After my week off, I have returned. Granted, my week long return isn’t as fancy or extravagant as Ray “The Funk” Rambler’s return, someone should call his momma but I return with my Favourite Photos article.

As we all know, or should know, The Royal Rumble was this past Sunday and let me just take a sentence or three to tell everyone: I DONE IT! I DONE IT! YES! YES! YES! I DONE IT! So you ask, what did you do? Well here’s what I done; I avoided Twitter, Facebook and the whole internet from Sunday night until right now as I write this article. So now you ask, Well why did you avoid the internet? Answers pretty straight forward; no one, *clears throat* NO ONE was going to spoil a single piece of the Royal Rumble PPV for me. Nope, not a trending topic on twitter, not the WWE twitter account that posts spoilers 24/7, not the WWE group on Facebook that does the same thing as the twitter account and not someone I follow on twitter or facebook. The only way that the Rumble PPV was going to be spoiled for me was if someone told me to my face or texted me it. Thankfully no one did, so everyone stayed alive. Had they have spoiled it for me they would have found them minus a life. Harsh I know, but when I watched the Rumble PPV I was delighted that I treated it with such secrecy. Below you will find my favourite photos from the PPV!

Cobra vs Socko

Hey, Louis Armstrong wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we saw the showdown of a lifetime? The match we are all anticipating for WrestleMania in Miami. I’m talkin’ bout Mr Socko going cotton on cotton against none other than the Cobra! Damn right, who needs Cena vs The Rock, Undertaker and his silly streak when you could have Mr Socko and The Cobra putting it all on the linen… I mean line, to be named the number one, hand condom in the world! This is the part where you guys chant back at your screens, “Mr Socko” or “The Cobra”… Chant bitches chant.

Kharma enters the Rumble

Gurl done what?! Gurl entered the Rumble and left my jaw on the floor. Remember the days when Kharma scared Divas to death, okay okay, scared them to tears and bellowed out a great big cackle. Well, that same person is now entering the Royal Rumble and making Cole resemble Drew Carey back in 2001. I thought Kharma was still pregnant, clearly not. Wait, remove the clearly, cos I doubted whether she was still pregnant or not. Common sense sucked me back in telling me that she wasn’t which shocked me even more. I guess this is what WWE meant when they said anyone is eligible, or was it the fact that three out of the three announcers entered the Rumble? Kharma eliminated Hunico which I didn’t think it was the right way of building him up but I didn’t really see as too much of a problem. Who officially eliminated Michael Cole? Was it Booker T and Lawler, was it Kharma or was it Michael Cole himself? Looks like everyone really is their own enemy. I didn’t expect Kharma back in WWE for another while so it was a good surprise.

Daniel Bryan escapes the cage

I don’t know about you guys but I know I was pretty miffed when the WHC title match was first on the card, I mean we all love Brodus and his funkettes but it would have made more sense to put the fillers before the main events… right?! I know you gotta start the show strong and finish it stronger but I felt that by placing the WHC match first WWE was taking a piss on the once prized possession in our industry. For me, Brodus would have started the show strong and energetic something that I felt the WHC match lacked. It was by no means the greatest but overall I still enjoyed it somewhat. Mark Henry, I believe, went into this match with an injury; if I’m wrong correct me but I gained even more respect for Henry for putting himself on the line like that, even if he didn’t do too much in the match. The ending was great, but I think we’ve seen cage matches finish like this before, that being said I don’t feel it took away from the finish. To see Show on top of the cage amazed me, a man of his size shouldn’t venture so fat up there. We saw Daniel Bryan dangling from The Big Show’s hand, and at one point I thought that Show was going to be able to lift Bryan up. However, it was not to be and I was glad to see Bryan retain. I know we still have Elimination Chamber to go but imagine if Daniel Bryan and Sheamus headlined WrestleMania for the WHC? It would be a complete turnaround from last year when they were demoted to being a dark match for the United States Championship at last year’s WrestleMania.

Punk has problems in getting a ref

Punk vs Ziggler was probably the match (except for the Rumble) that I was looking forward to the most. Punk, the proclaimed best wrestler in the world went one on one against another great wrestler in Ziggler. Before the match started Laurinitius came out to tell the crowd and those watching how he was going to officiate from outside the ring therefore needing a ref to officiate inside the ring. I felt that this match, whilst great, was not as great that I was expecting, however I realised that I was expecting too much and probably do expect too much from WWE at times.  One thing that I absolutely loved in this match was the amount of false finishes due to the ref being knocked out and Johnny Ace being a waste of Space. (Yes, you read that right, ace and space both rhyme, thank me later!) The match is basically summed up in the photo; with Punk staring at Johnny Ace like, “Yo WTF bitch come count yourself.” Ziggler lying on the ground after getting several Go To Sleeps and an anaconda vice, and Laurinitius just being a mess. Overall, I enjoyed this match and felt it was definitely better than the WHC match which I think is almost standard procedure these days.


Tell me, I didn’t just say that?! Why of course I did! My pick (mainly because he’s my favourite Superstar and is an overall beast) Sheamus is going to WrestleMania! Before the Rumble match I was like a 5 year old on a packet of E tablets… Is that healthy? Nope but my voice didn’t seem to care. So you can just imagine what I was like when Sheamus won. I hold my hands up, I shed a tear… Dude, it was a shed of happiness, chill! I can’t remember a point in my life where I have cheered as much as I did when Sheamus won. Some might say I sounded a bit like… A bit like… Justin Bieber when Sheamus won. But damn, I don’t care; to see your favourite win your favourite PPV match is a great feeling and something that some may never truly feel. The last four in the Rumble was Jericho, Sheamus, Orton and Big Show. I predicted that Show and Orton wouldn’t win but when I seen Jericho and Sheamus stand in the ring together and prepare to fight it out a moment of doubt crossed my mind. Would the WWE dare book this to my exact wants? Would they be unpredictable and give Sheamus the win over the guy who claimed “This Sunday will be the end of the world as you know it!” HELL I DIDN’T KNOW, but my love for Sheamus outweighed this doubt and I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat chanting for the Great White Sheamus to drop that boi like a bad habit! As always there were plenty of false finishes, but what set out the false finishes from this year to all the years prior was the fact that it was Sheamus included in those false finishes. My heart, god bless it, probably experienced an increase in blood pressure but I knew it would soon come to an end. That end came when Sheamus planted the bottom of his boot on the left side of Jericho’s face and then time went slow. My heart beat faster, the sweat on my brow dripped onto my skittle, yes the same skittle that I put into my mouth a second later and time stood still. DAMNIT THE DOG STOOD ON THE REMOTE AND PAUSED IT. Just kidding, the dog was downstairs; it was my fat ass that was sitting on my remote. Okay, just kidding, it didn’t pause at all. I leapt to my feet with excitement, the tear rolled out of my eye and awkwardly stayed in the corner and Sheamus’ music hit. For once, WWE satisfied me 300%, I’m telling you ladies, this is hard to accomplish! Let’s just hope this goes on to give us a GREAT WrestleMania match between Sheamus and hopefully Daniel Bryan! Fingers crossed! SHEAMUS FAN FOR LIFE! 🙂



I couldn’t find a clear enough picture of Kofi Kingston doing the amazing handstand walk. Therefore here is the moment on video.


Royal Rumble 2012 highlights!


Some extra Sheamus photos for y’all to look at!

Glad to be back this week writing for y’all and I hope you enjoyed my article for this week. Until next Wednesday, have fun!


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