I’m sure all of us are still buzzing over the return of the Undertaker, so I decided to go with an Undertaker inspired “Remember When” this week.

Do you remember when he was Cain the Undertaker?

Back in the day he was already a dominant force right from the get go. After his stint as Mean Mark Callous in WCW, he was brought into WWF where he would be packaged as an evil monster heel from Death Valley. His official debut was at Survivor Series 1990 as part of Ted Dibiase’s Million Dollar Team.

He made his TV debut on an episode of Superstars taking out a jobber. Obviously he would drop the “Cain” soon thereafter and he would continue laying waste to jobbers for a bit until moving on to the main event scene only less than a year later where he go on to feud with the Ultimate Warrior.

At the very next Survivor Series in 1991, he would dethrone Hulk Hogan for the WWF Title and the rest they say is history.

Another thing to note here, is that his very first manager was Brother Love. That’s right, Mr. “I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!” was Undertaker’s original manager. Brother Love would then sell the services of the Deadman to an up and coming manager named Paul Bearer and we all know how these two got along.

Looking back I’m glad Undertaker ended up with Bearer as I think these two had better chemistry then Taker/Love. Some say that it was “Cain” and some say it is “Kane” I’m not sure what to go with so I’m just going with Cain and leave that up to you to decide which is right.

The Undertaker gimmick has been around for close to 22 years. There was the time where he was the “American Badass” for a few years but other than that, he still is the monstrous Deadman from Death Valley we all know and respect. Why do you think this character has been around for that long? What is it about the character and the man portraying it, that has made it such a success after all these years?

Here’s the TV debut of Cain the Undertaker.