Okay,  This Sunday will the 25th anniversary of the WWE Pay Per View Survivor Series, which is all hyped with the Rock and Cena teaming to face Awesome Truth. This is not a bad thing now but remember there is a traditional SS match to happen and Wade will shine I tell you! And isn’t it so ironic this is now the team? anyone remember me saying I wanted this to be the team besides Hunico though and someone else..Go to my area and see.

Ok we know about Wade: NXT season 1 winner,Nexus, feuding with the face of the company and Corre etc.  Not to long ago I made a post about him not being so great then out of nowhere doing this Barrett Barrage can to us and this sudden push loads of people engaged back to him..

In the past few weeks he has been amazing by beating the Money in the Bank winner Sheamus and then the other major face of the company Orton, like who wasn’t marking out when he won and stuff man!? especially if your a good fan. Like Barrett was just there and being mediocre for a bit but he lifted himself up again.

Team Barrett: Barrett of course, Ziggler who is now in because of Christian being injured sadly, Swagger seeing that the guy is just their (former WHC), Rhodes and for Hunico to be honest could of had a 3 v 3 match with his stable and Sin Cara and some faces but can’t do anything about it there just stuck in for no reason I feel. Seeing that vs Kofi a champion, Sin Cara a great wrestler to the casual fan, Orton the great, Sheamus the white something they call him but people love him now and Ryan who is Ryan. That is a pretty impressive looking match, I don’t know what you think. Having Wade be the last survivor will surly be great to make that ladder work again I can imagine him doing a promo after the match saying like one sentence or something…Look at what CM punk did at capital punishment beating Rey and then lead to Summer of Punk where he got the Media talking..I damn think Wade can do that regardless how inexperienced he is compared to others on the roster again I say he did amazing promo’s with hall of famers even Vince.

With a win, IF Henry is still champion it can open doors for him to go in seeing that to be honest he should then be the closest after all those wins, Maybe not win it but remember last year in TLC he got owned by Cena and I think 33 Chairs right or wrong I don’t know you guys comment if i’m wrong but anyway, Wade can explain to us that he himself wants to make a change for the sake of himself.  A win can open the door for him to get that momentum back of course but the figure he had last year, in my last post about him I said bring back that suit jacket thing….He can go over that!. A win for him can do wonders for him I don’t this to turn into a rant because Wade should be there anyway. There is a load more posts this weekend for Survivor Series so I will leave it like this.

Please WWE let Barrett be the ultimate Survivor.

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