Ok hello everyone I’m back after a lengthy hiatus. Simply because I feel that I needed to stop going on the computer so much and effect my grades. That’s that, moving on. I feel the outcome of the Cena vs Kane is not really being discussed so much, so yeah this post is talking about Cena’s elvating character to a heel. I don’t think he will be a full face after EC.

Over the past two months we have seen Cena feud with the big red monster Kane. What the masked monster wants to do is make Cena ’embrace the hate’.  Many fans have said this is the act to turn Cena heel (the bad person in a feud) for his face off with the Rock in Miami for Wrestlemania 28.

I need you guys to discuss in comments to make this post valuable. Please it’s a really sort post to make us think about the current storyline.

These two will go ahead in an ambulance match, the first since 2003. Where you basically destory your opponent and make sure you can put him in an ambulance right?. Before this schduled match- week in and week out, we seen Cena blown up and still keeping a face and stays a ‘face’. What I see is WWE elevating his character and he will embrace the hate, which we all kind of desire, sometimes I fail to see why but that’s another topic…

What we will see is Cena who is filled with hate and now understands that he needs to be vicious and more different, which is what we want. Creative now this obviously.

Kane has continued to assault Zack Ryder and Eve and won’t stop untill Cena embraces his hate. Looks like he is gonna win vs Kane. because of this in the ambulance match Kane gets sent off then Cena finally understands he must of used his anger to become what he is, thus he is embracing the hate sounds right?

If it is not a full heel turn then I guess it is an attempt to make him look like a tweener? then the kids (for example) will still love him. The ones who boo him will feel he is more ‘bad’ ass I don’t know.Its just to make the match vs Rock more even support wise.

But sadly I do not see anything like this, and yes I did say that I do not see him being a full baby face after EC. But as I’m writing this, will only Cena’s attitude just rise? like if I look at the WWE website there mentioning stuff like Khali and how its allmost like David and Goliath. This is what i’m on about by the way http://www.wwe.com/shows/raw/2012-02-06/john-cena-acts-of-rage

I’d make him a tweener, I would rather see a personal looking feud with the Rock because if he continues with this character..all we will see is the two spitting out childish curses to one another eg fruity pebbles. He can’t be a full heel come on he is the most loved guy in WWE.

How do you Cena will be after Elimination Chamber?