Right off, I want to congratulate Daniel Bryan on becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. He’s worked his way up, for twelve long years, through the Independent wrestling scene, to WWE maineventer. He’s easily one of the best technicians currently on the roster. Naturally, I’m a big fan of Daniel Bryan.

Being a fan of a wrestler, makes one more passionate about…well, pretty much their entire careers. Something else I’m passionate about; storylines! Also, championship prestige. All of this being said, I’m pretty much appalled at how things went down at WWE’s Tables, Ladders, and Chairs ppv.

It’s not that I’m not happy that Bryan is the the new World Champion, or that WWE may be heading in a new direction. It’s how the whole situation was handled, and how the company has seemingly missed out on a opportunity to really make a superstar out of Bryan.

When Daniel Bryan won the the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match, the wrestling world rejoiced (IWC, “wrestling world,” same difference). If I recall correctly, up until that ppv in July, Bryan wasn’t doing much. So, we all assumed that winning the coveted briefcase, would mean a push of some sorts for our submission expert. Eh, there’s wasn’t a big difference a month later…maybe it’ll be a couple months, they have plenty of time…three, four, nada. We’re now in month five, and still Bryan hasn’t been built up much at all. At TLC though, WWE threw the World title on him.

“J, why are you complaining? CM Punk is our WWE champ, and Bryan’s the World champ.”

I have a few issues with this whole debacle. First and foremost on my list, is the fact that Bryan gave his word that he would be cashing in his MITB briefcase,in Miami, at WrestleMania 28. His character, is not the type to go against his word; he’s more honorable. So now, he’s a liar, or as Michael Cole has been preaching, a hypocrite. And it eats me up that I have to actually agree with Cole here. His character has been devalued. Not to mention, wrestlers who have been rushed into the mainevent level in recent times, have quickly fallen flat soon after. RAW MITB case winner, Alberto del Rio, is the most recent example of this occurrence.

Once again were treated to a cheap MITB cash-in. I mean, I get that it’s the “smart thing to do,” to capitalize on a downed opponent. However, it’s making the concept less and less interesting each time. Bryan was someone who could have gotten away with taking the high road, due to what I previously mentioned about his character. Considering the last two sentences, would it not have been preferable to hold off until WrestleMania? It could of made Bryan stand out from the majority of former MITB winners.

Another problem I have, pertains specifically to the championship. What was the point of having Big Show win the gold in the first place? To have yet another pointless, incredibly short, futile reign, added to the record books? Because that’s all it accomplished. Oh sure, there’s probably some sort of future feud between Bryan and Big Show now etched in, but I can think of a couple different scenarios that could create the same feud.

Now, yes, I am aware of Mark Henry’s injury situation, however, I don’t believe that this was the only way to go about handling this. Chances are, Henry will be back in time for WrestleMania, most likely well before. So, here’s an idea: due to Teddy Long’s negligence, Henry is now too beaten up to defend his championship gold. He hires resident WWE lawyer, David Otunga, to represent him, and goes on his own little wrestling hiatus (he can still appear). The title’s compete clause is put on lockdown, or some good legal term that can be thrown around from week to week. Then proceed with the Bryan/Henry story, culminating at WrestleMania, where Bryan could then defeat the behemoth, via submission.
That’s the short version.

Anyway, basically it just seems that this whole thing was rushed, poorly planned out, and worst of all, uncreative. WWE had a grand opportunity to create a WrestleMania moment with Daniel Bryan, which could have potentially created a true superstar, but instead, went with the same old, cheap, MITB cash-in, at a ppv they didn’t even care for (which actually turned out to be my second favorite WWE ppv of the year). Hopefully, this doesn’t end up hindering Bryan’s future in any way.

Drowning in a Sea of Uncreativity,


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