Ah, my turn to do a ppv review, for only the second time. Which, is basically, my excuse for if this review is terrible. It’s not my forte, let’s leave it at that. Anyway, the 25th anniversary of  Survivor Series opens with…a video package. I’ve quite enjoyed these buildup packages, as you can tell that WWE is really trying to show the importance and history behind this ppv. That being said, this one actually pissed me off, with the, “Never before have known WrestleMania opponents teamed up,” line. WrestleMania opponents have actually become tag team champions leading into the event, on more than one occasional, once even involving John Cena.

The first person we see out, is WWE’s Executive Vice President of Screwing Up the Diva’s Division and the Interim General Manager of RAW, John Laurinaitis. He wants everyone to know that, this is his 10th anniversary with the WWE, or something like that. Ironically, the WWE has been in decline for the past six, now nearly seven, years.

Right off you can tell the crowd is going to be a hot one, tonight; they’re already chanting, “We Want Ryder!” But, they’re going to get…

John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler {c}, United States Championship match

Morrison is out first, to some boo’s from the Madison Square Garden crowd. Before the match can begin, more “We Want Ryder” chants pure in, and though he’s the good guy in this contest, the fans hate John Morrison. There’s a melody of reasons why they might dislike him, like A. They know he’s probably on his way out of the organization, B. The crowd favors heels, or C. They wanted Zack Ryder! Nonetheless, the crowd is reacting to the match,  and the two put on a decent showing. Ziggler retains his championship gold, when Morrison goes for the Starship Pain, but Dolph gets his knees up, and then hits the Zig Zag for the pin.

This match had some good back and forth action, between two guys who are familiar with one another, but was not their best. The crowd actually kind of stole their thunder. Afterwards, Ziggler cuts a promo telling everyone that it’s not showing off when you’re just that good. “The Long Island Iced Z’s” music hits, and Zack Ryder runs down to the ring, to a huge pop from the crowd, and internet implosion! The two brawl for a bit in the ring, until Ryder gets the upper-hand, and Ziggler retreats. Ryder has the entire building fist-pumping.

Rating- 4 out of 7

Eve vs. Beth Phoenix {c}, Diva’s Championship, Lumberjill match

From a hot crowd to a dead crowd, just like that. However, I was  more impressed with this match, than what I would normally be for a diva’s bout. There’s was some actually wrestling involved in this match, as in, the two were on the mat, applying wrestling holds. Sure, it was only a couple, but still, you could tell a real effort was being made, and it wasn’t something I was expecting to see. Something else I, nor anyone else I think I can safely assume, saw coming, was the finish; a GlamSlam off the top rope! It was awesome, and got the crowd to pop. Beth would then cover Eve for the win.

So, above average diva’s match, with a great finish. If they had been given more time, I think this could have been even better. Oh, but I’m not sure why this was a Lumberjill match, since I can’t even remember any of them getting involved really.

Rating- 2 out of 7

We cut to locker room, where CM Punk is getting ready for his match. Resident gold digger, David Otunga, confronts him about all the laws he broke by attacking Michael Cole last week, and says Punk should apologize to him. Punk says something witty, and then that he’ll think about it after beating  Alberto for the WWE Championship tonight.

Then we cut to The Rock backstage, who cuts an electrifying promo. He talks about his personal history within Madison Square Garden, from seating ringside to watch his dad, to hanging out backstage with Andre the Giant, to making his debut at Survivor Series 1996.

Team Orton vs. Team Barrett -Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination match

