Ok so this is Wade Barrett, the guy who won NXT season one when it was good to watch and stuff.

He moved on to do big things in WWE after winning that he became the leader of an faction called Nexus, i’m sure most of us still remember it. He had feuds with the hero’s Cena and Orton. It looked to me that this guy was going to fricking be a big star in the WWE!

Moving on to the currrent WWE programming in my opinion he is just there…I hope you can see the image there but what im trying to say is that do they know what they are going to do with him now, they made him speak and stuff to keep him relevant but then go back again seriously thats what I think.

He hasn’t really done much at all in 2011 with him but:

  • Fail with the group corre:  I really think this was done to make filler things for peoples to do…It’s so sad that the person it helped the most was Ezekiel Jackson who keeps on getting revivals by the way, but I do blame the lose at Wrestlemania 27 they got.
  • Crappy Intercontinental reign,he’s one of my favs btw as he in from UK England. Dang it was dissapointing and they dont even mention it aswell! grr well not so much.

And guess what thats the only big things he has done. Do you now know why I kind of on a rant? BLOODY HELL WWE!

There is like only tiny things he has done like get two wins over the current MiTB holder for Smackdown Daniel Bryan, he should of won it but I understand hes young for his carrer plus DB can use it to big himself up (but they aint :/) but we will talk about that on a later date or twitter if you want, He was on superstars for a few months beating up some jobbers and some wins over mid carders. Thats it.

The thing is that the guy is a bad-ass, good ring worker and a great fricking entertainer…

Just wanted to refresh the brain of yours how he could talk…Anyways moving on what I think they can do it to fix him up is..

  • Put him in a bloddy SS team in the next PPV, and use that type of match to big him up again.
  • Give that jacket back..well he allready has but get that gimmick up and back again, people know him as the nexus guy buttt that gimmick failed. Hes an individual person now.
  • Give him the mic man, He really can do great story’s,Maybe make him over the next few weeks make him bitch every week on SmackDown or something. Keeps him relevant doesnt it?
  • A tag team? With Drew MC thats all I can say…Kudos if you just simply understand why the pair does work.
  • I would put this last because no one knows when he is back FEUD HIM WITH THE UNDERTAKER, still no explanation why Wade helped Kane that night in the buried alive match.

There is a hell lot more thing cmon comment and lets discuss guys! or talk to me on twitter, I’m Hasnan and thanks for reading!