It’s good ole Wednesday which means it’s time for yet another column to be written, edited and published. This week, I was a little fastened on what to write about. I was looking on YouTube and came across Mick Foley’s classic moments and with all the buzz around the Internet Wrestling Community regarding Foley’s anticipated return to WWE, I’ve decided i’d write a column about him, but I found there wasn’t much to write, like I mean, why write something you most probably know?  Therefore, I said i’d write about not just Foley but other former wrestlers that I miss and would love to see back in that squared circle again. There is so many wrestlers we’d love to see back in the ring again, but if I were to write about all the wrestlers i’d like to see back, we’d be hear for days. Thereupon, here is the top five wrestlers I would love to see back in that squared circle again.

Shawn Michaels 
The Heart Break Kid, The Showstopper, The Main Event and Mr. Wrestlemanaia is not long gone from WWE but for the time he has been retired, it just shows anyone how much they’d miss his in ring ability. HBK was without a doubt one of the greatest in-ring performers the wrestling business has seen and likely to ever see. I know I miss him, but I respect that he left. HBK left so he could watch his children grow up and I think a big part of him didn’t want to ruin his legacy with WWE or as a wrestler/performer. I think he saw the likes of Flair and Hogan and just saw people who were so great, with what they could turn out like. HBK really and truly is someone all wrestling fans are missing. Even his last match with Undertaker, many of us thought at the time HBK would beat that streak, that is how good HBK was. When HBK lost, I just felt emotional. I miss him and glad he makes the odd appearance and is keeping his legacy in tact.

Brock Lesnar 
Oh my God, this man is a beast, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be on his bad side. Perhaps Brock is the best pure athlete in recent years, could be wrong but he is an athletic machine. In his two years with WWE, he has been in some classic bouts. I think my favorite match of his was against Taker in Hell in a Cell, man that was a brutal match, pity they don’t mate Hell in a Cell matches like that anymore. The guy isn’t just big, man he can wrestle. This is what WWE are lacking at the moment, big guys who can wrestle. They have big guys like Zeke, Henry, Show etc but in all honesty, they are not proper wrestlers, Brock is and can pull off some amazing in-ring abilities.

JBL was the ultimate heel. What did I adore about JBL? The answer is, I hated him so so much you wouldn’t believe it. I used to hate to even look or hear the guy speak. So therefore, JBL did his job brilliantly. Do you miss him? If you don’t, is that a good thing? Does that mean he did he job brilliantly? I’ll just give an example of how good he was. Remember back in 2005 when John Cena was WWE Champion for the first time and it was the time of the draft lottery, Cena got drafted so therefore both world champions (Cena and Batista) were on RAW, so Smackdown had a fatal four way to determine the Smackdown champion, JBL won….the crowd hated that as did I, then when Batista came out…the pop was just phenomenal for Batista. It was probably the fact JBL was not champion but not so much that Batista was there. So JBL played the bag guy very well. WWE needs someone like him back.

Here is the video:

It is a little short as usual, I was gonna do top 5 but instead I am going to do a series, maybe a 3 part series of wrestlers I miss. Also making all those new pages and making sure all the bio’s were suitable and everything, it all took time, a real long time. So I apologise this is a little short, just letting you know I am not being lazy….just spent so much time on WR this week so far, I need to not spend too much time at a computer. Please let me know your thoughts and lets have a discussion.

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