Do you remember when Lance Storm had some personality?

It was back in 2003 and and then Raw co-GM, Steve Austin told Storm right before his match on an episode of Raw, that he was boring. Austin wanted Storm to show some kind of emotion. Austin even brought a pillow and a blanker so he could sleep during the match and make snoring noises. That would lead to Storm getting distracted and his opponent, Garrison Cade, picking up the upset win.

Throughout the coming weeks, fans were chanting “BORING” every time Storm would enter ringside. Storm then got help of Goldust in order to improve his charisma.

That help was put to the test on an episode of Raw 2003. Storm’s opponent was Rico, despite interference by Rico’s valet, Jackie Gayda, Storm picked up the win and proceed to do a celebration dance.

This lead to Storm being a face and eventually teaming up with Val Venis. Of course, the team never went anywhere and Storm ended up turning heel soon thereafter.

Do you think was better as a charismatic face or an expressionless heel? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Here’s the match and segment that started it all.

Here’s the match that jump started Storm’s face run in WWE 2003