This week we’re going to take a look at the Royal Rumble records that we are often reminded of each year via commentary. If you sat down with the Royal Rumble DVD boxset you would probably hear a certain record mentioned every year from the year it took place to the last DVD in the boxset, I can think of one that is always given to us. However, those that do not make it to us via commentary can now make its way to you, exclusively, here at Wrestling Rambles. That is, if you don’t go onto Wikipedia. Side note SPOILER ALERT!!: I was on Wiki looking up the records and it told me that the 2012 Royal Rumble winner came out at number 27 and that winner was none other than Triple H… Damn spoilers.

Moving on with this weeks article; Royal Rumble Records, or if you like your shit abbreviated RRR. As I previously mentioned above there are those that make its way out to us during the Rumble match, there are those that don’t but in this you will get 5 records that I, as a wrestler (no, I’m not a wrestler but if I was…) would be most proud to call my own. Superstars are continually trying to raise the bar, the match standards and gimmicks but all that can soon be washed away, or forgotten by the “Universe” (damn I hate that term). I feel that having a RRR is something that can never be taken away from you, something that every year may be mentioned if deemed impressive enough. So LET’S GO!

Most Royal Rumble Victories
Who else but the Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin! Why of course, now you’re sitting behind your screen reminiscing of the days that Austin took home the win/s. One of those wins in particular stands out to me probably because I remember it more than the other two. Austin won 3 Rumbles which earned him the record of most victories. Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels are tied at second place with two victories each. As I said one in particular stands out most to me because I remember it more; the 2001 Rumble. This is the Rumble that we seen turn Hardcore very quick. Drew Carey entered the Rumble only to eliminate himself, Raven turned things hardcore with a kendo stick and it just went rolling from there… No really, rolling as in rolling a bowling ball into Raven’s crotch. We all seen Kane whack Honky Tonk Man over the head with his own guitar. Austin entered the Rumble when Kane and Undertaker were standing in the middle of the ring waiting. However Triple H would get revenge on Austin for Austin interfering in his WWE championship match with Kurt Angle earlier in the night, leaving Austin bloodied HHH was restrained and returned to the back, Austin however would not give up and soon found himself back in the middle of the ring. It would soon be Rikishi, Kane, The Rock and Austin left, Rikishi was eliminated by The Rock, who was soon eliminated by Kane, who would then be eliminated by Austin. It was a great Rumble to watch however, for me I think Kane should have won and you’ll see why in a second.

Longest Time Spent in a Rumble
This accolade goes to Mr 619 Rey Mysterio who, after 1 hour 2 minutes and 12 seconds was crowned the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble and would then go on to WrestleMania 22 and become World Heavyweight Champion defeating Randy Orton and Kurt Angle. Everyone does or SHOULD love Rey, he’s been great in WWE and will someday go into the WWE HOF, if not we riot. Rey has always been one of my favourites and believe me when I say I chucked a complete and utter psycho when John Cena beat Rey on the same night that Rey won the WWE championship for the first time in his career. Damn that John Cena. Hopefully when Rey returns he will get a good, lengthy run with WWE championship because God only knows he deserves it. In 2005, Rey’s long time best friend Eddie Guerrero sadly passed away, and whilst everyone paid their tribute to Eddie it was Rey that seemed to carry on Eddie’s legacy. Many say that Rey winning the Rumble in 2006 was a sympathy win, however I disagree. Rey is and has been one of the best performers in WWE and other promotions, his hard work and dedication are what got Rey that win and I’d be damned if anyone was to try tell me different. I talked about how Rey won the Rumble in last week’s Favourite Photo column, but it would be rude to ignore it in this week’s seeing as this week’s article is all about records. This record was earned by Rey and will go down in history as one of the best Rumble wins.

Diva Entrant
So far, to date, there have only been two women to ever enter the Royal Rumble. These two women are Chyna (yes, the one who now fucks guys on screen for a living. Btw, it’s not recommend you even look at a picture of it, believe me this is Ryan’s Favourite Photos not Ryan’s Best Barfing Photos) and the second woman to enter was Beth Phoenix. Regardless of what Chyna is up to these days I still think her participations in the Rumbles are stand out from Beth’s. Simply because Chyna at the time was wrestling guys and then performing in the Rumble later than night. Something that at the time and still is very impressive. Beth’s time in the Rumble wasn’t as impressive as Chyna’s. Case closed sucka!

Most Rumble Appearances
The person who holds this record is the Big Red Machine Kane. Who has appeared in 15 separate RR matches. Kane first made his Royal Rumble debut in 1996 who entered number 27 as Isaac Yankem and his latest Royal Rumble appearance was 2011. Kane is always a big star in the Royal Rumbles, if you hold the record for the most appearances then you’ve obviously had a long stint in the WWE. Kane is a veteran now, and has contributed so much to the Royal Rumble that it would almost be unfair for Kane NOT to win a Rumble match. I’m sure as hell rooting for Kane but there are doubts that he may not make an appearance in this year’s Rumble as he is set to face John Cena one on one beforehand. Hopefully he’ll make an appearance and I wouldn’t mind Kane winning. It’s a long shot but one can only wish.
(I really didn’t know which photo to go with for this record. I felt this photo showed Kane’s progression somewhat from Isaac Yankem to Mask-less Kane who we last seen in a Rumble. I also liked this photo because it’s sort of hilarious… including the french part.) 

Most Eliminations in a Single Rumble
This record is also Kane’s and in my eyes is well deserved. I just hope this isn’t Kane’s “win” so to speak. I hope that WWE give Kane a legit Rumble win, hell maybe even let him win and have him challenge the Undertaker’s streak instead of going up for the title? That would be pretty awesome. Kane is one of my favourites and I hope we see him win a Rumble. That being said, this record is pretty amazing. Kane took out one third of the Rumble in 2001 when he eliminated 11 men. That’s pretty amazing considering there are only 19 other men including himself in the Rumble. Undertaker has his WrestleMania streak but Kane has his Rumble streak; the record that cannot be broken and has lasted 11 years so far. When looking at Austin’s 2001 win earlier in the article I said how Kane should have won, and this record is why Kane should have won that year.



In 2009 Santino Marella beat Warlord’s time of 2 seconds when he got eliminated in 1 second. OUCH.

In 2007, it took not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven but EIGHT men to eliminate Viscera.

In 2001, Drew Carey entered the Royal Rumble but shortly eliminated himself in order to stay away from Kane. He remains the only celebrity entrant. (Correct me if I’m wrong).

That’s all for this week folks, glad you could stop by to check out some records in the run up the Rumble stick here with Wrestling Rambles to get yourself excited for the big PPV at the end of the month, I know I’m looking forward to it. Royal Rumbles are special so let’s hope some records can be beaten or can survive. Who knows what can happen.