So why was John Cena vs. Mark Henry the main event?  The match was weak.  Suddenly Cena can’t AA Henry?  He did it just fine last week.  Since Cena wasn’t selling, I wasn’t sure if he was supposed to have gotten hurt by Henry.  The announcers didn’t help tell this one either.  Henry catches Cena in the World’s Strongest Slam, he goes for the cover but then rolls off.  The camera changes angles.


So it was, it was the return of The Big Red Machine, Kane,  in a shocking return. Personally for me it was even more surprising as I only watched RAW today (Wednesday). I haven’t been online on the IWC since Sunday night so I managed not to read the results, watch videos or listen to any of the podcast etc related to RAW. Therefore, me not knowing what the hell was going on, when the arena was heard by fireworks, the lighting went to red and the best part his original music blaring, coming out with long hair, in a mask. it was awesome. There we were anticipating his presence walking down that ramp to the ring and us expecting Kane to attack Mark Henry currently swerved to Kane switching his mind to choke-clam Cena was just phenomenal to watch.

For weeks I have been wondering why Kane is returning in his mask, I found out earlier why he did. The following is from ”One reason for Kane resurfacing with a mask is because WWE officials are looking to set a new Guinness World Record for the “largest gathering of people wearing costume masks” at WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami, Florida. The current record was set May 10, 2011 during a Major League Baseball game between the Los Angeles Angels and the Chicago White Sox at Angel Stadium of Anaheim when roughly 25,000 fans donned red Lucha masks during a designated ten minute time period.” I heard about WWE trying to break the Guinness world records for most masks a couple of months ago and I actually think it’s a cool idea. I don’t particularly care but Kane is much more interesting in a mask anyway.

On my twitter account, I went back a few days to read fans reactions of Kane’s return and many of them were questioning if it was the same Kane, let me just say that yes, it is the same Kane. I suppose there is nothing wrong with fans wondering as he has been on an extended holiday (vacation for you Americans) for so long and when you don’t see someone for that long especially from the television screen it is going to raise questions and wondering’s.

Now, what did the choke-slam to Cena symbolize? It could mean a couple of different things. It could mean that Kane will be a heel, attacking the biggest babyface (maybe not the biggest but you get my point) or was it to symbolize the eras? Kane choke-slams Cena could basically mean ”fuck PG era” etc. The it begins could not only mean it’s a superstar returning but that it’s the beginning of a new era, could have a connection there. It could also mean that Kane just wanted to be that sinful, malevolent monster again. Therefore, in his return videos, he was burning his old mask  then put the mask on while it was lit and reburned himself. That’s why the mask was different because it was burned.

I also wanted to say that Kane is in tremendous shape, phenomenal to say the least! I hear Kane has been working extra hard in the Gym in his last few months away from WWE so it certainly looks like his hard work payed off. Along with his shape, what did you think of his choke-slam? I got to say it’s one of the best choke-slams I have seen in a long time, Cena sold that well so Cena deserves credit for that too.

As you have read, I pretty much marked out for Kane’s return, glad the Big Red Machine is back! Iv’e waited a long time for his return and it payed off with the excitement I got out of it. In 2-3 years time when I will be looking up great wrestling returns, this one will defiantly be one I will be looking up.

The only downside was that JR wasn’t there to report it, he would of said something like, ”good gawd almighty!!!’ or ”KANE, KANE IT’s KANE” or ”Kane is back!, Business is about to pick up!” But oh well, still doesn’t take much away from that moment.

I’m really excited for the next RAW. Thanks for reading!

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