Howdy everyone, Ray here and I would just like to take this opportunity to thank some people and wish everyone a happy new year.  Firstly, I never thought WR would grow as big as it is now, it’s not the biggest wrestling blog on the internet but I think we’ve made a mark and on our road we’ve met some very cool people and grateful we’re in communication with other great sites…which are our affiliates. We have all worked very hard here to provide columns and articles for you to read.

I’d like to thank first, our readers. Site numbers are up fanatically since April and it has to do with all of you! We’ve had many discussions here, some people don’t come by any more while some are hear everyday, so I’d like to thank Capt.Smooth, Tony Kegger, Ultimate RKO, INFAMOUS JCITY, Mooselicker, Workmancer, Javan, Beth, Adham, Yannic, sorry if I left someone can hit me in the face if I did. 

Secondly I want to thank Jordan, Emma, Hasnan, Lucas, Chris, James, Ryan, Jeremy, Joe, Derek, Tim, Cody, Richard (debuting soon). Some writers are inactive but they’ll still be with us. Derek will be returning soon. Emma’s PC broke so she won’t be active much in the upcoming weeks. Hasnan does a lot of work on YouTube…just wanted to point that out to everyone. Lucas will be returning tomorrow. Also to thank Clare who makes AMAZING site banners and logos..Clare won the Chris Jericho logo making contest, so congratulations again, Clare.

So lets say bring on 2012, it’s going to be an exciting year for pro wrestling with the January 2nd guy announced, the Rock at WM and much more. We hope to have more TNA and Indy content, you’ll see a lot more of that certainty by the summer. We’re going to be teaming up some with cool YouTubers like Steve on the sidebar and some of the staff will be doing stuff with their cameras! Have a great New Years and thanks again!