(Note from Ray: WR would like to thank Danny from WrestleAxxess.com for taking the time to answer the following WrestleMania related questions. The questions were asked by Ray, show him support in the comment box and we’ll discuss everything)

Mike Tyson is at this years WrestleMania as he’s being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, if you could how would you use him? Like in a stortyline? etc..
First of all, congratulations to The Baddest Man on The Planet, very deserving of the Hall in my opinion. More than likely we are going to see Triple H vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania where I expect Shawn Michaels to really be involved in some capacity, in which you could also insert Iron Mike. Time is winding down and the Road to Wrestlemania is coming to an end, so it would be sort of rushed, however you could have Triple H and Shawn invite Mike to Raw with them to celebrate his induction and he gets “abducted” by The Undertaker to force Triple H to accept his Wrestlemania challenge.

Which WrestleMania was your favourite in history?
My favorite Wrestlemania of all time. Hmmmm…Well, I would probably have to pick Wrestlemania X-7. From top to bottom it was a very solid card. The Rock vs Stone Cold obviously was great especially with the Austin turn. The Undertaker vs Triple H was one of the most memorable matches of all time for me, and not just because of the abnormally long referee bump! The story with the match was truly a great one, obviously both of them were in their prime. We just don’t see all out battles like that any longer, it’s not every year you get HBK vs Undertaker I or II. Oh yeah I think a great TLC match happened too right? A father and son had an all out war, Kurt Angle had a great match with someone who’s name we aren’t allowed to speak of any longer too! Just a trendmendous card from top to bottom.

If you could book one double-turn at WresteMania, which match up would you pick to do this in and why? (face turns heel…heel turns face)
Personally I would book Jericho and Punk to do a double turn, out of the matches that are going to take place this year anyway. Punk is a tremendous heel, Jericho is too but I think he is at a point in his career where he needs to just go back out there and have fun. CM Punk had way too much of a following in July and August they did not capitalize on that. I think if he kept going the way he was, whatever he would have done at this years Wrestlemania would have been bigger than The Rock and John Cena, which is why they kind of stalled it. The potential behind CM Punk in the ultimate heel who is actually a face (ala Stone Cold Steve Austin) because of it is totally untapped.

Have you ever been to a WrestleMania, if so what was it like?or Do you plan on ever going to a WM?
I actually got to somewhat experience Wrestlemania XXVII in Atlanta, my girlfriend surprised me with tickets to the Hall of Fame, and we got to do a couple Axxess sessions as well, and it was amazing! Annnnnnnnd yes, I will be going this year! It is in my backyard! #TeamBringIt all the way! We will be filming our first episode of WrestleAxxess TV there, so it should be a lot of fun. I told Road Dogg I have to take him out to dinner for helping me out along the way, he said Cheesecake Factory would be sufficient. That’s a fairly cheap date so I am totally fine with that, haha. We will be doing all aspects of Wrestlemania Weekend, WrestlemaniART, Hall of Fame, Wrestlemania Axxess, Wrestlemania and Monday Night Raw the next night! HUGE week coming ahead so I am totally looking forward to it. Thursday Night The NWA RingWarriors have an incredible show in Ft. Lauderdale, anyone in the area needs to go an check it out!

What was your all time favourite WrestleMania moment?
My favorite all time moment in Wrestlemania would have to be Shawn Michaels winning the world title at Wrestlemania 12 in the Iron Man Match. Shawn has ALWAYS been my absolute favorite wrestler hands down, not to mention that match was amazing from start to finish. I remember sitting on my friends couch, I was 10 years old at the time and there were like 6 of us there, and for a 10 year old to sit completely still for over an hour really means something special is happening. I begged and begged my parents to buy the plaque for me when it was released of Shawn winning the title with the piece of the ring and the autograph….Sadly, I never got that up until 2 years ago I shelled out some coin and picked it up off eBay. That’s one of my favorite moments, not just in Wrestlemania history, but in wrestling history.

Will the Undertakers streak be beaten? Do you think it should be beaten? Is Triple H the right opponent?
At this point. Absolutely not. If he was going to lose at Wrestlemania he should have lost years ago. It would be a slap in the face not only to the industry and The Undertaker, but also to the fans. They have invested way too much time, money and effort into “The Streak” to the point where when it comes to Wrestlemania his match has more prestige than any of the title matches. You go to Wrestlemania Axxess and one of the big attractions there is “The Undertakers Graveyard” which has tombstones (full size, like 3 1/2 feet tall) with each Wrestlemania logo on it and his opponent. You can take pictures in a casket, hell, even Paul Bearer was there last year to take pictures and chat with.

Does CM Punk vs. Stone Cold at WM 29 need to happen?
It’s funny you ask that because I was talking about that on our After Raw Radio Show on WrestleAxxess.com (cheap Mick Foley style plug) I really think that CM Punk needs 1 more big moment to cement his name in with the immortals like Austin and The Rock. Sort of how Shawn Michaels passed the torch to Stone Cold at Wrestlemania XIV, although Austin isn’t active anymore it would still be along the same lines. Triple H set the tone with the “End of an Era” speech on Monday Night Raw this week. Austin is the face of “Attitude” when it comes to the WWF back then. In my opinion CM Punk is the face of what the future era could be.