Hey Guys, I hope the Christmas week is rolling along nicely for you all. This is my last article of 2011 and it’s been a good year. I started here on Wrestling Rambles back in August (I think!) and it’s been great. Lots of feedback from you guys, comments and positivity towards me and my articles so a big thank you to everyone for that.

Today’s article is about who I think will break out even brighter in 2012. We’ve seen a lot of great wrestling this year for which I thanked the Lord for… Not really but moving on, there were a lot of shiners this year; in which I mean break out stars. But I predict even bigger things for next year. So let’s get started:


1- Dolph Ziggler

This year has been one hell of a year for Dolph, one that I’m sure he’s pretty damn pleased with. He’s shot into the main frame of WWE and everyone has their eyes on Dolph Ziggler. I think it was pretty obvious Dolph would lose this pass Sunday to Zack Ryder. Whilst Ryder is climbing the ladder I won’t be putting him in my stars of 2012; he’s good but he’s not Dolph Ziggler good. I believe Ziggler will now be catapulted into the main title picture utilising the Zig Zag and Sleeper hold to contend for the title. Royal Rumble 2011 vs Edge was a great match and was one of the first moments I looked at Dolph and saw a champion. He’s got it all mic skills, amazing wrestling and the likeability factor. I can sense big things for Dolph and I hope to see a Punk-Ziggler feud somewhere down the line. There’s two ways WWE can use Dolph in 2012; win the WWE championship or else trade to SmackDown and win the World Heavyweight Championship. DO IT WWE!

2- Cody Rhodes

Cody had a very strong year in WWE, winning at WrestleMania against Rey Mysterio being one of his biggest wins of the year and going on to entertain the wrestling world with brilliant wrestling. Cody (like Dolph) has got good mic skils, brilliant wrestling and somewhat of a likeability factor depending on personal preference of course! I like Cody mainly because he’s a good wrestler, I always like someone if they put on a good show and Cody can definitely do that. At TLC he got a victory over veteran BOOKER T – which I think has made Cody look stronger and shown that Cody can hang with the big dawgs. I haven’t seen TLC yet so I don’t know what quality the match was, but on paper when you beat a veteran it can only be positive. I predict in 2012 a strong main event title run, possibly with Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton (cos god only knows Orton will somehow get his hands on the belt in 2012). Cody’s Cross Rhodes is a tool that he will use smartly on his way to claiming gold.

3- Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett has come into his own in the later part of 2011 and has proven with previous storylines that he is here to stay. His first stroyline in WWE was a huge one, and he was always the one to stand out from he rest of the Nexus. He then formed the Corre in which he also stood out as the leader despite telling us different. Wade is extremely good on the mic and can also back it up in the ring. Hailing from England allows him to stand out to the rest of the roster and his attitude is something that will allow him to progress into WWE 2012 in great style. He did lose at TLC but I believe that he will continue to get better and we may see him challenge for the Heavyweight championship later on in the year. What we do know is that The Barrett Barrage will continue long into 2012.

4- Daniel Bryan
This man is set to go into 2012 stronger than ever! Capturing the World Heavyweight Championship at TLC past – a spoiler that I was extremely annoyed about seeing before I watch TLC later today. I’m a massive fan of Bryan, a lot of people only see what Bryan has done in his tenure with WWE but if you watch his indy matches it’s when you can really tell how great Daniel Bryan is. Many were unsure if Bryan would get the title with some saying he was too alike Chris Benoit to be pushed but at TLC we all seen different. Bryan is definitely main event material and I really can’t wait to see what WWE has planned for Bryan. Hopefully they will put him into a feud with another great wrestler.

5- Ted Dibiase
Another one of my favourites Mr Ted Dibiase is fast becoming a fan favourite due to his Dibiase Posse Parties something that Michael Cole has a problem with. Dibiase was VERY smart in his approach to becoming a well loved superstar. When live events roll round to our towns and cities we all want to meet our favourite stars. I’m certainly no different. I LOVE stalking the stars when they come to Belfast, I even book myself into the Hilton hotel for the night to try and meet most of them. Autographs/photos are something I always want to get from the stars, so when Dibiase chose to hold Dibiase Posse Parties he was smart thinking. I believe Dibiase if pushed could become big, his already getting the fans on his side and if he was to be pushed he could definitely be a big player in 2012. He’s got good mic skills, great wrestling ability and definitely has the likeability factor. I believe that Dibiase will capture the Intercontinental championship off old friend Cody Rhodes in a great feud in the year twenty twelve.



Some fun and festive clips for all the Wrestling Rambles viewers! Happy Holidays folks and I hope you enjoyed this article.