Hello everyone! Been long time since i’ve posted on WR. I’m sorry but I just got load of stuff to do anyways..

The Current WWE champions are (from left to bottom right):

Intercontinental Champion- Cody Rhodes

World Champion- Daniel Bryan

WWE Champion- CM Punk

US Champion Zack Ryder

1/2 of Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston

Divas- Beth Pheonix

Other 1/2 ofTag Team Champions- Evan Bourne

Now isnt that a great list!?!?!?, and especially if your part of the  deep internet community it actually makes us real happy..Because they can wrestle and deserving because of their work rate etc.WWE have made bus proud and now finally for the first time in ages every single champ: looks like champ and acts like one.Yes I might be wrong but I just feel that these wrestlers are wonderful.

WWE can make 2012 a delightful year for us to watch, these wrestlers can start it sooo well seriously. Like they have that tool in themselves to do it.

So i’m just going to give my opinion on how WWE can make a great pathway of feuds for 2012 in my opinion. Do you agree? read and comment towards then end or follow me @iAminulHasnan and chat to me if you want 😀

I’m going to do from most important to least..

Just like to bump this in, I would love to see a new title design in 2012. CM punk can be the one who delivers like c’mon he is the one who dominated 2012 and should just say change is here! and he inttoduces it. This lead to a new era but this post is about feuds..

Feuds I would love to see for the WWE title:

IF January 2nd is Chris Jerhico, I would this feud to happen from RR to Wrestlemania 28. Meaning that yes I want Punk to win the EC and at RR who ever he is against. Y2J can come in on the 2nd of January’s Raw and say i’m here to save you guys etc he thens goes on to win the royal rumble as a heel character. Now you must be shouting at me for saying why not someone young!? But it will be an epic when he would go for Punk then that makes a feud of the two who call themselves the best wrestlers in the world, it would be so personal and we know these guy can cut such great promo’s so why not do it guys? this might sound smarky but just imagine the arena..Punk ans Y2J, one generation and another generation go together, like the ticket sells and viewers..and this is how Punk gets over to become the biggest face in WWE thus becoming Face of the company. Hell I can dream can’t I? Punk is allmost the complete opposite to Y2J in so many ways.

Another feud they can do to start 2012, Maybe Punk vs Ziggler. The former US champion now needs to move into the big area which of course is the Main event. But this can not be done at wrestlemania, only at Royal Rumble as a one month feud just like he had last year against Edge. Again both great technical wrestlers so why not? you may argue its terrible mic work from Ziggler but the wrestling will impress us. Helps Punk move on in advance and then Elevate Ziggler.

To be honest I was thinking about a Elimination Chamber opponent, but last year they did number 1 contender match in the EC where as Miz vs some old dude I think.

Daniel Bryan- WWE World Champion OMG! congrats to him.

I sadly think there is no way he is going to go into Wrestlemania as the World champ cleary because he would not make the £$ simply. If you are a reader from the forum I post on I did say wrestlemania yes. But there is elimination chamber and boy he can get ruined in it.I think he gonna lose it by last elimination in the Chamber.

Feud I think will be great for him and the title:

I think they should do where he goes against the odds. Of Big man 1, which is the Big show and then Big man 2 which is Mark Henry. Knowing that this man knows all the submissions to win the match I think they can make him into a fearless little man. Big show can stay face, we all saw him on Raw and said it just happens.  But the thing I find it interesing that it would be a tiny guy (DB) vs two really big men and him winning could be a great thing to make buyrates happen. But it has written properly though or this is going to fail. Bascially in the four week period. DB is trying to build his self saying he aint scared. This helps build for his future reigns which I hope happens. It would also show that the title is worth all the hassle superstars put on it.

WWE have given the US title alot of more care in the past few holders before Ryder, Elevating loads of people and making people look even stronger aswell.

Feuds I’d like to see:

Zack Ryder vs Drew Mctintyre at Royal Rumble. Drew can say he wants to be all better again and if a phony like Ryder can- why can he not do it. But Ryder overcomes him so he is given a stable reign.  He would also look able to get another reign.

Swagger or Brodus Clay, He (ryder) can win at the first PPV and then, you many hate me but turn into a transitional champion because these two needed because there currently dead. He has alot of time to gain other reigns in WWE. But I think he can start to make the title worth fighting this year,as he as allready kind of shown.

I think we all know what we want to see is Kofi and Evan vs Epico and Primo. WWE looked like they were actually builing the tag team division. And it looked like that Miz and Truth were going to start it well it didnt happen.

But they can do it, I think this should be done over a time of 2 months because it would just make a good feud.

Also thet start making tag team, like about 3 or 4 more teams.

That’s all I can think of. More teams needed please WWE.

Feuds for Cody and the belt:

Again I think drew Mcintyre but this is if..Brodus clay goes against Zack Ryder staright away. They should do it the way Dolph vs Ryder happend. You might be thinking hey! thats heel versus heel Hasnan! But guess what man..They can turn Drew face to be honest I think he isn’t going to work as thi stupid dull heel and needs another revival. So then Cody just moves on to the main event, like how Dolph Ziggler is doing right now well assuming after watching Raw last night. I really cannot find who needs the belt..and that’s a good and bad thing..good thing longer reign for rhodes 😀 and bad it looks like they don’t know who is their next big mid carder.

Sorry but don’t hate me but..for the Diva’s its got to be anyone…and that’s what they do.

Who would you like the current champions to feud..?

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