This Sunday is the final pay per view before Wrestlemania 28 and it is..Elimination Chamber!! we may complain that it should not get its own Pay Per View and call it No way Out or something, your choice. But- we must accept that it has now gradually become the final obstacle that sparks the magical main event Wrestlemania feuds that we the viewers pledge to see. It’s a great way to use the monstrous looking cage. It has created immense feuds like Cena and The Miz! just  kidding…More like elimination Chamber 2010 Shawn Micheals delivered his Sweet chin music to Undertaker then going on to create the the streak vs career match. That same year Batista and John Cena were Batista was heel and won the WWE title after the chamber. Also like to mention elimination chamber played a part in Batista going over aswell when he was in Evolution, like making him into the character he was into Wrestlemania 21. I’m 100% sure theres more things that this cage has created, i’d like to say it’s a processing pay per view and not a filler. There is no way the Elimination Chamber is useless.

I will talk about what booking needs to be done to make this years Elimination Chamber worthy to be higly rated like all the others Elimination Chamber matches have done over the past few years. How should the WWE title be be booked?

Book Chris Jerhicho to win the WWE Title

You may just be saying well Hasnan that ruins a long CM punk WWE title reign! Well, I think WWE are doing Jerhicho vs CM Punk at Wrestlemania 28 and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this. If you think that they will make a sucessfull storyline with Punk retaining at EC then I don’t see how they get ideas for this story of the Best in the world vs Best in the world to expand. It will make CM punk go to the complete typical right wing and then make a typical baby face and blab about he is still champ, WWE will grow him into that. Which is just fricking dull. He wins at WM and thats it.

But if he (Y2J) wins it will make Jerhico’s point get proven to the WWE universe that this man can prove he is the best. Obviously the way he would win is cheating in many ways and punk will get a rematch dadada…But remember this promo from few weeks ago..

It will make this feud feel so much more personal also realistic and when Punk wins at WM, he retains and gets over as a proper face and not a dull one where Orton and Cena have turned out to be, just beating people (in championship matches). Simple. WWE lacks personal feuds like HHH vs Batista, Undertaker vs Orton also Edge and Cena! they had turning points and made the storyline feel like an actual storyline! not just two men together because the other guy is an contender.

Do you think Jerhico should win the title this Sunday?? Talk in the comments area. You guys know I love discussion. Thanks

Well  for SmackDown, i’m sorry the show is really dull and all I want is Sheamus being Champion after Wrestlemania 28.

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