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“theme music matters”

Over the years I’ve noticed one thing…theme music matters. Not only does it matter for the talent but also for the shows intros. Some have been able to pass the test of time and go on over decades, but for the most part talent usually gets a new theme or new remix every few years. Lately on twitter I’ve been seeing a huge rant from fans complaining about Wade Barrett’s new theme. Wade has said himself that he was so sick of his old music he never wanted to hear it again. It seems he’s happy with his new music, but if it doesn’t connect with fans will it only hurt his chances of being a top contender? Let’s not forget every time Raw and Smackdown get a make-over they also get new themes to go with it. Obviously music is a huge part of the show and as soon as a performers theme hits, the crowd knows whether they should be cheering or booing. Let’s take a look at some random WWE music which has touched all of these subjects in one way or another.

Show themes are meant to get us pumped up and excited for either Raw, Smackdown or whatever other 3rd rate show is being produced at the time. I must say when Raw had its last make-over I was actually really into the whole new set up. I loved the LED stage set up and all the new graphics that went along with it. The only thing I didn’t like was the new theme by Nickelback. I must say I’m very, very bias in this situation as Nickelback come from my area and have been shoved down our throats since making it into the music scene. When I hear Nickelback I think of the over 1 million rednecks who live here who have an education that could barely make it in a real society. Yes, it really is that bad here as our main employment is oilfield work. A little history lesson as to why I can’t stand them, but from what I hear from non-partial folks is that they’re extremely repetitive and all their music sounds the same. For a show opener I wasn’t excited as to me it just reminded me of every time I changed the radio station because I can’t stand them. Please let me know your opinion on the Raw theme….as I can’t stand it.

Same actually goes for Smackdown. I don’t mind Green Day and have been listening to them since they released music in the 90’s. Now the difference with the Smackdown theme is I find it to be quite a soft song for a show about wrestling. It’s not the heaviest song and although it’s theme is about enemies and battling and such, it just seems like a softer rock/pop song which doesn’t get me pumped up to watch Smackdown at all. I’m hoping Smackdown gets another make-over before Raw or at least a new theme change shortly, as I don’t think it really grabs the attention of people. Maybe WWE just wanted to grab a few bands that are quite mainstream and popular figuring using a well-known band would grab their fans and garner interest in them to watch. Either way, not my pick.

Let’s talk about a few themes that have beaten all odds and passed the test of time. My favorite theme that’s lasted? I must say every time Shawn Michael’s “Sexy Boy” hit I was excited. A theme which started when the sexy boy gimmick back in ’92, it’s lasted the test of time and although some would think it’s corny, I couldn’t see any other music suiting Shawn better as a solo performer. Another theme that’s just as important, if not more, would be The Undertaker’s theme. Everyone knows as soon as the gong hits who’s going to be making their way to the ring. Although there’s been many different variations of his theme, it’s generally stayed the same and has been consistent except for the few occasions where he’s changed up his gimmick such as the horrible “American Bad Ass” episode. These two themes to me are probably the two most important themes in WWE history, with a close 3rd being “No Chance In Hell” for Mr. McMahon. That theme alone helped make Vince into the biggest heel in WWE history. Yes…you heard that right. Just my opinion though. 😉

Lately we’ve seen a few themes change such as Dolph Ziggler. I’m not a big fan of his new theme and it drives me nuts that they actually changed it right as he’s jumping up to the next level. I’m sure some guys in the back figured changing his theme would help him out this new push, but to me it slows him down a bit. Although his in ring work is amazing, I believe the crowds interest has actually dwindled due to the fact they aren’t into the music. At least his old music kicks in about half way through, but personally I don’t see it lasting, much like when R-Truth attempted to change with his “Knuckle-Up” crap. Although from what I understand, R-Truth is re-writing the “Knuckle-Up” theme into a “Little Jimmy” remix. In order words, it will still be a horrible theme but they’re trying to make it cool with riding the “Little Jimmy” wave.

So is Wade Barrett wrong or right to defend his new theme? The fans seem to hate it, yet he likes it. Obviously the writers and decision makers in the back will be the ones who ultimately decide, but does Wade Barrett have the right to go on rants and defend his theme on twitter? Does he have the right to tell his fans he doesn’t care if they like it or not? In the end it is the crowd that has to attach themselves to a performer’s character. I guess if it’s not possible for the crowd to get into the performer right from the get go, it might be a little hard to keep the attention going for them inside the ring. Thanks for the read this week and please let me know what your opinion is on these subjects or any themes in general.

James Bones