Since last week I did an Undertaker inspired “Remember When” I thought this week, I’d do one on the man he’ll probably end up facing at Wrestlemania, Triple H.

Do you remember when HHH was Jean Paul Levesque in WCW?

Yes, you read that right. Before he made it big in WWE, Triple H’s first national Wrestling exposure came courtesy of WCW. It was late 1994, a couple year before that he was cutting his teeth in the indy circuit as “Terra Ryzing”. When he got the call from Atlanta, he was initially brought in as the Ryzing character. That would soon change as someone in WCW creative decided to use HHH’s real name, stick a Jean in front of it, give him a french accent, and package him as Jean Paul Levesque.

He mostly appeared in WCW Pro and Saturday Night taking on jobbers and enhancement talents. His most notable appearance came from WCW Starrcade 1994, taking on Alex Wright. After that he just faded away and never to be seen on WCW TV ever again. This, however, wasn’t the last time we saw him on Wrestling TV as in May 1995, he would make his debut as Hunter Hearst Helmsley and the rest as they say is history.

This is just another one of those “WCW missing the boat on talent” type of things. Of course, this wouldn’t be the last time WCW would under utilize their talent. Seriously, a book can be written on all of the talent that WCW mistreated, would go on to WWE, and become megastars.

Here’s a sample on Jean Paul Levesque’s “French” accent. I feel so sorry for Gordon Solie here. haha

Here’s JPL in action against a young up and comer named Brain Armstrong (Road Dogg)