon Ball Z (For my Non Nerd readers, he is a very strong dude). In a one on Two Match, CENA STILL WON. And while it was Via Disqualification , it also notes, that Miz and Truth Could not defeat Cena in a two on one and had to give up and break the rules just to even think about keeping him down. They are not going after the tag titles, they are only causing a minor nonsense in the long run, and are just blocking all potential that R-Truth had on his own. This team will go down as bad as NEXUS or General Manager AOL4.0, yeah it happened, but who the fuck really cares?

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