Welcome ladies and germs to my new series here on Wrestling Rambles! This new series will be based on my favourite wrestling photos which I will give a short paragraph about the photo. If you’re wondering about the cheesy name here’s the reason: Booker T says he has a Fave Five, so I will say that I have Fave Fotos. Get it? Weak I know but where the shoe fits you may as well wear it!

WrestleMania 2000
The famous triangle ladder match in which The Hardy Boys faced off against Edge & Christian as well as The Dudley Boyz. The match came after the brilliant Royal Rumble tag team tables match between the Dudleys and the Hardys which came from one of my favourite pay-per-views ever. The Hardy Boyz won the Royal Rumble match and their program with the Dudleys continued, but soon involved the two Canadians Edge & Christian. There were so many great spots in this match, from Edge spearing Jeff off the ladder, broken tables, more broken tables but the biggest spot which also happens to be one of my favourite photos was when Jeff Hardy scaled a ladder and swanton bombed Bubba Ray through a table. There was of course the TLC 2 match which included Edge spearing Jeff Hardy from the top of the ladder, whilst Jeff was suspended in the air trying to unhook the titles but there are no clear photos of this, and a photo probably wouldn’t do it justice.

WrestleMania 2011
Most notably, one of the weakest WrestleMania’s I have watched. Never before has so much hype failed to deliver as badly as this, but as always, things aren’t always totally rubbish. As we know, HHH and Undertaker went to town and came back with broken bones and scars, yadda yadda. Plus, who can forget the unforgettable classic that was Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler. One word summed that match up… Shit. Onto pressing matters at hand and for this photo, another one of my favourites was the mid-air RKO on CM Punk. This match was one of my favourites at WrestleMania of this year, and whilst I can understand many of you questioning why I chose this mid-air RKO and not the one delivered to Evan Bourne, my reason for this is simple: Any photo you find of the mid-air RKO delivered to Evan Bourne does NOT do it justice and never will. Another reason for choosing this photo was because of the rich, deep colours in the photo capturing the picture in perfect stillness and clarity. This photo will never be matched.

John Cena’s Intensity
I may come across as a Cena hater in my tweets, or previous articles I have produced here on Wrestling Rambles and whilst a part of me does hate on Cena for being the superman, the one who always wins and the one who ruined Rey Mysterio’s incredibly short reign as WWE champion which should have been a hell of a lot longer if not for Cena and his greedy, force fed ways. At the same time, I can appreciate the work effort and work load that he takes on with WWE. He’s the star man and to be able to carry that torch for so long is a tough job and one that can undoubtedly ruin one’s public image as it has with many of the IWC. This is a great photo because we can see the strain and effort fed from Cena into shouting and we can see his intensity and adrenaline flowing from his veins through his body.

TLC 2009
In December of 2009 something happened that shocked most, if not all WWE fans. In a match for the WWE championship John Cena defended his title against the Celtic Warrior and new kid on the block Sheamus who had only been on Raw for one month in a tables match. This was fitting seeing as the pay-per-view was geared around Tables, Ladders and Chairs and was the first TLC PPV in history. There were many speculations about this match, and many if not all were convinced that Cena would walk away victorious. How wrong they were! Sheamus won the match after Cena fell through the table he had set up in the ring, prior to attempting an Attitude Adjustment off the top rope. Many say that Sheamus was meant to fall off and crash into a table at ringside resulting in a draw. However, his foot got tangled and so Cena was the only one to fall through a table. Regardless of the speculation I still love this photo because it shows that Sheamus arrived with a bang, and with a championship victory of my muscled up lump of marmite.

Michael Cole

Enough said.

That’s it all for the Fave Fotos of this week, tune in next week where we will take a look at another 5 photos that rank into my favourite photos from WWE!