Welcome to the Weekly Report from the guys here @TheTopRope, as usual here are the three hosts thoughts on the Wrestling Week coming up to tonights Rumble. Enjoy!


Simon Iles – @Simon_TTR

It’s that time again… Royal Rumble week! Amazingly, the Rumble match itself has barely been built up, but in an odd sort of way that has added to the mystique of 2012’s instalment of the January stalwart. James and I both concluded on this week’s midweek edition of The Top Rope that Chris Jericho will triumph in the 30-man battle, but we wouldn’t put our houses on it or anything? Why? Because things are unpredictable and that makes for good television.

What has also made for good TV is the Punk-Johnny Ace feud. It has been probably one of the WWE’s longest feuds for a while, and has been built up well. Punk finally got his hands on Big Johnny on Raw this past Monday, which set things up nicely for the title match at the Rumble. Johnny promised not to screw Punk after all, but will he stick to his word with his job review with none other than Triple H looming the next day? It will be interesting to see what happens, and although I think Punk will triumph, I wouldn’t be overly surprised if Dolph wins the title even if it is just to change things up again and actually have a World Title change at the Rumble for the first time in years.

In terms of Cena-Kane, I see Kane goading Cena into getting himself DQ’d and ‘embracing the hate’ rather than embracing… err… well you can google what people thought his face resembled! I also pick Daniel Bryan to worm his way out with his title intact, and am hoping for an AJ heel turn. It won’t happen, but a fan can dream!

Overall, I’m expecting a good show as the Rumble rarely disappoints. This year has a more intriguing feel to it as well, which should make for a doubly interesting three hours on Sunday night (Monday morning for us Brits!)


Lee Charleton – @Leeleemu

The end of January, and that means one thing, the Royal Rumble, one of the “Big Four” PPV’s and like many, my favourite event of the year behind Wrestlemania. The WWE have pleased me in not building up the Rumble Main Event with the usual 10 men over the top rope matches they usually produce for weeks up until the Rumble, I have enjoyed that for the main reason it makes the result of this match less predicatable. People have mentioned Randy Orton being the favourite for this match due to the event being held in his home town, but I really think WWE know that Orton doesnt need to win this match to elevate himself, plus he is already a Rumble winner and we dont need the usual breakfast club winning here.

Chris Jericho, I hear everyone presuming Y2J will be the victor on this occassion and I do believe he will win this years Rumble to setup that Mania match with CM Punk. However, I have another theory, the WWE keep advertising that everyone including Champions are included in the Rumble, what if its Jericho that Johnny Ace, has been texting, with Jericho claiming this week will be the “end of the world as you know it”. What if, Johnny somehow includes Jericho in the match winning the Championship and then entering the Rumble to try and ultimately unify the belts. Crazy idea I know, but how are the WWE going to incorporate the Champions in the Rumble? Who knows.

My feelings on the other two matches are very clear, Bryan will retain by sneakily escaping the Cage from the two giants, if they were to unify the belts, how awesome would a Jericho v Punk v Bryan match be at Mania, one can dream eh? Cena v Kane, I think this could go to a No Contest, I can’t see what either superstar would gain whatsoever from losing this bout and the feud so far, although fairly strange has kept more people interested in the Cena character then before, even if his face when angry does look slightly constipated.

I am hoping for a few surprises at the Rumble from Guest Superstars but I am worried about how dynamic the Rumble will be, with Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Del Rio, Evan Bourne and of course John Morrison missing, I cant see there being many athletic spots but once again I feel the WWE have done a good job building this PPV as well as keeping some mystery involved and I am even tempted to stay up to the early hours to see this card.

James Partridge – @GoofyVillain

It’s been another mixed week as far as wrestling goes in my opinion. From the good, to the downright strange.

Kane vs Zack Ryder in a falls count anywhere match meant we were going to see only one outcome: Ryder getting destroyed. While it happened, the ending was unusual, with a Chokeslam through the stage. It was a cool spot, but made strange by John Cena’s reaction, and Jerry Lawler. Cena tried acting mad in the interview after, but just looked constipated, while King claimed it was a broken back, and “nothing is worse than that” (how bout man flu or death??). I see Cena getting himself DQ’d at the PPV, with the hatred towards Kane causing him to snap.

John Laurinaitis is under inspection with Triple H due to saying he’d screw CM Punk, but something makes me think he will still try to do it at the Royal Rumble. Make it look like it was accidental. The storyline between Punk and Laurinaitis is really getting good, and that moment when Punk hit the GTS was well worth the wait of their rivalry. I still feel Punk can retain his title over Dolph Ziggler, and still feel Mick Foley will count using a knocked out Laurinaitis’s hand.

Chris Jericho finally spoke, this was after a highlights video of his career. 2 things I noticed, most of the video were heel spots from him, and it seemed like showing what he’d won…with the Royal Rumble match missing. I can see him adding that this Sunday though, before revealing the next night why he’s back.

Daniel Bryan is going to be up in a steel cage match against Mark Henry AND Big Show. This should mean no chance for a small guy like him…but I can see the Champion retaining by escaping. Maybe with help from an “injured” AJ, or by accident ala JBL’s win over Big Show at No Way Out a few years back.

Over on TNA, 2 things stood out for me. I loved Mickie James v Madison Rayne in a cage, good amount of time, and back and forth battle between these two, I really enjoyed it. Also, Alex Shelley is back, in an awesome promo with Austin Aries. This could be a great feud and one to watch in TNA over the next few weeks. I’m excited for A-Double versus one half of the Machine Guns!