First of all, I’d like to say it’s been-almost-Three months since my debut on this website. And I apologize for those whom I’ve kept waiting.

That being said, let’s get on with my 2nd column, I’m pretty sure all of you have seen the promos. Here’s an analysis of the First promo “It Begins” from a ‘ACitySaintHD’ on Youtube: 

Now, this video does A LOT of the on my behalf. Let’s look at the suspicions.. Monda(Y) (2)nd (J)anuary. Many, many believe it’s a returning Chris Jericho. Let me re-phrase that, they ALLEGE it’s Chris Jericho. Some believe, in the 5th promo, the name Chris was crossed on a tag on the Little Boy’s notebook. That can be starting a storyline with someone. Or it could be them making a statement that it’s not Jericho. Or it could be nothing.

Or, another popular belief, is that it’s the Undertaker, which I personally, highly believe.
You see, the atmosphere of the videos are creepy, empty, which gives the feel of the Undertaker. Remember past creepy promos that evolved into Undertaker returning.

Speaking of the atmosphere, as it says, in the video, notice the Basketball recurring, then disappearing. It’s almost like joy & happiness was in the air, then taken away. As it says in the promo “End of the World as we know it,”.

Or, it could be the very unexpected, I’ve heard around, it could be Skip Sheffield (Remember him?) returning with his old Terminator. Which, surprisingly, I do want. I’m all about the new breed of Superstars. You might not agree, but, your favorite stars might not be there in the future.

Well, tell me what YOU think.. Leave a comment below & thanks for reading!
Expect bigger & better in the very near future. I give you my word. 🙂

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