Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, I just want to announce that I will be laying off of the IWC for 3-6 weeks. I am in need of a break to be honest with you. I have my Education, Social Life, Dog to walk more and sports to be focused on more just for a few weeks without worrying about WR and I can watch Wrestling without concentrating and re-watching to write a column.

Jordan will be taking charge of things and will be maintaining the site. We’re lucky actually because the version WR has of only allows two administrators. As I keep saying, Derek will be returning this month sometime with his SD column and hopefully Lucas will be returning as soon as possible with some cool content. So please stay tuned here!

Nothing is going to change really except I won’t be online on the IWC at all.

As I said, I’ll be gone for 3-6 weeks, I’ll be up-to-date with wrestling and everything as I will be watching it still…. just taking a long needed break away from the IWC.

Just want to give shoutouts to WR twitter!/WrestlinRambles and WR YouTube . Please follow and subscribe. Notice we’ve been very active on twitter, we follow back etc.

Thank You and see you in a couple of weeks! 🙂