Calling Spot’s Royal Rumble Predictions

It’s that fun time of the WWE calendar year when the road to WrestleMania begins and 30 men go into one ridiculous match to see who is going to be in the main event of ‘the granddaddy of them all’.

So….my predictions?

Chris Jericho is going to win.

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WWE Championship Match
CM Punk [c] vs. Dolph Ziggler
Special Guest Referee- John Laurinaitis

OK…out of all the matches, including the rumble, this is the hardest one to call. Here are my 2 TOTALLY different trains of thought:

1) WWE is going into its most important 2 months of the year. History has shown that they keep the strap on proven main event guys going into Wrestlemania. An exception to that being last year, but in reality the Miz was overshadowed by The Rock and John Cena’s feud. New champions tend not to win their first major championship at the rumble, ask Jeff Hardy. For this reason, CM Punk will retain.
2) The WWE already have 2 ‘money’ matches to sell Wrestlemania on already in Cena/Rock and Undertaker defending the streak as well as working on putting together their ‘celebrity match’ with rumours of Big Show taking on Shaquille O’Neal. For this reason maybe 2012 is the year that the WWE can afford to test the waters with new stars in the two title matches. Ziggler to win.

I think the 3rd tangible that has swung it for me it the Royal Rumble match itself. I firmly believe either Orton will win the rumble and take on D-Bryan at mania, or Jericho will win and take on Punk in a ‘best in the world’ –vs- ‘best in the world at what he does’ match.

Winner: CM Punk
Via: Clean win (Jonny Ace won’t count the fall/submission)

Wold Heavyweight Championship Match
Daniel Bryan [c] vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry
Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

This is an interesting one but I think that with Mark Henry potentially injured again and Big Show potentially in a celebrity match you cannot look past Brian Danielson for this one.

Winner: Daniel Bryan
Via: Taking advantage of Big Show and Mark Henry killing each other and nipping out the door.

John Cena vs. Kane

Kane is going to win purely because anyone that can grow his hair in that quick DEFINITELY has some sort of God-like powers. Plus the feud is too new to blow of at the first PPV.

Winner: Kane
Via: Clean Pinfall

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

Here it is, the money match. I think once Jericho wins, we will be sitting thinking the same thing: “of course he won. His weird return has built up to him ending the world as we know it at the rumble”. However, beforehand you always have a few people that make you go “maybe, just maybe….”. The contenders have to be Sheamus, Orton, Jericho and to a lesser extend Chodes (a very clever Bend of Cody and Rhodes, who, since discovering knee pads, is a legend) and The Barrett barrage. The latter is supposedly getting a new entrance theme soon and as we all know, when you get a new theme you always go over.

Winner: Chris Jeritoll

Who will be entrant #30? Triple H or Foley (Short and sweet)

Who will be entrant #27? Alberto Del Rio (taking a punt on him returning early, or perhaps Mysterio for the same reason)

Who will be entrant #13? The Funkasaurus. Somebody call his Mama.

Who will be entrant #2? (since Miz has already been announced as #1) Kofi Kingston. Sorry Kofi but I think they will feed the Miz a bog standard babyface to start proceedings until Truth comes in around the 4-5 mark to a huge pop. Looking at the roster, Kofi is going to be that bog standard babyface.

Surprise entrant: Papa Shango and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. If rumours are to be believed.

I would love to think that Batista could be a surprise return but just can’t see it happening yet. Not with such focus on Jericho and Cena/Rock going into Mania. Would be nice though.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading me thinking through my fingers. Sunday’s PPV should be fun. I will be live tweeting the event (@CallingSpots) so drop me a little tweet if you are ordering it.

Peace – Rich x

Tim5000’s Royal Rumble Predictions

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk [c] vs. Dolph Ziggler
Special Guest Referee- John Laurinaitis

Winner: Ziggler
Expect something Great between these two. CM Punk is without a doubt qualified to hold the title, and Ziggler has pushed himself up to be a great maineventer, however before the big one, I don’t expect Ziggler escaping with the title, Yes I know the cards are with him. The Jack of Swaggers, The Queen of Screams, Johnny “Ace” Laurinaitis, however… CM Punk has one thing that will protect him, the Champion’s advantage, and while Laurinaitis might not let this happen, he will eventually have no choice but to. The Real question is, will it be by CM Punks own doing?

