The 2012 Royal Rumble has passed, and the Road to WrestleMania has begun, welcome to A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe, and I’ll be taking you through yet another episode of WWE Raw.

We begin the show tonight with John Laurinaitis coming out to the ring shaking everyones hand, trying to suck up to everyone.  He said he’s excited for his performance review tonight, he talks about he’s made mistakes, but everyone makes them, he starts sucking up to Triple H before going on about his performance as the special referee after Royal Rumble.  He introduces the participants for the Raw Elimination Chamber match, he books Beth Phoenix VS Eve for the divas title, Randy Orton VS Dolph Ziggler (Again?) and Daniel Bryan VS CM Punk (CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT!)  CM Punk comes out and starts singing “Na, na, na, na, na, Hey, hey, hey, goodbye.  John Laurinaitis obviously wanted to laugh during that.  CM Punk runs down Laurinaitis talking about how he continues to stutter and stammer over simple words.  Daniel Bryan comes out and talks about nobody caring about Punks and Johnny’s personal problems, he was too busy winning the cage match last night, Bryan said compared to what he went through last night, Punk is not enough of a challenge.  This brings out Sheamus to remind everyone he won the Royal Rumble match.  I didn’t really see a need for Sheamus, especially if he didn’t announce what title he’d be going after.

Randy Orton VS Dolph Ziggler up first.  Match got some pretty good time, sadly Orton got the win, I figured he would in his first singles match back from injury.  I just don’t like how it was at the expense of Dolph Ziggler, my opinion, they need to be building him up big, he deserves a huge push.

They talk about what happened between Kane and John Cena last night at Royal Rumble, then showing Kane going after Ryder.

John Laurinaitis going around backstage shaking peoples hands, sucking up some more.

Next up on Raw, Brodus Clay!  Somebody call my mama!  His victim…  Err, opponent for tonight is Tyler Reks.  Tyler got a bit of offense in but Brodus puts him away easily.

Backstage talk between Punk and Bryan, setting up our next match, CM Punk VS Daniel Bryan, I have INSANELY high hopes for this match, I really hope it doesn’t let me down.

CM Punk VS Daniel Bryan is up next.  I like how they started the match with a “Code Of Honor.” if you don’t know what that is, basically Ring Of Honor has this Code Of Honor where you’re supposed to shake hands before the match, even if that wasn‘t the intent, it made me think of ROH when they shook hands before the match.  In a disturbing and stupid piece of commentating Jerry Lawler insinuated that fruits can feel pain…  I’m glad this match got great time and despite the awful commentary, I loved it for the most part, not thrilled with Jericho coming out at the end, took out Bryan and then delivered a Codebreaker to Punk, I thought it took away from a great match.

New inductee into the WWE Hall Of Fame, Mike Tyson.

R Truth comes out to do commentary for the match between Kofi Kingston and The Miz.  Miz came out talking about Kofi only being involved in Elimination Chamber because of a handstand.  Pretty good match between these two, Kofi gets the win.  Kind of surprised, I said it last week and I reiterate, Miz needs something new, he’s starting to go into a downward spiral.

Up next is the WWE Divas Title match between Eve and Beth Phoenix, one thing I don’t get, why do they insist on playing generic divas music whenever they show a divas graphic or show them walking backstage toward the entrance?  Eve doesn’t even look composed tonight, I don’t see her winning or this match even being very long, and just as I thought, Beth beats Eve easily in under two minutes.  After the match Kanes music hit and Kane showed up on the big screen, talking about how he’s going to continue to beat up on Ryder until Cena finally embraces the hate, and he’s going to use Eve to pass the message along, his music hits again and Kane gets in the ring, he stalks Eve and Cenas music hits, he runs down to the ring and starts brawling with Kane, they fight up and down the ramp, Cena begins destroying Kane, hitting him with the stairs a few times, he screams at Kane, every time Kane got to his feet Cena hit him with the steps, he tore apart the announce table Cena was about to hit an Attitude Adjustment through the announce table but Kane got out and ran off through the crowd.  I loved this segment, I was wondering why the divas match happened last then all that happened and it made sense, perfect booking on that I think.

Up next, the fate of John Laurinaitis, earlier in the show I would have said I expected a HHH heel turn, setting up a match between HHH and CM Punk at WrestleMania, but after what happened earlier and they basically set up Punk VS Jericho, I’m not so sure what’s going to happen here.  John basically starts off by almost rehashing the same speech he gave earlier tonight, except adding that ratings are higher now then they were a year ago at this time.  Triple H interrupts him in the middle of him talking about how great a job he thought he was doing.  Triple H said he’s been watching Laurinaitis since he’s gotten the role, and said he’s been quite worse then anyone else, he talked about John abusing his power to try and make himself a star.  He said Vince was replaced because he let personal decisions cloud his judgment, he also said he was replaced for the same thing, John said he’d do “anything” to keep his job, Triple H is basically giving Laurinaitis the rope to hang himself here, he was apologizing to the fans who were booing the hell out of him the entire time.  HHH asked the fans if they thought the apology was good enough, the fans booed like crazy, Triple H said maybe he should make John join a “certain club” Laurinaitis got on his knees after applying chap stick, HHH laughed at him, HHH said he’s not going to make him do anything to keep his job, he’s out there to “do what needs to be done” HHH was on the verge of announcing that John Laurinaitis was fired and he was taking over GM duties again until THE UNDERTAKERS music hit, he came out to the ring, him and HHH stared each other down, Taker looked at the WrestleMania sign, looked at Triple H and did the throat slash thing, HHH looked at the sign, then at Taker, patted him on the shoulder and left the ring and went backstage.  A few things I didn’t understand here.

Why was Taker throwing down the challenge if he won last year?
Why did they insist on pretty much doing the same thing they did last year, with no words and just staring each other down.
Oh and, the hell with Undertaker AGAIN, first ending the career of my favorite wrestler of all time in Shawn Michaels, and now for interrupting John Laurinaitis being fired.

Other notes from Raw: I don’t understand why WWE felt the need to have Bryan and Punk end like that, I think Bryan should have cheated to win, and then after the match Jericho comes out and attacks Punk.  Bryan cheating to win solidifies him as a heel, and doesn’t hurt the match as much as Jericho interrupting the great match to attack Punk.  Just my opinion.

Brodus Clay, I love the guy, but I am getting a little tired of watching him in squash match after squash match, especially against guys who deserve a lot better.

Eve VS Beth wasn’t a good match by any means, but I do get why it was in the “main event” slot and why it ended as quick as it did, this feud between Kane and John Cena has me very interested, I am actually behind Cena, mostly because Ryder is currently one of my favorite active wrestlers right now, which brings me to some of those smarky fans who booed Kane when he destroyed Zack, but then cheered him when he was fighting Cena, Cena is fighting FOR Zack Ryder, so shouldn’t those people be cheering for Cena to get revenge for Zack?  Common sense acting up again, it happens from time to time.

Commentary is somehow becoming worse and worse on a weekly basis, and it is now to the point where It’s bringing down the quality of matches, Jerry Lawler was especially brutal tonight, especially when he compared eating fruit to the killing of animals.

That’s all for this weeks edition, let me know what you thought about Raw as well as the column, thanks for reading this weeks edition of A RAW Opinion.