This is usually a busy time of year for returns in the WWE as many legends and former superstars tend to show up just in time for road to WrestleMania. Over the last few weeks we’ve already seen a few returns such as Chris Jericho and even Mick Foley wanting to get back in the ring. Sometimes depending on the superstar returning the reception isn’t always that positive, especially from internet community. We saw the return of Kevin Nash last year at the Rumble as Diesel, and although that received a warm welcome at the time, as soon as he was put in a main storyline it seemed the reception went very cold. Perhaps it was he wasn’t as crisp as the younger talent, or his slower style just wasn’t as entertaining as what everyone’s used to. I am a big fan of Chris Jericho returning, and Mick Foley as well if used properly. I also wasn’t against Nash coming in at first as I was hoping he was there to put over younger talent. If brought back in a proper fashion, these are some other names I’d like to see return to the WWE. I’m not going to bother with “retired” talent, as they’re retired and it’s obvious we’d bring them back if possible.

First off, I would really like to see a Kurt Angle return to the WWE. A clean Kurt who’s healthy and focused is the only way this would happen, and on his terms by the sounds of it. Kurt would be amazing at helping the younger up and comers at not only giving them advice and training, but also getting in the ring with them and going through the motions. Seeing Kurt in there with Dolph Ziggler in an iron man match or Kurt vs. Tyson Kidd in a submission match or Kurt vs. Daniel Bryan would give any fan a woody. Kurt is able to make anyone look good in the ring, but actually getting in the ring with them would be a bigger lesson than anything. I still think he has a lot to give to the business and whether or not he will end up back in WWE is totally his choice as it seems he’s welcome with open arms. He’s said more than once that he’s very happy in TNA and is treated very well. He speaks very highly of Dixie Carter and doesn’t sound like he’s leaving any time soon. I do hope!

Next up is someone who would slip right back in the roster and fit in perfectly in which seems to be a growing trend. Although getting lazy near the end of his last run, Carlito had always impressed me and kept me entertained in the ring. With his family being the tag team champions, and many other latino superstars being called up and hired, Carlito could pop right back up on the show and once again be part of the storylines. IMO he’s barely hit his prime and his best years are ahead of him and would love to see him get another opportunity. Perhaps with the way things are going they’ll want him to be involved at some point with his family and grow the group giving it a well needed leader. I also see him fitting in very well with today’s talent and his skill level would match some of the top performers.

Although he left on good terms and is pursuing his dream of competing in Japan, MVP never reached his potential in WWE and personally I think he has some unfinished business there. He is up there in age and some would say his best years are over, but to be MVP was showing progress in his performing and also his mic and acting skills. We all know MVP asked for his release and wanted to go to Japan because he felt he just wasn’t going anywhere and wasn’t being given the opportunity to move up. He had become one of the fan favorites on TV before his departure and it felt like he was on the brink of a big push, but then it quickly deflated. I would like to see MVP back in WWE to not only finish up some unfinished business but also be there to help push some of these well deserving younger talents along.

Thanks for the read this week and please feel free to leave who you’d like to see return down below. I’m sure many of you are dying for an Ultimate Warrior return or even a Papa Shango return, so make sure you give your reason as to why you think they’d be worth having back on the roster.

James Bones