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Welcome to Wrestling Rambles’ opinionated preview of WWE TLC PPV. Yes there is a very abnormal PPV promo with David Otunga but none the less, the card looks strong. This PPV it’ll be previewed by Lucas and Jordan. Lucas will appear in normal text while Jordan’s will be bolded. As well as reading you can leave a comment below.

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett – Tables Match 
You’re looking at a fast paced match here, both Orton and Barrett had fights previously and even last year around this same time, but those matches weren’t as good because of the lack of chemistry they had with each other. This time around however, I believe both have better potential to put on an entertaining match, and their current feud has been much more entertaining/intense than last year’s involving Nexus. As far as who will win, im going with Randy Orton because he really needs to pick up on his momentum, especially heading into next year where he needs to start off fresh and strong, and him being on the down side lately doesn’t help here, hes one of WWE’s golden boys so he cant afford to be out of the main event picture. Although, this also hurts Wade Barrett, who has had an advantage throughout the entire feud, but hopefully Barrett looks strong throughout the match, because if that happens, he won’t come off as weak.

I haven’t been able to follow Smackdown as much as I’d like the past month, but I’m not necessarily a fan of either Barrett or Orton. I consider both terribly boring, and expect the same out of this match. At least it feels like WWE tried to put forth effort in the storyline. Unfortuanatly, not a very creative effort; just the same “you attack me, I interrupt your match” formula. I’ll go with Orton winning this one. 

 Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs Booker T
Love the idea of it, and im so excited to see Booker T returning to the ring, at least for once. Can’t wait to see if he still has it or not, and with a workhorse like Cody Rhodes, that’s what makes this match much more relevant and satisfying, both men have great wrestling ability. The story surrounding the match has been pretty cool, I’ve liked it so far, and what I mainly like is that the IC title is on the line here, lately Cody has been holding it but hasn’t done much with it, and tonight, it’s put up or shut up time for Rhodes, he needs to prove he can bring back prestige to the title, so im counting on him to win, but I also want Booker T to look strong and put on one hell of a performance, when it comes to putting over talent, Booker R does it best, hence why they have this match.

This one here should be interesting. Rhodes has impressed a good majority of people over the past year on Smackdown, and appears destined to become a top tier star. Booker T, on the other hand, has had his time, and is now looking to possibly make a comeback to the WWE ring. He’ll most likely “still have it” since it’s not like he’s taken a several year wrestling hiatus, and still looks to be in good shape. I can’t decide if Booker returning to wrestling is a good thing, or bad. His commentary is, for lack of a better word, crazy, so it’d be a nice Christmas present to my ears to not have to hear him babble incoherently every week. However, he would take a spot, and fill up time, that should be going to a rising star. As for the match itself, I expect it to be average.  I think Cody and Booker can come up with some good stuff, and the crowd should be into this match, due to the latter’s involvment Overall, though, I’d say don’t expect a show stealer. I’m really hoping Rhodes pulls out the win, and since Booker’s future ring career is up in the air still, expect the IC champ to retain.   

United States Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder 
Possibly match of the night, the crowd will be very loud for Zack Ryder, and Dolph will get a reaction as well. The entire feud has been excellent, cant remember the last time WWE has made me care so much for a mid-card feud. These 2 men are the future here, hence why I believe they can put on match of the night. Who will win? I have no idea, it could go either way, Zack has really looked like a believeable contender as of late, and has the WWE Universe behind him by a lot, so I could see why he could win, but Dolph is also favorable due to his status, both men have been put over drastically in this feud, which makes for better storytelling. So really, I have no pick here, but I do wanna see a hell of a wrestling match. I cant wait. Let’s go Zack and let’s go Dolph, I guess. (I could see Dolph losing only to move on to bigger and better things in 2012)

I’m a big fan of both of these guys, so this is easily the match up I’m most interested in and excited for. Ziggler impresses almost everytime he steps into the ring (I said almost, see, not  totally biased), and Ryder can pull out great performances as well, at times. If you’ve followed Z! True Long Island Story, you know that this feud has been building up nicely, and is different than the norm of what WWE has been offering for while (From “Ask the Heel, to stealing Zack’s HDMI cable, interuppting the show, attacking Chiapetta, and “having fun” with Princess Lea). If you’ve only seen their television stuff, you may think this just another mid-card feud, in which case, you should make your way to our Video section, where you can catch up on ZTLIS. The match, I don’t expect to be anything special. If WWE allows them a good amount of time, then I might believe differently, however, chances of that happening are low. Plus, Zack seems to be getting hoakier the more he’s on television. I know that’s kind of his character, but it’s gotten to be slightly distracting for me. And that’s coming from a Broskette. It would be awesome to see Ryder win; I’d definitely be fist pumping. Though, Ziggler has been a great United States Champion, the best we’ve seen in many years, in my opinion. Oh, and because he’s not currently booked, and his involvment in this story, I could definitely see John Cena making an appearance during this contest. (waits for heel turn theories)  

