As wrestling fans, who also use the internet, we see numerous “headlines” surface. Most you probably don’t give to much thought too, others that capture your attention. Here are some of the more popular from the past week, or so, that have drawn my eye.

*NOTE* Validity may vary. 

Evan Bourne Heat

Apparently, one half of the tag team champions has some backstage heat on him. This comes after he expressed support for R-Truth over Twitter, who had been suspended(along with Bourne) for smoking synthetic marijuana. Honestly, I have no problem with this. Maybe it’s because I’m a “business person,” because I side with those who want to insure the company image in this case. If you ran a multimillion dollar company, would you want “potheads,” who badmouth the organization they work for, representing you on a global level? Nothing against Bourne, but you just don’t do that.

Network Concern

There are now some within WWE who believe the Network will not be nearly as successfully as it’s being hyped up to be, especially considering it’s debut is being rushed. Some even believe it could flop in the first year, or at least be perceived as one. Well, what I can say here, that I haven’t already about the Network? I fully believe it’ll be a huge disaster, have since the first rumor, and now these reports of company officials also being concerned, are simply the icing on the cake.

Jericho Sighted at Nashville Airport

In the age of Internet, Facebook, Twitter, and phones smarter than their users, you’d think if you wanted to hide someone from the public eye, say for a special, secret appearance, that had been mysteriously hyped up for months, which has everyone talking, you would need to take extraordinary measures to do so. You definitely would not fly this person into a major cities’ airport, where those with smart phones can take a picture, upload it to the Internet, and start a fire storm that sweeps across social media. …unless, you’re WWE, in which case, that’s exactly what you would do.
Incidentally, officials didn’t think fans would take photos with of a celebrity at an airport. They sure didn’t believe that Twitter, the social media platform they’ve been shoving down the WWE Universe’s throat, would backfire on them.   The idiocracy of this company is almost astounding….I use “almost,” because I’ve seen TNA.

Taping Impact in England

Speaking of TNA, they’ve made the decision to tape an episode of Impact from England this year. I have mixed feelings on this one here. On one hand, they need to focus on growing their domestic audience, before their international reach. Otherwise, it resembles going from crawling to sprinting, in one step. However, TNA actually has a larger fan base in the UK, and draw substantially larger figures as compared to the States. Plus, fans have been calling for, or pleading rather, for the company to expand out of the Impact Zone, for what seems like ages now. So, is this a positive step, or is TNA getting ahead of themselves?

WWE Interested in RVD

I don’t know why. Seriously, I can’t figure this out. I know he was a draw, but I also know he isn’t any longer. Something else I know about RVD…he’s a pothead, and not a synthetic one, like Evan Bourne, either. Not that I have an issue with potheads, or anything, but isn’t drug use the reason he was future endeavored by the organization previously? With their current crackdown, I don’t get why they would ever consider bringing in the “One of a Kind” again. Not to mention, WWE’s roster is already stacked with great young talent, that in my opinion, exceed Van Dam. Sure, he would get some good reactions, and fans would chant along “R-V-D!” but he’s 41 years of age; his time has come and gone. Don’t even try to say that he would be a good addition, because he’s a veteran who could put younger stars over. WWE already has credible veterans to get the job done: HHH, Undertaker, Jericho, Christian, William Regal, Booker T, Goldust(?), Big Show, Mark Henry, Kane, R-Truth, and Rey Mysterio. The roster is fine without Rob Van Dam.

WWE and Twitter Overuse

When I first saw this headline, it really pissed me off. Apparently, WWE officials know that they’re over-doing the Twitter promotion, and that it’s annoying fans to death. However, they want  trending topics on the social media outlet, so that other, non-fans, will be interested in the product. ….I’m not sure how “Anal Bleeding” will attract new fans, but whatever. They should be more concerned with alienating their current fans, who are the one’s responsible for getting those topics to trend, and also the one’s who are negatively live-tweeting about the current WWE product. Great strategy!

Punk/Ace To Equal Austin/Vince

I laugh. CM Punk is great, and John Laurinaitis is slowly beginning to come into his own, but come on now. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin had been pushed for over a year, before first Stunning Vince McMahon, and it was nearly two years after his famous “3:16” King of the Ring promo, before he captured the WWF Championship.  Vince was the head of honcho of the company, and merely two months after their feud began, he screwed over a cornerstone of the company, Bret Hart, and things really took off for him.
Now, let’s take a look at Punk/Ace. The company only got behind “the Second City Saint” back in July, and let’s face it; from SummerSlam to Survivor Series, he lost his steam. Even now, he’s not doing too much. Austin, on the other hand, was built up flawlessly. As for Johnny Ace,…well, he’s simply Johnny Ace. He’s terrible on the mic,and annoying as heck, but that’s his thing. He’s no where near the level of McMahon, though. Everyone knows he’s not the head boss, and is instead, just a stooge. More people are probably more interested in “Who’s stooge” he belongs too. Not to mention, McMahon had never been physically assaulted in the ring, prior to Austin stunning him. Meanwhile, Punk has taken Johnny’s head off with a kick! And WWE wants Punk punching him to be like Austin’s first Stunner on Vince? Give me a break.

What are your opinions about some of these so called headlines? Leave your thoughts in the comments below (no, you don’t need an acct). Also let me know what you think about this article concept.

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