We have the following ways in which Punk can win, the standard two ways, Walk out. The Ref will have no choice but to count out punk, and while this may turn into a falls count anywhere match, this still isn’t a rule out. Don’t expect this to be a primary option for punk, he has an ego to protect, whether you want to admit it or not, Punk is not a BABYFACE. A Face =/= face, get that in your head and more importantly, LEARN THE DIFFERENCE!. This does mean he won’t break the rules to get he desired results. This brings up to our second point…

Getting Disqualified. Now that might be the win, but this could be broken down into smaller and smaller parts. The Most quickest way (and least likely) is to grab a chair and take out Ziggler with one clearly seen shot, or Multiple to get his point across. But as stated before, Punk as an ego, you don’t wear a shirt that says “BEST IN THE WORLD” and think you can get away with one shot tactics like that. Don’t rule it out, Punk can lose his cool, start yelling at Laurinaitis, and go out, take a chair just to get out of the BS match.

There is another way Punk can get DQ, and that is simply attacking the ref. This could happen at any moment. Start of the match even! Punk may have an ego, but anger is a powerful motivation, and it could break out in the heat of the match. One GTS to Laurinaitis after a slow count, or anaconda vice after some “miss communication”. Point is Laurinaitis could have just signed his own death warrant.

Outside help, well right now, Punk has about…. Zero, yes zero allies. Funny too, considering his past, with NEXUS, and the Straight Edge Society. And while it isn’t unlikely that someone COULD come out to help Punk, Foley could be one of them, Ryder to take out Swagger (“But Tim, Ryder is out with a broken back”… Fuck off it is an example) But don’t really count on it… Which brings us to Team Ziggles! Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero.

Laurinaitis, knowing his job is now on the line, has one chance to “play nice” and can actually give Punk the win, if Swagger and Vickie get involved. Don’t expect the same “fairness” to apply after the match, ones the bell rings, expect a beat down against Punk. Laurinaitis turning a blind eye, saying ” I John Laurinaitis, Vice President of Talent Relations, and Interim Raw General Manager, did not notice Punk was getting beat up, however I will give punk a fair chance to go after his attackers tonight on Raw, in a 2 on 1 match. See who says I can’t be exciting?”

However with all these possible outcomes, Here comes my main pick… Jericho! Chris Jericho said a few things in the time span of 4 weeks, and I don’t mean he said enough, he said, what was it 5, or 7 words, somewhere around there… something about “The world will end at the rumble” or something like that. Keep in mind, he didn’t say he was going to win the rumble, he didn’t say he was going to win the rumble. Right now, who is wearing a shirt that has the word “world” on it. Chris Jericho is going after… DOLPH ZIGGLER…

No, you didn’t read that wrong. If Chris Jericho goes after Punk, Laurinaitis can “ignore” it, or get distracted by something else, like Vickie screaming, But, If Jericho goes after Ziggler, Laurinaitis will have no choice but to disqualify Punk. I said it earlier, as outside help, and this is how Ziggler will win… Punk goes on to hold the title. Now why would Jericho do this, to make sure, He gets Punk, One on One, for the WWE title at wrestlemania… How does he expect to get to mania, prepare yourself for the war of words on the upcoming Raws.


Wold Heavyweight Championship Match
Daniel Bryan [c] vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry
Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

Winner: Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan isn’t the Strongest man in the world… Daniel Bryan isn’t the worlds largest athlete, however, HE IS THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! But as for now, he has managed to escape every challenge thrown at him.

If you didn’t get that, I will re-type that for you, and maybe you will get the hint, If you read it slowly…
Daniel Bryan isn’t the Strongest man in the world… Daniel Bryan isn’t the worlds largest athlete, however, HE IS THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! But as for now, he has managed to escape every challenge thrown at him.

Still don’t get it, Ill make it shorter for you…
But as for now, he has managed to escape every challenge thrown at him.

Still lost?
managed to escape every challenge thrown at him.
managed to escape every challenge
escape every challenge


Right now, he is out weighed, and while powerful as the “underdog” is at this point, he cannot pull off any devastating moves to keep one down, and the other at bay. He isn’t strong enough to throw BOTH Henry or Big Show out cold for 3 seconds each. (In case that one slipped by you, Neither show or Henry will just sit there and allow Bryan to get a pin count or a tap out, you have to knock out both to get one for the pin or submission state)

However Bryan has one advantage, and that is the cage match rules, Escape will lead to a win. We might have a classic escape, where Show and Henry hurt each other so badly that Daniel Bryan could take advantage and start climbing, or we can have the Famous JBL escape (which was against Big Show) where Bryan Suffers a massive Choke slam and is slammed through the Ring, only to crawl out before Big show walks through the cage, (Why not, the recreated the Suplex ring destruction, what other elements from Big Shows past won’t they try to bring up?) or walk out. The Walk out seems less dramatic for this situation, so don’t look forward to it, expect a tug of war like moment, where Big Show and Henry each have a hold of Bryan’s arm while he hangs over the edge, trying hard to squirm his way to freedom. I would love to see the JBL escape recreated, but that is only hopeful wishing. Don’t expect too much from this match, as it is David VS Goliath VS Goliath in a cage. Expect very slow in ring work.

