WWE & The Social Media!

WWE have finally come to terms with the impact of the social media. Well, when I say WWE I really mean Vince McMahon. Some would maybe say he’s got high on social media and went crazy with it, but as well all know social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook DO work and DO get your messages out.

Facebook I think has been around longer than Twitter but wasn’t so much used in the way of companies trying to get their promotions out. Facebook as we all know is used for personal diary like entries that many use to give off, moan, groan and shout on. I personally don’t like Facebook that much, I find that I’m rarely using it and that I’m turning more and more to Twitter as a source of interaction. People use Facebook for the wrong reasons in my opinion, and has become a bit like Bebo if anyone remembers it. Twitter however, is used for many reasons. My main reason for using it is to shamelessly tweet the WWE stars, of which I rarely get responses from, saying that Eve tweeted me yesterday so suck that biatches! WWE use both, and probably use other platforms that I’m not familiar with. Other companies related to WWE use both, one of the top of my mind is THQ, they use Facebook and Twitter to promote the latest game coming out and news about the games, just as a side question who all is going to buy WWE ’12? I was close to pre-ordering it today, it looks promising.

I know that many WWE stars… Except Sheamus L have Twitter, and have done for a while, tweeting their thoughts – a bit like how normal non-famous people use Facebook. The stars have also took to Facebook to promote themselves and other WWE merch or PPVs, and a reason some of them got a Facebook account was to fit into WWE’s social network of today, I believe WWE didn’t force them but asked them politely to get a Facebook. The reason for WWE wanting to do this and get their stars on Facebook is to promote, promote and promote some more. There’s no denying there aren’t a lot of people on Facebook therefore it only makes sense to promote on it as well to the millions as The Rock would say. Twitter seems to be more powerful within WWE, I think they prefer it a lot more because Twitter is dead easy to promote on. A few hashtags here and there and one is sorted!

During Monday’s Raw and the recent Vengeance PPV we seen and heard twitter mentioned more than before. Not only did we see some of Dolph’s tweets about Zack Ryder’s Princess Leia but we heard Michael Cole read that tweet out and we heard him read many more after that! I think Twitter’s great, don’t get me wrong, and I pretty much follow all the WWE stars therefore I know what they’re saying or doing. This means that what Michael Cole is wasting his breath on is something that I’ve already read and seen for myself. Those who don’t have Twitter probably don’t have an interest in it or else they’d have it by now, therefore not only is Cole wasting his breath on us Tweeters but he’s also wasting his breath reading out something that some people don’t give a flying pig about. It wasn’t a once or twice occurrence during the PPV or Raw, but was a subject that was brought up about 500 times. I was getting sick of hearing it, play-by-play commentators should be commenting on the wrestling in the ring, NOT what Dolph is saying about Princess Leia! I miss those days of J.R hollering a big “BAH GAWD” out and marking out about whatever is happening in the ring or on top of a Hell In A Cell, WWE is trying too hard to promote a platform (Twitter) in order to get people onto said platform to then promote to them. Let me mark out about Eve tweeting me instead of Michael Cole doing it, god it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

Not only is Cole marking out about Twitter every 10 seconds but WWE have also seen fit to put the SuperStars Twitter name under their entrance name, (that was harder to explain than I thought!) So to make things clear, when Kofi and Evan entered the Vengeance PPV we seen their names pop up on screen as per usual, but we also seen their twitter names under it. Like this:

Evan Bourne | Kofi Kingston

@findevan    | @truekofi

I suppose it’s an interesting way to put out the SuperStars twitter names in order to get them some more followers, in return for them to promote some WWE products in order for us to buy them. It all comes back to one word; PROMOTION.

Twitter’s good there’s no denying it, but it’s starting to be force fed to us like Cena, and I don’t want that cos sooner or later I’ll start to resent Twitter. Give me your views on this and answer the poll!