I have been a pro wrestling fan since I was a kid, as long as I can remember back down over the years. I always found that there was a character everyone found interesting, a wrestler that could make the best out of a crappy segment and all of a sudden, something memorable could happen. A wrestler who could also get under the skin of the GM or of Vince and make it entertaining and fun to watch. I’m sure after reading the last sentence ,the wrestler that popped into your head was Stone Cold Steve Austin, am I right? Stone Cold was the first guy to kick the crap out of the intimidating owner of the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon. Since Stone Cold did that, there have been plenty of people who also pissed Vince off. There was Triple H and most recent CM Punk. However, although Punk is getting under the skin of Vince, or should I say got, meaning not any more,  which to me it seems that way anyway, makes his character less interesting. Stone Cold and Triple H pissed off Vince for years, Punk did it from what? A couple of weeks? Then that was the end of that really.

 In WWE right now, Punk is the only character that relates to most fans watching. I remember watching Stone Cold as a kid and watching his bad ass attitude, I loved watching the edgier stuff. Cena, Orton, Mysterio, Ryder all appear to a certain age group, but Punk does relate to a lot more people that just a certain group of fans like Cena, Ryder, Orton etc. Now I ask, why doesn’t WWE take advantage of Punk being that character properly? WWE did a relatively impressive job of that last summer, but now ratings are down and that ‘‘buzz’‘ we felt throughout the summer is gone. WWE need to realize that Punk is still really hot despite ratings being down so should take advantage of his character. WWE really need to do this, but I think they are afraid to because they think it could probably affect Rock/Cena and all that. Rock/Cena is pretty much the only real ‘hot‘ storyline happening  in WWE right now and probably is  the only real money-making storyline too. Lets look at Punk/Del Rio storyline. Honestly, how many of you think about this going into the next RAW show? All that is on your mind going into the next show is Rock/Cena or how terrible the show is going to be…at least some of you think that way, am I wrong?

I’m sure ratings are going to pick up as it comes closer to Rock/Cena, this is likely to happen so this is WWE’s chance to take major advantage of this. Tension is obviously going to occur between Rock/Cena at the end of the match, the tag team match at Survivor Series is going to end with one screwing the other over, it has got to. That is the best way to build the match up and create even more tension between the two. With plenty of focus on that and I think that is going to be the only thing on peoples minds coming up to Wrestlemanaia 28, along with Undertaker and his streak match….but only until around the Rumble the streak match will become relevant and on focus. That is at least two matches that will be interesting to look forward to at Wrestlemanaia 28. Slightly went a little too much off the point of this column but it all connects in a way. Okay, so here is the best opportunity to really get the most efficient result out of Punk’s character.

 At the start of this column, Stone Cold came to your mind. Punk is the today’s version of Stone Cold, well he is suppose to be, but he isn’t which he could be and that is the point I am trying to make in this column. What could happen? A match between a modern day version of a wrestler vs. a past wrestler, just like Rock/Cena. A match between CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Use this golden opportunity for us to see a third ”must see” match at Wrestlemanaia 28, a classic, a Wrestlemanaia moment, a match between two amazing performers. I’m sure Stone Cold could pull off one more decent match….who better to face up against than CM Punk? It would be so enjoyable to watch. This is literally a perfect match. They are versions of each other but completely different people. They have stuff in common though, they both can do whatever the hell they like…but the problem is WWE aren’t doing a great job of this but can do this with Punk’s character, but that easily can be fixed. You have the beer drinking son of a bitch versus the straight edge of CM Punk. Both are great on the MIC, there is no question about that. Both could pull off epic promos and segments. Punk would bash Stone Cold by saying shit like he could of had a longer career if he didn’t drink as much and Stone Cold could use his toughness to defend himself and say stuff like ‘‘Kid, I may be older that you, but I could still whip your ass!”. I bet you could just listen to those words in your head and Imagen this happening.

 A Stone Cold vs. CM Punk match would sell just as much as Rock vs. Cena. Think about it, when was the last time Stone Cold wrestled? It must be at least 9 years, or more? But this could mean he could be ring rust, doesn’t it? Sure it does, but come one, he could pull off at least one more good match, this match would be better than good, it would be epic, it is what the fans want to see. Even if he would be a little ring rusty, Austin still looks in great shape, looking fit, looking pretty healthy too. Only lord knows how much more this would sell. How many PPV buys would Rock and Cena match bring in? Probably around 200k, Austin and a CM Punk match would probably bring in another 50k on top of that, it could be even more. That would be at least 3 guaranteed epic matches for Wrestlemanaia 28 (Rock/Cena, Austin/Punk, Undertaker/whoever). That PPV would sell, sell and sell. Would you want to miss that PPV? I sure as hell wouldn’t. It would be one of those PPV’s where you can say you got your moneys worth.  Anyway, what I’m saying is for WWE to use Punk’s character to its full potential and ability and there is no better wrestler to do this against other than Stone Cold. Punk is already over with the fans massively, but I think this would be a match for the wrestling books and and it would embrace Punk as ‘that’ wrestler who can relate to everybody. Men, Women, Kids, Teens would all love him.

Thank you for reading, please as always share your thoughts/opinions on this matter.

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