John Cena vs. Kane

Winner: Neither
This will be a brutal match, and that means it can be Brutal in these sense….
Hard to Watch. Don’t get me wrong, Kane is still a very DAMN GOOD performer, he still has enough in him to put up some great matches, does this mean he will with Cena, NO. Cena needs to dig deep and pull out the same material he tried with Punk, and Bring it back with Kane. Many of Cena’s matches are just hard to watch, due to the same in, same out… and Kane, despite being very good, also tends to fall under the same rope, Clothesline from the top, chockslam to hell, and a high punch or chop. These two need to dig into their roots in order to put a good match, Kane seems to be good as his opponent, which is never a bad thing… but the case is, So is Cena! These two, don’t really rely on the others to carry the match, but still need that good opponent to deliver a good match, and these two are in for one hard as hell match.

Now we go on to the other type of Brutal. A Hardcore in your face type of match. WWE seems to be allowing more freedom with what can and can’t be shown. (Remember Marks, Lemmings and Sheep, WWF RAW WAS PG WHEN IT STARTED, and they did much more than they do now, so I won’t be like you, and say “Lifting the PG curtain” That is a drone term for the marks and sheeps). Expect to see something on the level of Undertaker VS Triple H at last year’s mania. Bodies flying everywhere, Tables being trashed, weapons on the mind. A down and out street fight, which would be good for these two to be honest. With that, I think these two will break some kind of rule, cause the ref to disqualify them both, but that won’t stop them. Refs and Wrestlers from backstage will have to separate the two, and in the end Kane will laugh, as Cena starts to embrace the hate… Note I don’t think Cena is turning heel.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

Who will be entrant #30 : Santino

Who will be entrant #27 : Orton

Who will be entrant #13 : Who cares???
I was sent to put my prediction into who will be number 13… I asked why, and was told bad luck… here is why that is bullshit!
2011 : Michael McGillicutty – He is still around (For some reason) and still has a job at the wwe (Somehow). Michael McSillyputty didn’t hit the Future Endeavored list, and while he was taking off TV… did people actually remember when he was on TV? I don’t considered bad luck, just bad.
2010 : Cody Rhodes – Went on to lose at mania… Year later, Destroyed Rey at Mania, and is currently The IC champion, and is one of the most talked about wrestlers, and is one of the most recognized on the roster.
2009 : The Miz – Went to be one of the longest Running WWE and US Champions… WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW, 13 IS UNLUCKY, FOR OTHER PEOPLE. If 13 was really unlucky, than he would be FIRED, Like he should BE!
2008 : Cody Rhodes – Already Mentioned. But to bring up some other facts. Survived 23:14 and it took HHH to take him out.
2007 : Super Crazy – Short Run with the WWE, Short run Out of. He Started at ECW, Went to Independents before joining WWE, and now is back with independents. In Out. Luck had nothing to do with it.
2006 : Booker T – World Heavyweight Champion, Left TNA, came back to wwe, and now is a wrestler and Commentator. Left WWE on his own, and returned on his own.
2005 : Muhammad Hassan. 6 Years in, 1 to 6 is not a good ratio. Yes he got royally screwed over due to an incident on smack down involving a terrorist like angle.
2004 : Spike Dudley… He was / is spike Dudley… the third runt of the Dudley’s, he never had luck to begin with in all honesty.
2003 : Matt Hardy…. 2 of 9
2002 : Christian, Won the WHC, TNA title, and ECW title. Granted the only meaningful one is the WHC, but still. Multiple Tag Team champion as well. And Future HOF with Edge with E&C.
2001 : The Rock…. What bad luck did he face… to much success?
2000 : Edge. Multiple Injuries… Multiple Titles… Early Retirement… It took a decade for the 13 effect to kick in… Just to make it fair Ill add it to the unlucky list. 3 of 12
Congrats, 1/4 of the time, in the past 11 years, 13 COULD be considered unlucky… how two of the three, it took many years for the 13 rule to come into effect. Edge won multiple titles, dated Lita, and is still alive and has a future in other areas… if that is considered bad luck SIGN ME UP!

Who will be entrant #2 : an USO (I don’t know which one, they are both Jobbers)

TOP 5 Surprise entrants at the Royal Rumble and Why

MVP : His name has come up many times in recent interviews. He didn’t part away on bad terms either, He just went off and tried something new, with that in mind, it is possible to see MVP make a return to the WWE, with wrestlers like Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk, however don’t be shocked if he doesn’t, one of his main friends parted ways just as quickly as he did. (Talking about LOW-KI, KavaL).

