Consider this, my official part two to this old article –

Miz in the dog house?

Around a year ago I wrote an article on how WWE really doesn’t have faith in the Miz… so in light of recent events, I am forced to ask, who the fuck is shocked? I went into detail last year on how his “push” was a joke, stating that he needed the help of an outside source to defeat any opponent he had, giving up almost instantly in his ‘I Quit’ match with John Cena, tapping out to an aging Bret Hart, being brutally beaten down by Alex Riley (which reminds me, hasn’t been noticed since then). In that same article I also go on to show how accident prone the Miz is, at back to back pay per views, he suffered concussions. I also explain how as title holder, his feet was never held to the fire. Last year at the elimination chamber, he was in his own match, while this year, Punk and Danielson must defend their titles against 5 other opponents each in the elimination chamber. I also did multiple recaps, one example being that R-Truth VS Cena at capital punishment had a higher sell rate than Cena VS Miz at Over the Limit.

Basically what I am saying is this… why all the talk now. What changed… from what I have seen, nothing really. He is still a terrible wrestler, a terrible mic worker, and right now, in the same booking he was a year ago. Ladies and Gentlemen, despite what dirt sheets and rumors say now, I was here, around one year ago, when I said, that the WWE didn’t have faith in Miz in the first place. I gave the examples, I showed the facts, and I presented an article, that I was told by many ‘Miz-takes’ that I was wrong. Miz hasn’t been in the title picture since his lost to Cena, and no, I am not counting TLC, I am willing to say that Ricardo the announcer did more work than the Miz at that event then the Miz did.

But to get a better understanding, let us look at post Wrestlemania… He loses the title at Extreme Rules, in a cage match with John Morrison and John Cena. During this match he gets double suplex by Morrison and Cena and gets a concussion, Someone with the agility and ability of Morrison and years of experience of Cena, gets injured… He is so far 0-1 for the ‘season’

(Before we continue, WWE tries to put into peoples head that WRESTLEMANIA is the Superbowl of wrestling, I mean sports entertainment… which means the season doesn’t start until after mania, and to keep things simple and sweet, we will be looking at PPV, win to lose ratio)

Move on to over the Limit, where in a match he and Alex dominate, an ‘I QUIT’ match, Cena grabs him for 4 seconds, and instantly, INSTANTLY, yells I quit. The next night, he gets his ass handed to him by Alex Riley, and gets into a feud with him. Miz is so far 0-2 for the season.

Capital Punishment roles around, and he loses to Alex Riley… putting the Miz 0-3 for the season. We are already three pay per views into the set, and Miz has not one a single one.

Money in the bank, The Miz returns to see if he can become the second person to win the money in the bank case twice, during the match, he lands badly and is taken to the back. While later in the match he hops his way to the ring and tries to win, he ends up losing the match. Now you could say this was a way to make Miz look strong, coming back, fighting injury to return, however he wasn’t the only one to take a fall, he was on the ladder with Evan Bourne, and Bourne stayed in the match. So either way, fake or real, this just made the Miz look weak since he didn’t win. 0-4

Summerslam. I Forgot why this match took place, but it is Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, and Morrison, VS Truth, Miz, and Alberto Del Rio. Needless to say, that the result will be… Team heel losing, Miz is 0-5 for the year.

Night of Champions, AIR BOOM, VS THE AWESOME TRUTH… both dumb names, but only one can win, with the abilities of Truth VS Kofi, you would think that twatface Miz could get one match in right, just one… what is this, Awesome Truth was disqualified… While it does make the champs hold on to their belts (Air Boom were the tag champs at the time) it also does one more thing, it adds another lose to the Miz’s record. 0-6

12 ppv not including Wrestlemania, and The Miz has already lost half of them. At this point the Miami Dolphins would have a better record than the Miz. With that in mind, Miz was not in any official match at Hell in a Cell, so we will just call this a “bye week”.. all the NFL teams get one week off, so why not wrestlers getting a ppv off?

Well it took almost… 8 pay per views later, but twatface has finally got a win, and I will ignore the fact that it was in a tag match, I will ignore the fact that it took Nash to take out Triple H to do it, a win is a win in this case, this would be twatface’s first ppv win since Wrestlemania (in which he also had help from the outside). 1-6

Survivor series, Miz and Truth vs Cena and the Rock…. 1-7. Don’t need to explain this one do I?

Tables Ladders and Chairs, a triple threat for the WWE championship, with CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio. This would be Miz’s first chance at the title since Over the Limit, (some main event star) and with that, he loses badly. CM Punk wins the title and putting Miz at 1-8 for the season.

Since he wasn’t in any singles match or traditional match, I won’t count his run with the royal rumble as a lose. The Royal Rumble is like the all stars game, the ‘best’ show up for a chance for home field advantage, (in this metaphor, WWE=Major League Baseball) and if they win, they don’t get a ‘W’, or if they lose they don’t get a ‘L’. another break for twatface.

And with that, The Miz has only been in ONE, pay per view win. Just one. WWE didn’t suddenly change their mind and thought the Miz was terrible, no, They knew, and they knew for a long time, they knew for a long time he was accident prone, that he wasn’t that good, and that he is terrible on the mic and in the ring. These are the PPV outcomes, no ‘Main Eventer’ has a 1 and 8 session. No main eventer only wins one ppv a season. Elimination Chamber is around the corner, and of course he has a chance to win, and win big, by being 2-8 and being the WWE champ in the same night, but lets face the facts, last Monday, he botched the R-Truth catch, was blamed for poor ppv sales, and hasn’t won a ppv on his own in what felt like ages. The WWE has never given him the spotlight, and to be honest, he never deserves it.

Now with all of this out of the way… No, as much as it pains me to say this, the Miz isn’t on the future endeavored list. He should be, all things considering, but he is still with the WWE, when he knows he shouldn’t be. Maybe he will follow suit with his bitch Maryse, another over rated talentless superstar who is famous not for wrestling but for wanting to be one, and leave on his own. In the end, as said earlier, despite what the dirt sheets are printing now, about Triple H, yelling at the Miz for his fuck up, and how he was being de-pushed since Survior Series, I can safely say, and honestly go on saying, that the de-pushing of Miz never happened at all. With a PPV track record of 1-8, I ask again, what de push is everyone talking about? With a failed sloppy put together team of R-Truth just to have Cena and Rock team up, I ask you, what de-push. I ask you, after watching Over the Limit 2011, what De-push, he tapped INSTANTLY to Cena, He tapped to Bret Hart, he hasn’t defended a title without outside help for years, he has always been always has been carried in every match, so I ask you, what De-push. He is in the same spot he was last year…
…A joke of a wrestler, a weakling, a terrible mic worker, and one of the worst things to happen to WWE in ages. He isn’t being de-pushed, if he was, he would be fired.