Where WWE Went Wrong: Survivor Series edition

                Alright this is something I want to start doing. It’s a simple idea I will write articles about where I think WWE went wrong with anything from wrestlers, tag teams, ppvs in general, anything really. And since it’s a Pay per View Weekend I want to have it be related to the Pay per View. So here I go.

                Where WWE went wrong Survivor Series 2011! In my mind it is a huge mistake to have Dolph Ziggler in two matches. It makes sense to have him be defending the United States championship however there was much better choices to replace Christian. Dolph is not bad however he gets rather bland after a while both his wrestling style and his attitude. Well maybe bland is the wrong word for his attitude in the attitude area he gets annoying after a while.

                So what match would I take him out of? To be honest I like the idea of Ziggler vs. Morrison. So I would keep that match and take him out of the traditional SS tag team match. Why? Well a 1 on 1 match will better show off his skills. And that’s one forgotten thing. What will display your talents better is what happens to be better for your career. Now maybe its just me but I would love to see Ziggler retain the title.

                Another annoying factor of 2 Dolph Ziggler matches! Vickie Guerrero. This means we get to see more of her. Hear more and more of her screaming! Now we would hear her for 2 matches anyway because of Jack Swagger however she will stay ringside during the tag match until/if both Ziggler and Swagger get eliminated. Where are if Ziggler was not in it the instant Swagger was gone she would be gone. All in all more annoying Vickie.

What do you think?