“The Road Dogg” Jesse James : Already once on WWE TV, and did one hell of a job… SHOULD be a manager, but I have a feeling WWE still has a warehouse full of DX T-Shirts to clear out, and another chance to mention D-Generation X would not hurt the sales one bit.

Gregory Helms : STAND BACK, IT’S A HURRICANE! Yes Gregory Helms SHOULD be returning at the rumble and here is the main reason why. He is a company man. I don’t mean that in the same aspect as Cena is, I mean that whenever Hurricane Helms was needed he was there, and despite most of his Friends going to TNA (Matt, Shannon and Jeff) He remained away from there. Those who remember Helms was arrested as was Jericho, and he got to return… twice…

Paul London : With all the heat on Evan Bourne, The WWE needs a returning Paul London… who is also another High Flyer Stoner… ok maybe not the best choice, but he can return to help his Pod partner : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSh2s_lmthI THE DOLPHIN WILL STING YOU!

John Morrison : Yes, John Morrison. Last year he put on an amazing show, putting the “Shawn Michaels Rule” to the Test. Was in every Rumble since 2006 (Not much, but that is still enough that he should continue it at least). It took 4 people to Eliminate him. The same amount to take out the much larger Mark Henry. Like him or hate him, you have to admit that THIS, This is the John Morrison match, He can put the Shawn Michaels rule (The Shawn Michaels Rule is that BOTH feet must hit the floor, In the 1995 Royal Rumble, Micheals Survived elimination by keeping his second foot off the floor, and climbing back into the ring). John Morrison also didn’t leave on a bad term, and was still able to wrestle without the 90 day rule, which states wrestlers who leave cannot wrestle for 90 days (publicly) as they are still under a wwe contract.

Kofi Kingston : After the go no where feud with Randy Orton, he has been on the below mid card status for far to long, this is his moment to shine. Kingston can bring his controlled frenzy back to the main event, and why not, after the failure of his partner, and yes I like Evan Bourne, but 2 failed drug test in back to back months, you cannot have Kofi sitting around waiting for his partner to return with Mania, Elimination Chamber, and The Rumble coming up. No Kofi has paid his dues, and Randy Orton can fuck off… Someone who INJURES HIMSELF TAUNTING, Has no fucking right to say who belongs in the main event. Kofi Deserves the win for sure.

Wade Barrett : After the failure of Nexus, Corre… Wade has finally given a light to shine it, Winning at survivor series against Orton, and having multiple impressive wins against many of the roster. He was already in a feud with Daniel Bryan early last year, and while that was a go nowhere feud, it looks like it can pick up at full force if Barrett picks up the win.

Sheamus : He was already King of the Ring, And a two time Champion… while those reigns are insulting at best.. Sheamus is not a heel, He works better as a face, and is really over with the crowd, and could win the rumble. It would add to his already impressive resume as it is.

Randy Orton : Yeah Right, If he wins I will eat my shoe. This talentless, head hugging bitch, crying to cooperate after every time he stubs his toe. Randy Orton has a chance to win, if I were to be honest, but I can still down right hate the bastard… and I don’t generally hate wrestlers for being Face or Heel, I just hate how much this guy is a bitch. He has a chance again, but I wish he would fall down a well sometimes.

The Miz : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Oh yeah…. He has a slim chance in hell, HAHAHA… let me be honest… HE HAS NO FUCKING SHOT! Think about it, after he lost his title, what was he doing… he was an asterisk at survivor series, was teamed with R-Truth to give him something to do, and that is pretty much it, he lost the bulk of his matches, and his title run, as long as it was, was insulting, and pathetic to watch. If WWE wants to have a number one win the rumble again, they need someone with Shawn Micheals ability… not someone who taps to an aged Brett Hart INSTANTLY!… now that we got this joke out of the way…

Chris Jericho : It seems like he is set to win the match… he didn’t wrestle at all during his debut, and already has his standard groups of sheeps, marks, and lemmings following him down to every word he doesn’t say. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Chris Jericho fan, but a wrestler that doesn’t wrestle, and great mic worker that doesn’t talk… how can I root for him… “DOHOH YOU GOT JERITROLLED LOLOLOLOL”… Did I really… Think about it, you are the one praising him for doing nothing… One of the best ring and mic workers, and you are praising him for not doing what he is best at… Someone got trolled, and it wasn’t me. Back to topic, Jericho VS Punk would be an awesome war of words if Jericho would talk. So expect him to win