Welcome to this weeks edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I take you through WWE Raw and give my opinion on the show, before we begin, I would like to say thank you to everyone who read and commented on last weeks edition, there were a ton of

This week we start the show with the highlight of The Undertaker returning last week.

Triple H’s music hits, he comes out to talk about how he was out there last week to fire John Laurinaitis, until he was interrupted, he said John Laurinaitis went to Stanford to talk to the Board of Directors for a “stay of execution” he said he’s out there this week to talk about The Undertaker, VERY GOOD promo, Triple H basically saying he won’t accept the match because he knows what he did to him last year and pretty much said he doesn’t have to prove anything since he was the only one who Taker wasn’t able to walk out of WrestleMania against, he showed video packages, the first one of Takers “glory days” saying that was how he wanted to remember Taker not like this, and proceeded to show a video of Taker being carried out of the arena last year.  As Triple H went to leave the lights went out and a video package of Undertaker re-watching last years match was shown, Taker kept saying throughout the video that he refuses to be remembered for what happened last year and he wants vengeance.

First match of the night is Daniel Bryan VS The Big Show.  Decent match, Bryan brought AJ out there, Bryan with some pretty damn good heel heat, Big Show almost ran into AJ again Daniel Bryan grabbed AJ and walked up the ramp with her, getting counted out.  He got on the mic and ran down Big Show again.

Up next, they show something that happened last week, but wasn’t shown on TV.  Carl Edwards says that John Cena is going to be starting the Daytona 500 race.

Side note: I’m really not enjoying this so far, almost an hour into the show and only one match.  Too many commercials and hype videos for my liking.

David Otunga out to the ring to talk.  He pretty much sucks up to John Laurinaitis, saying he prays the WWE Board of Directors “does the ring thing” and keeps him as GM of Raw.  He wants the fans to pray with him, he then gets down on one knee and Tebows…  He gets interrupted and Justin Roberts says that Otunga is going to be competing right now, his opponent is Sheamus.  Squash match, Sheamus beats Otunga in a match where Otunga gets a couple of punches, kicks and a DDT in.

Chris Jericho is shown backstage walking toward the curtain.

Chris Jericho comes out to the ring, to talk about the end of the world as we know it is here, he talks about everyone who steps in the ring is a Chris Jericho wannabe, he said the worst wannabe in the WWE is CM Punk, he says Punk is not original or unique and he’s a Chris Jericho wannabe.  CM Punk comes out to interrupt him, CM Punk walked inside the ring with the microphone, dropped it and held the belt up to Jerichos face, Punk turned around daring Jericho to hit him, when Jericho didn’t Punk left, Jericho kept yelling at him to say something.  GREAT GREAT GREAT segment!

Up next, Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes VS The Great Khali and Blandy Boreton.  I don’t even care about this match, Khali and Orton get the win after Khali tagged himself in and brain chopped Cody.  Afterward Orton and Khali argued, Khali went to brain chop Orton but Orton hit an RKO.

8 Divas tag match.  Eve, Kelly, Alicia and Tamina VS Beth Phoenix, Natalya Brie Bella and Nikki Bella.  The faces win after Tamina hit’s a Superfly Splash on one of The Bellas.

Backstage HHH and John Laurinaitis are talking, John says next week Shawn Michaels will be there, he also says that at Elimination Chamber John Cena will go one on one with Kane in an ambulance match, pretty funny segment.

Same Undertaker video from earlier is played.  This weeks show isn’t that good at all.

Up next, is the main event, a six pack challenge match to determine who comes into the Elimination Chamber match last.  R Truth VS CM Punk VS Chris Jericho VS The Miz VS Kofi Kingston VS Dolph Ziggler.  Truth might have legit hurt himself in the match, he went for a somersault over the top rope and Miz didn’t catch him.  Looked like Miz didn’t even try, Miz has looked very sloppy this entire match, the commercial ended and Truth was being taken to the back, unable to continue, possible concussion, not good.  Jericho gets the win after Punk hit a GTS on Ziggler, Jericho took Punk out and covered Jericho, not a good match.

The end of Raw saw Kane talking to Eve in the back telling her Cena better embrace the hate soon because he’s afraid of what will happen if he doesn’t.

I don’t even know where to go with this one, I thought this was the worst Raw in a long time, aside from one or two parts of the show.

WAY too little matches, WAY too much filler.  I could have done without seeing the same video package twice in the same night.

Jericho didn’t make much sense to me, he pretty much called Ziggler a wannabe Jericho because he walks down the aisle with Vickie Guerrero, copying him for walking to the ring with Stephanie McMahon.  If that was the case, wouldn’t Jericho be calling himself a wannabe?  Randy Savage walked down the aisle with Miss. Elizabeth before Jericho did with Stephanie McMahon.  CM Punk saved that segment.

That main event was horrible, way too many blown spots, mostly by The Miz, classic ending to a match where the first pinfall or submission wins.

Hope you enjoyed this edition, leave your comments and let’s talk about what you thought about this weeks WWE Raw.  Thanks for reading.