Welcome to another edition of How Lucas Would Book It, in this entry I will be covering the biggest matches on the card that I believe are worth talking about. Here’s how I would Book Survivor Series.

United States Champion Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison

Both Morrison and Ziggler are going at it in a very fast paced match-up as both men are battling back and forth, the crowd is in too it, Morrison goes non-stop, so does Dolph Ziggler, but Ziggler finds a way to stop Morrison’s momentum as he goes for the zig-zag and then the sleeper-hold, Morrison is down and struggles to get back up.Vickie tries to interfere and the ref is distracted trying to stop her, Ziggler goes for the low-blow on Morrison to pick up the win. Zack Ryder comes out afterwards to say that even though he didn’t get his title shot tonight, he still supports Morrison and tells him he put on a hell of performance, as Morrison is still down, Ryder tries to help him get up, but Morrison pushes Ryder and immediately goes after him with a massive assault. Morrison picks up the mic, says nothing but has a smile on his face, drops the mic and then walks away. As you can see, John Morrison has turned heel! If they really want to turn Morrison into a star and repackage his character, this is the way to do it, have him make an impact!

WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk

Before the match, CM Punk is in the back cutting a promo about how he will finally bring change to the WWE Championship tonight when he defeats Alberto Del Rio, but out of no where comes Del Rio and he brutally attacks CM Punk and tells him “this is my night”. Later that night, both men make their way to the ring and before the bell rings, CM Punk goes after Del Rio and both men take it to the outside in a brawl, CM Punk throws Del Rio back into the ring until finally the bell rings and the match has begun. This turns out to be a great quality wrestling match, but it also turns out to be a FIGHT. They continue to beat the hell out of each other until Brotus Clay comes out to the ring  Brotus is at ringside watching closely but CM Punk is distracted and focuses on Brotus rather than on Del Rio. From behind comes Del Rio and puts CM Punk in the armbar submission, CM Punk taps out. After the match, Brotus Clay attacks CM Punk and Del Rio watches with a huge smile on his face. John Laurinaitis comes out and tells Brotus to exit the building because he wasn’t “scheduled” to make an appearance tonight. I say Del Rio should win in order to continue this feud heading into TLC where both men can have a TLC or Submission match. Plus, Del Rio’s title reign still needs to be a bit more longer so he has time to establish himself more as a superstar/champion.

The Rock and John Cena vs Miz & R-Truth

Cena and The Rock have the early advantage as they simply DOMINATING the match-up, they both take turns doing their moves on Miz/Truth and show off to the fans. Miz and Truth then find some momentum when they both get in the ring  to beat John Cena down, Miz continues to beat down on Cena and it becomes a fair match-up. Cena gets dominated for awhile until he tags in The Rock and then Rocky is a victim of the 2 on 1 beatdown from Miz/Truth, Cena is desperately asking for a tag at the ring-buckle but Rock isn’t realizing it, Rock recovers and starts to dominate the match again, showing off to the fans, and as he goes for the people’s elbow and pushes himself off the ring-ropes, Cena slaps The Rock’s back from behind for the tag. Cena and Rocky are staring each down, having an argument, but from behind comes Miz to push The Rock onto John Cena, then Miz/Truth go after Cena and Cena is down as he cant get up. Miz picks him up and goes for the skill crushing finale, The Rock tries to help but Truth gets in his way and both of them go at it outside the ring, Miz keeps beating down Cena and then pins him for the 3 count. Cena slowly gets up and The Rock gets back in the ring to confront Cena once again, Cena offers him a handshake and The Rock looks into his hand, then shakes it but not until Cena sets him up for the attitude adjustment to end the PPV, leaving the fans shocked with disbelief on their face.