Hey guys, instead of putting WR offline for the next few days as it will be inactive due to the holiday season, it was decided not to because all email subscribers, search engine visitors will see invalid ”404” text when directed to here which will look bad and would be off putting so we just put this announcement up. I’m sure some staff will get a chance to come on, but will probably be  for a lot less time. I probably will be offline for most of the next 2/3 days, I’ll use twitter on my phone and all but won’t be on the site.

We would like to wish you all a safe and festive holiday season and hope the season can bring memories to your lives. Christmas can be a difficult time for a lot of people due to family deaths and stuff, I know quite a few people who have experienced this only this year, so would just like to say try to rise above it as it would be a difficult time.

We’re not sure when the next column will be, probably Monday or Tuesday.

Stay safe and happy Christmas!

– WR Staff.