I’m just going to give my view on John Cena, his haters, lovers, how he became hated by fans and so on and so forth. For the past number of years, wrestling crowds have been in a great battle with each other when the top dog of World Wrestling Entertainment, John Cena’s theme music hits for him to salute and run down that ramp.We are just there watching RAW, Cena’s music hits, he gets mixed reactions every single time, to one part of the crowd he is the comic book hero who lives by Hustle, Loyalty and respect… who never gives up and rises above hate, to the other side, he is the same character for the last seven years and has barely been out of the title picture due, rarely loses a match etc. The side that loves and adores him are the women and children, the side that seem to despise him are the over 14 year old’s. Do I hate Cena? No, I don’t, Cena is a fictional character so therefore I don’t hate him, I may dislike that he’s been doing the same old shit for the last number of years but I don’t despise John Cena himself. I ask myself, how did it all go wrong? Or did WWE just accomplish what a lot of idiots bought? (You’ll see what I mean later in the column)

When it comes to John Cena, there is no middle ground, either you love him or hate him. However, that’s not the case with me, why is that? I know the IWC in particular usually despises him, but why? I understand they have reasons but all they seem to be is just a bunch of bandwaggoners saying what other anti-Cena haters say! Remember there were a point when everyone loved him, when he defeated the excellence heel once known as JBL? Remember all fans were ecstatic and thrilled for him to defeat JBL whom we all hated (well, you know what I mean, just a guy you loved to boo). Then, a great part of recent wrestling history occurred, he was the first draft pick for RAW just weeks later. It was shocking and interesting to see how Cena will be like on RAW.

As Rocky once said to his son, somewhere along the line, you changed, or in this case…. the fans changed as they divided into two. They dived into what I described in the opening paragraph of this column and they divided into a bucket of adverse, anti-Cena haters. But the question here is when, how and where did all this anti-Cena hate first begin? It was Summerslam 2005 when he went one on one with the guy the IWC adores, Chris Jericho. Jericho was leaving so therefore meant Cena defeated Jericho so therefore didn’t sit well with most of the more mature wrestling fans. This lead to him feuding with Angle, Orton, Triple H, Batista and reigned supreme over each of them. John Cena was like a fresh piece of bubble gum, it’s all good and tasty at first, but then it starts to lose flavour after a while. To make it worse, the exact same scenarios would occur in each of the feud endings, Cena got beat up badly for the WHOLE match then his five moves of doom came. It’s frustrating to watch. But I know it isn’t his fault, he just has to do whatever he is directed to do.

What made you a wrestling fan in the first place? It’s the same thing that made WWE a global phenomenon, the excitement, the unpredictability, the pushing of just more than ONE star. Since Cena was the WWE’s new face, this seemed to be of taken away from what made the WWE that global phenomenon. So when Cena never lost, it took away his credibility. He rarely loses a match cleanly, which really gets fans fuming because if he doesn’t lose cleanly, then he really isn’t pushing anybody or at least it’s harder to push someone if they have to cheat to win. Sheamus was the last wrestler I remember he lost cleanly to and that involved weapons.

During the whole Nexus angle while Cena was involved he only lost because of outside interference, and every time Cena drops the title it’s viewed as either a fluke or someone capitalizing on him in a vulnerable spot (Batista and Edge after the Elimination Chambers). Well except for when he lost to Punk, but that was only one time. You can’t blame him for it, why couldn’t WWE just use Cena to  build new superstars and push them like he was with JBL? Does WWE want a certain audience to hate on him? So they could sell all this Rise Above Hate merchandise then actually sell OFFICIAL ANTI-CENA merchandise? So WWE could attract in fruity pebbles cereal in to make millions? Or the same with the likes of Mattel?  By the way, what sort of an idiot would a Cena hater have to be to actually buy one of those official anti-Cena shirts?

This is from a Cena hater:

Cena sucks because he is good for boring people to death. Its the same crap every week. He comes out, sucks up to the crowd, speaks in a low soft voice to get people to feel sorry for him, and then starts yelling randomly about how he’ll overcome anything. Its apparent that he wants to be just like superman. And I don’t care if he is loyal. And everybody does Make A Wish, so don’t even use that. He’s also a 5 move wrestler who is just not talented at all when it comes to in-ring skill.

What actually gets me liking Cena is all the crazy hate he gets. Think about it, while Cena often poses with haters, he stands there with his Rise Above Hate shirt…sends out the good message, his image is good….attracts big kiddie sponsors in and WWE hit the jackpot. The more hate Cena gets from them the more he’ll stay like that. Why won’t he be as long as WWE get big money? The main goal of any business is to make profit, which is exactly what WWE are accomplishing with Cena. Cena is their biggest product and they’re selling him like a whore in a brothel!

In terms of wrestling…he sucks, wait, no he doesn’t. A prime example of that he doesn’t suck was in his five-star match against CM Punk in Chicago for the WWE Championship at the Money In The Bank PPV.  We know he has great MIC skills, look at him while having those little battles with the Rock or when he first appeared as the Dr of Thuganomics! He has charisma. He gets the biggest reaction out of everyone in the WWE locker room. So honestly, overall, his haters are plain idiots…but we are seeing a new side to Cena in recent weeks with Kane and all.

What is your view on John Cena?

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