Another hard-hitting, knee-slapping, tear-jerking, giggle-filled edition of the Funny Lot come straight to you from myself; Ry3694-Razor-RyRy-Ryan-Rihanna heck whatever you wanna call me! I am happy to present you with another edition of this, mainly because when you have fun writing something it comes across to the readers. Also, the photos are funny! Remember: If you do not giggle, smirk, smile at any of these photos there isn’t a return clause in my contract so I guess you’ll have to go elsewhere for yo’ giggles… Personally? I recommend reading some of @FakeBookerT’s tweets! Damn that guy is funny.
Anyways, onwards and upwards as we check out the last edition of the Funny Lot photos, get your giggle face on.

The 2nd Japanese Junk In Tha Trunks.
Dear readers, what can I say? This is hilarious. Now I don’t know if this is a sort of hardcore Japanese wrestling stipulation such as “Debeg* your opponent for the victory” or whatever else you wish to call it but DAMN (see what I done there? Ron Simmons anyone?) This photo is funny. On the one hand you have what looks to be the attempt at a piledriver, but the upside down wrestler has been caught in the trunks of his opponent. On the second hand, you have the wrestler who is executing the move with his trunks round his ankles along with some dodgy foot and shin wear. On the third hand (if you have one) we see the opponent who is upside down at this point, who obviously has long hair and this hair is just protruding from the trunks of wrestler A making it look like some serious trimming needs to be done on the part of wrestler A. There’s nothing really else to say about this picture, but there’s one thing you’re doing right now and that’s smirking. Gotcha!
*Debeg is a Northern Irish slang term for the action of pulling someone’s trousers or underwear down round the ankles of said victim.

The Rock & CM Punk Talk Things Through.
A member of the IWC creatively put this together for us all to giggle at and for me they achieved their objective. So now it’s only far I post this up for y’all to see. Taken from one of The Rock’s movies the creator has captured stills and implemented them into one photo. CM Punk has been taken from what I can only guess to be a live RAW segment, whereby he might have been sitting in the ring or what not. They’ve taken Punk and placed him into the taxi cab. Thus setting up a taxi car scene, The Rock playing the role of the taxi driver and Punk playing the passenger. The captions are funny as heck, and The Rock’s face at the end is a classic, suits the scenario so well! So if you’re out there creator: Thanks for the giggle!

Batista Powerdrills a Hole.

Don’t worry, here on Wrestling Rambles we don’t put up porn so if that’s what you’re thinking from the caption then you’re eyes are safe for viewing. Here’s another cheap shot at our very own Wrestling Rambles owner Ray, who admittedly loves Batista. If I knew some other people’s favourite wrestler I would most certainly cheap shot them so Ray; it’s nothing personal buddy :-). Someone has been awesome enough to take the time to create a Batista gif, whereby he is doing his power-drilling action. This time in a production site. It’s a perfect place for Batista; he can now power-drill until his heart’s content… Which may be a while so grab your popcorn and stare at that gif until it stops…
*Click on the gif!

Cody Rhodes: The Knee Pad Diaries
A lot of these photos come from the IWC and their creative minds, something I’m not great in. So I appreciate my fellow IWC members right now who help me deliver these articles. This one was probably funnier than the CM Punk/The Rock one to me because it’s probably more likely to have happened, thus being funnier to me. At the start of the photo Cody mentions how Randy Orton told him that knee pads were off limits as they were Randy’s thang. Pretty funny really because it’s something that might have been discussed backstage, or so I think anyway, you never know with these diva wrestlers. Not Divas as in the females I mean divas as in the males, hey it happens! Back to the photo where we can then see Cody say about white knee pads for Christmas and that he had to pretend how he didn’t like them. This made Cody sad. The face! The face! The face! Bah gawd the face and the caption are hilarious. Poor Cody.

Santino Gets To Dancing…Without the Divas
Where would WWE be without Santino Marella? That dude brings the comedy with every appearance he makes, even in the ring. I find it sad that Santino will never be able to reach his full wrestling capabilities because once portrayed as a comedy character there’s really no chance of reversing it. Look at Eugene for example, what became of his career? After his stint with WWE where he never was a big threat to anyone he became a professional wrestling trainer. I’m sure there’s people serious about the business who would perhaps shy away from his training facilities because he never was portrayed as a great wrestler and the same has happened with Santino. However, this doesn’t stop us loving Santino, perhaps more than some of the main stars – which is definitely true in my case. Back to the matter in hand – the photo! We can see Santino breaking out of the robe and doing some sort of attempt at diva dancing. Wearing only a pair of speedos and a mankini we can really see Santino go for it. All in the aid of entertainment, eh? The thing I find funniest about this segment is the faces of every single diva out there. The funniest being Layla and Maryse. Layla’s admiring what Santino has where Cody doesn’t and Maryse has left her jaw on the floor. A notable mention goes to Beth Phoenix who looks like her stomach’s churning and ready to come up her throat! Congratulations Santino, I think you may be the only wrestler in the back the divas don’t want a piece of!

Well that concludes our very funny series of the funny lot. I hope you all got a good giggle out of the photos. I know I did and my aim in the past three Funny Lots have been to put a smile on your faces. I think the concept worked pretty well, with lots of the attention placed on the photos rather than the writing aspect of things. Most of Wrestling Rambles is write ups and essays of different aspects within the wrestling business; with my articles I do things differently and I hope you all found it pleasant to switch to the media side of things. Next week is of course the Christmas week, I will have my usual Wednesday article up for everyone who’s concerned whether I’ll be back or not. I plan on doing a Christmas themed article: some photos, some words. Ryan’s Favourite Photos will be back next week and may or may not include some extras! Hooray! See ya back here next week!