Here we go, it’s the time of the week where we all reflect on photos of the past, and this week we’re taking a look at photos from past Survivor Series matches! Survivor Series is only around the corner and hopefully we’ll get some memorable photos to reflect on.

The Undertaker Gets Buried, Survivor Series 2003
This was a brutal match between one of the best and most loved WWE superstars ever – The Undertaker and one of the most hated, but best heels the business has ever seen – Mr McMahon in a Buried Alive match. I personally remember watching this and being so shocked at watching the owner of the WWE compete in such a sadistic match against a vicious Undertaker. I also couldn’t believe it when Kane came out and attacked the Undertaker helping Mr McMahon win the match shortly after the 10 minute mark. Undertaker was obviously dominating in this match, making McMahon bleed with a single punch to the face. When Undertaker went to dump the soil onto the grave with McMahon in it an explosion went off causing Taker to fall off the loader. Kane revealed himself and continue to attack the Undertaker, resulting in McMahon getting out and Taker getting buried. In this picture we can see Kane brutally punching the Undertaker who at this stage is standing in the grave. Kane later instructed McMahon to pour the dirt over Taker.

Montreal Screwjob, Survivor Series 1997.
Who guessed this would be featured in today’s article? Well it was always inevitable and something that shocked all, including Bret Hart. In Montreal the single biggest wrestling scandal took place without one important superstar knowing, his name was Canadian wrestler, some say he’s the best in the world – I disagree but it wasn’t about who was better or who wasn’t as good. It was all about one thing: Bret Hart being screwed out of his championship reign. Previous to the match Shawn and Bret never got on, with a fight resulting in the suspension of Shawn Michaels for 2 months. Hart was leaving the WWE(F) to go to WCW who were offering a large sum of $3million per year compared to WWE’s postponed pay. McMahon actually encouraged Hart to go to WCW and was perfectly happy that Bret would be taking the Hitman gimmick with him, one thing McMahon did NOT want was Bret moving to WCW with the WWF title. McMahon devised a plan with J.R and Jim Cornette in a hotel room and later told Shawn about it. Hart didn’t know about it because he refused to lose in his country, Canada. There have been many versions of the story fed to us but the main points were that Shawn placed Hart in the sharpshooter whilst Hebner was out, however Hebner was instructed to get back up and signal for the bell to ring, this led to McMahon shouting for the bell to be rang declaring Michaels the winner by submission despite the fact that Hart had not tapped out. In this picture we can Michaels applying the sharpshooter while Earl Hebner scrambles around in the background, probably running back to his hotel room.

Shawn Michaels wins the first ever Elimination Chamber, Survivor Series 2002.
This was possibly one of the greatest inventions ever. The Elimination Chamber, a match that combined elements of the Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and WarGames matches where 6 superstars would enter this chamber, 4 would stay in a pod and 2 would start. The 4 superstars in the pods would be released on certain intervals which in this case was every 5 minutes. When someone was pinned they would be eliminated and this would go on until the last man is standing. Eric Bischoff was credited for this chamber match and debuted it at Survivor Series in Madison Square Garden. The Elimination Chamber costs $250,000 to make, it weighs a total of 16 tons (not even I could carry that!) and the chain stretches for 2 long miles. The winner of the first Elimination Chamber was of course Shawn Michaels who beat Chris Jericho, RVD, Kane, Booker T and Triple H to win the title, and this picture shows what it’s like to be in one of these matches. We can see the blood, the sweat and of course the legend himself all in this picture, which is why it will forever be one of my favourite WWE photos.

Team Guerrero beats Team Angle, Survivor Series 2004.
Sadly, the anniversary of the death of Eddie Guerrero passed us last week, and I know Eddie is someone who has inspired me greatly, and was one huge reason why I LOVE WWE. I often think that WWE is lacking something or someone and the answer that I always come up with is two words, one name: Eddie Guerrero. He brought something so fresh to WWE, whilst we have seen our fair share of cheaters in WWE we haven’t seen one so charismatic as Eddie. At Survivor Series 2004 Team Guerrero (Eddie Guerrero, Big Show, RVD and John Cena) faced off against Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Carlito, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak) in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match which was a continuation of the Guerrero/Angle feud. This was obviously not Guerrero’s best match but there were moments in this match that showed us who Eddie was, especially when Angle rolled RVD up and used the ropes to his advantage which meant Eddie would do one better and roll Jindrak up and use the ropes and tights in the typical Eddie Guerrero style. Team Guerrero won after Cena gave Angle a FU, followed by a frog splash by Eddie which allowed Big Show to get the pinfall over Angle. Here in this picture we can see Eddie at his finest, doing what he done best (other than lying, cheating and stealing) the Frog Splash. R.I.P Eddie Guerrero.

Goobledy Gooker Cracks, Survivor Series 1990.
Here we go again, the one you have all been waiting for, the laughable photo of this week! Goobledy Gooker was presented on WWF TV for months prior to Survivor Series, but it was at Survivor Series where the beautiful Turkey hatched and wasn’t it wonderful… So wonderful in fact that the Goobledy Gooker got booed out of the building and forget to return. Fly birdy fly!

Last week, Caption Smooth came up with the idea of having a caption contest to go along with this series. This week may be a lot harder so I don’t expect the captions to be flooding in. The winner of last week’s caption contest is: ………………………………………………CAPTION SMOOTH. His caption of Cena: Don’t tell me they’re out of Turkey Jerkey had me laughing and deserved top spot. Thanks for all the entries, they all made me laugh so credit to everyone who took a shot.