For the first time in ages im looking forward to RAW and watching Smackdown each week again. Since I am from Ireland, I can fast forward stuff if needed, rarely would but usually skip most Diva matches. There’s a lot wrong with the product but it is pretty interesting as of late, it may just be the build up to WM28 but its got me hooked to levels not seen since WM21!

John Cena STORYLINE- before the hate, its the storyline, every week I tune in thinking that it will be this week we finally see Cena turn heel. No doubt it will be him ‘rising above hate’ but every week I hope he AA’s someone and turns heel. However, I still get the sense or vibe that he could just turn on the fans, he just had Piper telling him to say what he really feels, a legend told him that, he’s taking that in and maybe eventually it will get through to him.

Not as much brand extension. Lately, as in the last couple of weeks, we haven’t really seen many wrestlers on the opposite brand, there is just usually one or two, Orton, Sheamus, Ziggler and a few others. But they are focusing on the titles and there not just pure random matches, so that’s a good thing.

CM Punk. One thing that I noticed about CM Punk this past couple of months is that he is pushed for life, or at least a very long time. We seen a couple of matches when he was de-pushed in a couple of matches, but the following week he would win and the crowd could be even louder than previous weeks, he’s now the WWE Champion and has had some great quality matches so far, hopefully he’ll have a long title run. His MIC skills are phenomenal too. He his a joy to listen too, you just can’t wait to listen to what he has to say. He is a champion that wants to fight no matter what.

Triple H vs Nash- Great throwback feud, they’ve done it poorly but its good none the less. I know Nash isn’t the greatest in the ring and especially at this stage of his career but I still find the storyline interesting. It’s good to see two legends going at it every now and again.

Using legends in the right way- Nash, Piper, Rock being used sparingly with great impact and relevent. A far cry form the painful Y2J vs Rouke, Flair, Steamboat etc. Where the majority don’t know who they are and dont care. OR SCSA coming back, stunning a few then back off etc.

Heels are moving onto the next level:

Cody Rhodes – He gathered everybody’s attention when he put that mask, created his demented character, and reign as the Intercontinental Champion. He generated so much heat like never before that he is easily recognized as the most improved superstar of 2011. Now he changed the appearance of the title, removed that mask off, added a few gears on his look. It seems like he will be a much badder heel at this point while winning ‘clean’ matches.

Wade Barrett – Easily placed his name as one of the top heels on the moment he stepped foot on the WWE ring by leading the Nexus and the Corre. One of the greatest stable leaders ever seen. Now, he is winning impressive matches and is on his way to a future title reign. His ‘Barrett Barrage’ signals his new and improved domination as a singles competitor.

Dolph Ziggler – Generated a lot of heat by the time he was partnered with Vickie Guerrero. He was introduced by Vickie as the ‘new and improved’ Dolph Ziggler by the time he got a new haircut. By that time, he dominated and won the US title. Currently, he is promoting his ‘show-off’ persona removing his “I am perfection” entrance theme and adding a few antics to his arsenal.

The Miz – Main-evented this year’s wrestlemania as the WWE champion and wreaking havoc on the WWE together with R-Truth. After smashing R-Truth’s and John Morrison’s face on the steel floor for two consecutive weeks, this might be the signal that sends him back to the title picture with even a meaner persona. Notice the look on his eyes and the way he speaked.

We’ve got lots of things to look forward too:

– Kane returning
– Possible Big name Return (Jericho, Taker, Kharma)
– Royal Rumble
– Wrestlemania 28

To finish it all off, Lillian Garcia is back! , better yet, she will be on Smackdown!

So I see WWE as interesting at the moment, do you?

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