WWE-It Begins 2012

                I am sure you have all heard about it. Probably all have watched the video! As you know a youtube user link has shown up through static on wwe shows recently. When you look it up you get a video claiming that on January 2nd a familiar force will return and take what’s his. Well with many theories out I want to take a look at most the names and theories I have seen put out there and the “Proof” that is if there is any and what makes me think not so much. But I will leave it up to you as to who you think it is.

Undertaker-A lot have stated thinking it is Undertaker. It does have sort of a dark feel. However there isn’t much to make me believe it is him. There is the fact some say the kid is a young Paul Bearer.  “Come my people and shut thy doors about the” is from Isaiah 26:20. Undertaker tends to stay away from religious things. He leans more demons and evil forces. Another major key to this video is that on the channel the age is set at 43 and Undertaker is 46! Lastly youtube and static does not seem like something Undertaker would do. I know I point out a lot of nots and nothing really pointing towards him but that is because I really do not see anything that really points to taker.

Chris Jericho- a lot points to Jericho but 1 major things goes agiants him. First off the age thing. He is 41 not 43. However there is a globe in the background. Jericho is known for saying he is the best in the world! Another one of Jericho’s things is Break the Code. [Y]outube [2]nd [J]anuary . or Monda[Y] [2]nd [J]anuary . When a fan on twitter asked what Chris would be doing on January 2nd he said he will be Working in Hawaii. A cover up? There is more that goes with it. Such as he is supposes to save us. on his 2nd coming he said he’s going to save us from Orton at 1-2-12 promo it says the world may end on that day possibly Chris Jericho is going to save us from the world ending?

Triple H- now maybe none of you noticed but it almost looks like the dx logo(but no green) on the buttons of the kids jacket. And in 2012 he will be turning 43. He had Raw the lost it. Is he taking it back from Laurinaitis? It states  it will take what is theirs. Raw was his.

Kane- he is 44. And he had his own promo asides from this one so why would it be him? Why have 2 promos 1 via TV the other secretly?

Skip Sheffield-He is only 30. He is not on the all roster however he is still on the raw roster. He has been out with an injury. But what does he have to get that is his?

Sting-He is 52. I do not see it being him. I do not know really what points to him.

HBK- Again there is the DX thing. However he is 46. Again the fact some of what is said comes from the bible.  “Claim back what is his” now think back to HBK v. Razor Ramone ladder match for the intercontinental championship. Now what did Cody Rhodes just do? He brought back the white belt IC belt. HBK wants the IC belt back. I do not however see him coming back. At least maybe not alone

DX-again there is the DX looking logo on the buttons. 43 would be triple h. Religious scriptures could be more related to HBK. Take back what is theirs? The Tag Team divison is pretty dead. Plus combine everything I said that points to them individually.

Goldberg-He is 44. And it was stated he would return before the end of 2011. Maybe his deadline was pushed back a little.

Jeff Hardy- he is only 34 and I highly doubt it it is him but im taking ever name that has been thrown out there. It does in a sense sound like his poetry.

Mordecai-he is only 34. However his character was a religious Zealot-type character, which was partially based on his previous seven gimmick. During numerous promos, Mordecai claimed to be on a crusade to rid the world of sin. Mordecai condemned the audience for their sins, and led them in prayer.

Vince McMahon-Coming to take his company back?

Lita-It says he so I do not understand this theory but her name has been thrown out there so I shall address it. She is only 36. And I in no way could see this being her.

Boogeyman- he is 47 so the age doesn’t match. It doesn’t seem bizarre enough to be him. Its more so serious.

Batista- its weird to think its him. Nothing in the video scream Batista to me but he is 42 and his birthday is in January.

Goldust- Returning for a feud with Cody rhodes? He is 42. But again not bizarre enough for me to think it is him I mean its black and white Goldust and black and white promo? He has been working backstage as a producer. He was said to be out for 5 to 6 months for his shoulder injury its over 6 months.

Braden Walker- he is 37. TNA stated they will not be using him again. So I suppose it could be a possibility

Kurt Angle- the vibe of the video doesn’t fit but he will be 43 by the time January 2,2012 comes around.

Other names have been thrown out there but this is already a big list. The other major name I have heard thrown out is Brock Lesnar I have also hear NOW thrown out there.. Some people have been dumb on the youtube channel saying its chris beniot and being 100% serious. But anyways I leave it up to you who do you beileve it is?