I’m sure most of us are still buzzing over Edge being inducted in the 2012 Hall of Fame so I thought I would give you a Rated R Version of Remember When.

Do you remember when Edge hurt Zack Ryder’s feelings?

It was September 2010 and Edge had a spot in a 6 Pack Challenge at the Night Of Champions PPV. The Anonymous Raw GM told Edge that he was going to put his spot on the line on an episode of Raw against an opponent of the GM’s choosing.

While Edge was airing out his complaints to Zack Ryder in the locker room, Ryder gave Edge the idea that Ryder should be the opponent for that night.

Liking the idea, Edge called upon the Anonymous one and told him/her that Ryder should be the opponent, calling Ryder a tool in the process. Edge then made a verbal threat toward the GM’s computer.

After being a called a tool, Ryder told Edge how he hurt his feelings. I always thought these two had great chemistry and that they’re segments together have been somehow underrated.

I hope you enjoyed this Edge inSPEARed of Remember When. Don’t worry, I have more Edge moments I could cover, if you’d like.

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