Seeing that my Wade Barrett post got people speaking I will do another superstar post!

Dolph Ziggler-one of the fastest rising superstars in the WWE and is your current United States Champion. The guy been elevating for a pretty long time now, he also did so well with his IC run on SmackDown this lead to him to become an established Upper Mid Carder which most of us will like to say. Also remember he had a 18 min WHC reign.

The guy might not have an amazing gimmick some say it is generic, I would also like to say I love the new theme and the way he walks to the ring with it xD. Anyways the guy has got great wrestling ability WWE will benefit from his push advancing..I think they were gonna feud him with Cena when he first got drafted and “resigned” to Raw but R-Truth turned heel and most of us know what Truth is doing now so can’t say it’s a missed time to push because someone benefited.

What I think needs to be Done:

  • Jack Swagger: I think the guy is extra baggage for him! Well he is though he only got added to Vickie’s business whatever because of him being terrible and nothing to do. He is only gonna benefit him if they win a tag championship together and yes with the US title at the same time. It will add to Zigglers reigns then putting him more over with people thinking ah this guy is crazy another fricking reign. If not Swagger is extra baggage.
  • Lose the US title belt: C’mon the guy has had a pretty damn long reign…You might say well Hasnan that’s a good thing because its long. Em if you do don’t you remember his SD day’s? it was shining with his amazing IC run as I stated above aswell. He is established. Needs to move on. Give it to the guy everyone loves Zack Ryder or something..
  • Give him a legitimate feud with someone for something sake. Like look how Rhodes and Orton is working!! Rhodes is working well but losing butttt he looking good. I remember they did it once when Ziggler went vs Cena before he moved to Raw and was IC champ he won..but they didnt do anything with it. I don’t know about you but i’m prettyย  sure the IWC was buzzing over that win. Now if he goes vs someone big its Orton- great match but always flipping loses -_- owell.
  • Remember the guy had a Royal Rumble match this year with Edge for the prestigious World Heavyweight title..Well I think they should give him a TLC No #1 contenders match seriously and it should be a Ladder Match..Anyone remember JoMo vs Sheamus it was an amazing match.

The thing is they are failing to execute the ladder for him. I think he should be doing bigger things anway I touched on some places were he should be big because of this or that. That’s it do you agree or disagree. Comment you guys did so well at holding a discussion last time, Thanks for reading i’m hasnan byeeeeeeeeeeeee