HHH vs Kevin Nash Sledgehammer Ladder match 
Like I said in my preview podcast last night, don’t underestimate either one of these guys. HHH, is a veteran who knows how to work matches, same with Kevin Nash, both men have been in the business for more than 10 years, they know what it’s all about. The surprising factor of this match will be to see Nash climb a ladder, im anxious to see if he can still look as dominant as he did back in the day. Obviously, HHH will be the workhorse and carry the match, but don’t count out Nash, I guarantee to you they will hit us with a surprise. Winner will be HHH, as this feud needs to end to get HHH going for Wrestlemania, with a brand new feud.

I’ve seen some people saying that these two can have a good match here, because they’re both veterans and are familar with one another. Clearly, those who believe this, have either never seen their Hell in a Cell match, or forgot about it (possibly because the wanted too). If you do remember that match, you know it lived up to the HIAC name, but not in the positive way. That match was in 2003; now, they’re older, and aren’t full-time in-ring competitors. Past injuries are also a concern.  Another issue is the ladder element. Big guys tend to not do well with height. Not to mention, the entire idea of hanging a sledgehammer above the ring. This sounds like something straight of of the “Book of Russo.”  The winner…who cares, really? There’s nothing at stake. The storyline has been embarrassing, the match will most likely turn out and  the same. 

WHC Mark Henry vs Big Show Chairs Match 
Hopefully this is the final encounter between both men, feud has lost it’s course. Mark Henry will win, again. Fans won’t too into this match, and neither will I. Chair matches have failed in the past, this one will to. The only plus about this is that the feud has been somewhat intense.

Why won’t this feud end!? My God this will go down as one of the most boring storylines in wrestling history.
Not only is it a bad storyline, the matches are poor as well. To top it off, we get to be treated to a chair match between the two behemoths. At least that detail seems planned, though, as chairs have played the biggest role in this awful story. Expect a horrible match, with hopefully Henry retaining his gold, and FINALLY putting an end to this thing.  

WWE Champion CM Punk vs Del Rio vs The Miz TLC Match 
Go CM Punk! He will clearly win, no way will Miz or Del Rio win heading into the road to wrestlemania, WWE needs their hottest top guy to main event wrestlemania, and that will be CM Punk with the WWE title. This will be a very electrifying match, expect to see a combination of different wrestling styles, a lot of violence and aggression from Del Rio, and overall intensity. Miz and Del Rio look strong heading into tonight’s PPV, which im happy for, cause now all 3 wrestlers look like believable main eventers.

The buildup has been so incredibly weak. Punk is more or less in a feud with Johnny Ace. While Miz, is more concerned with becoming more aggressive, but not against either of his opponents here.  ADR is yet again in the background, spouting off about destiny. I can think of one segment that featured all three WWE Championship match competitors for TLC, and that was the contract signing. It seemed like all three were more concerned about themselves, or what they’re doing, rather then the actual match.  And really, when you look back at all the contract signings, will this one actually come to mind? Nonetheless, I firmly believe that this match will steal the show…. of course that might end up not meaning much, so let’s just go with it being a good  one, with Punk winning. 

Ramblie Awards Results:

Wrestler of the Year – CM Punk
Best Web Show Of The Year – Zack Ryder’s Z! TLIS
Must-Follow Social Personality Of The Year – CM Punk
Headline Of The Year – CM Punk Shoots on WWE 6/27
Best Turning Point Of The Year – Mark Henry turns heel on Big Show and puts him through a table
Wrestling Match Of The Year – Cena vs. Punk MITB
Most-Improved Superstar Of The Year – Mark Henry
Breakout Star Of The Year – Dolph Ziggler
Biggest Future Endeavour Of The Year – John Morrison
Tag Team Of The Year – Air Boom
Dirtsheet Of The Year – Matt Hardy Arrested
Most Anticipated Arrival from FCW to WWE – Tyler Black
Female Wrestler Of The Year – Beth Phoenix