Team Barrett is out first, followed by…well, the other team, Team Orton. Starting the match off will be Dolph Ziggler ,and another man he’s familiar with, Kofi Kingston. At some earlier on, Orton is tagged in, and almost immediately eliminates Ziggler. Really great way to make the United States Champion look good… Anyway, a bit after that, Team Orton get rolling, and Sin Cara and Kingston go to hit rolling planchas (I think that’s what they’re called) over the top rope. Kingston takes out someone on Team Orton (bad memory, sorry, I know I make a great reviewer). Sin Cara, though, who was aiming for Hunico, snags the top rope on his way over, and lays on the floor until being eliminated via injury to self. He has a legitimately injured patella, and will be out for up to 9 months now. Anyway…Cody Rhodes eliminates Mason Ryan, who didn’t see him get tagged in. Kofi Kingston is eliminated by Wade Barrett. Sheamus is then DQ’d after repeatedly kneeing Jack Swagger, who was under the ropes. After Sheamus gives Swagger some more punishment, Orton quickly pins him. Now, it’s Orton vs. Barrett, Hunico, and Rhodes. Hunico springboards into the ring, only to met with a RKO, and be eliminated. Barrett and Orton brawl in the ring for a bit, before Barrett is able to get the upperhand, and hits Wasteland for the for the final elimination.

Personally, I didn’t think this match was anything special, and even boring for the most part. Some people have given it good reviews, though. However, this is my review dang it, so…

Rating- 3 out of 7

Another cut to backstage, this time Alberto del Rio is talking with the Bella’s, when Johnny Ace walks up. Johnny wants to make sure Del Rio is ready, and Alberto talks about something. It pertains to the match, but really, nothing we haven’t already heard, so I’m not going to go into grave detail.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry {c}, World Heavyweight Championship

After putting each other through the ring at the last ppv, and how both have constantly talked about making sure the other doesn’t walk out of this one, you’d think this match would be something other than a normal match. Alas!

The crowd starts off hot, with some great “Sexual Chocolate” chants, and a  “D. Lo Brown” chant as well. However, after about five minutes, it’s pretty clear this match is going to boring. The crowd even starts chanting “boring.” There were a  couple armdrags, and a cool elbow drop from the top rope from Big Show (which warranted a Randy Savage chant), but other than that, it was nothing you didn’t expect. Very boring match, painful to watch even. Henry intentionally got himself DQ’d, to retain his title. Afterwards, he went to put Show’s leg a steal chair, but Show moved out of the way when he jumped off the ropes. Show then turned the tables on Henry, by the chair on Henry, putting it on his leg, and legdrops it.

Rating- 2 out of 7

CM Punk vs. Alberto del Rio, WWE Championship match

Del Rio is out first, followed by an announcement that Punk will be having his own personal ring announcer tonight. Howard Finkel is introduced, to a great reaction from the live audience, who being chanting his name. The Fink gets emotional, and begins crying a little, while he takes in the moment. Finally, he introduces Punk, who comes out and hugs him. Really nice moment here.

The match itself, was definitely one of the better one’s I’ve seen this year. It showcased some good back and forth action, and had you on the edge of your seat at times. Specifically, when Del Rio had his armbar locked on, but Punk was able to crawl and stretch out his foot, onto the ropes. Punk picks up the win, via Anaconda Vice, to capture his second WWE Championship. He celebrates by jumping into the crowd, not once, but twice.

Easily, the match of the night.

Rating- 6 out of 7

The Rock and John Cena vs. Awesome Truth

Miz and Truth are out first, naturally. The crowd starts up a “Cena sucks” chant, and only increase their booing when Cena’s music hits. The Rock coming out in wrestling gear for the first time in seven years, was actually kind of surreal. He locks up with The Miz to start the match off. You have to know that this was a dream come true for Miz; getting to wrestle his idol, in the most famous arena in the World, for the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series. The crowd continues a melody of funs chants throughout the match, including, but not limited to: “You Can’t Wrestle,”, “F**k You Cena”, “You Still Suck”, and there was a nice “You’ve Still Got It” chant for The Rock. Speaking of Rocky, he hits the People’s Elbow on The Miz for the victory.

Cena walks up the ramp, but is stopped by the Rock, who gestures for him to come back to the ring. After some posing from both, Cena gets the Rock Bottom, and rolls out of the ring immediately, almost completely no-selling the move. Rock gets up on the turnbuckle and poses, to close the show.

This match was what it was. Not even the Rock Bottom on Cena had that big of an impact, really.

Rating- 3 out of 7

Overall, I put Survivor Series as the second best ppv of 2011, behind Money in the Bank, of course. Worth checking out if you have the means to do so, but not a must buy.

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