First off sorry i have been gone my computer has been broken. I have it back although I am convinced the new hardrive hates me. Anyways i had to spend sometime catching up. Im happy to be back.

Okay so i have tried to do structured articles and its doesnt always work for me so this will just be me kind of throwing my mind otu there on the some of the stuff happening sorry if some of it is not completly recent.Okay so here we go………………………………………….


Chris Jerico Returning

Okay so im sure that a majority of you who read this will diasgree many of you are probably happy he is back. Me not at all i am very open about hating Chris Jericho. Why? well its hard to explain but its starts in a simple area he has never impressed me. How? His move-set for one is just plain balh normal in my opinion. Now i realize ever finisher is generally just a simple move with a special name to make it sound and seem cooler. His big move is the walls of Jericho. A elevated boston crab is suppose to be cool and give us a cool and entertaining? Not at all then agian alot but not all submission finishers are pretty lame. The Codebreaker is just lame in my opinion.On the mic he is better than others so i guess i cannot complain about him in that department.

His actual return was the stupidest thing i have ever seen. He keeps us all waiting then his music hits. Instantly I am screaming no.I see his coat and instanly think what a loser. Then he just screams and enjoys the cheers and says absolutly nothing? Really? How much more lame could you be? There are certian times when not talking during a return works and this was most definatly not one of them. Pointless and stupid then agian i suppose WWE couldnt think of anything better for the so called Best In The World At What He Does.

Topic #2

Evan Bourne 2nd suspension

Okay i love Evan Bourne and his first suspension i was just like oh yeah whatever probably will not happen agian. But it did and I am dissapointed. Never could have guessed Evan of all wrestlers would do this twice. He took to his twitter to apologize. Saying

“Sorry y’all. Sometimes we become our own worst enemy,”. Well apperently thats for sure but you only have yourself to blame. And Evan at this point will be lucky if he doesnt get released. I do not want to see him released but it wont be a surprise if he does end up released. He screwed Kofi over on this too which is sad. I certiantly don’t take his apology to serious becuase this is his second time. I hope Evan gets to stick around and all but i highly doubt that can happen. Not gonna dwell on this too much I am extremely dissapointed end of story.

So yeah those would be my 2 major topics of the week. Sorry this is short hope to get competly caught up soon.