We are one day removed from the Elimination Chamber PPV, welcome to A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and like I do every week, I take you through this weeks episode of WWE Raw and give you my opinions on each segment, then at the end, I pretty much sum up the show as a whole.

Eve is talking to Brie and Nikki backstage, they ask how Zack is, saying they felt bad for him, Eve started laughing and said she was never friends with Zack, she was just using him, just like she’s using Cena, she turned around and Cena was standing there, Cena walked off without saying a word to her.

John Cena comes out to the ring, Eve comes out with fake tears, wanting to explain to Cena what happened.  Cena cuts her off, says she drank some skank juice and called her a Hoskie.  Eve tried to grab him, Cena told her he’s disease free and wants to keep it that way.  I loved John Cena in this segment, I want this Cena EVERY WEEK, that was AWESOME!

Sheamus in the ring next, his opponent is Mark Henry.  Sheamus gets the win after hitting the Brogue Kick, pretty decent match.  I still don’t like baby face Sheamus.

John Laurinaitis is backstage talking to David Otunga, Teddy Long comes in and they talk about both shows having one General Manager, John Laurinaitis books a 10 man battle royal for tonight, with the winner taking on CM Punk at WrestleMania.

R Truth coming down to the ring next for a tag team match, his tag partner Kofi Kingston, they’re taking on Primo and Epico.  Kofi and Truth get the win, Rosa distracted Kofi, Primo went for the backstabber but Kofi reversed it and hit trouble in paradise.  I really hope they don’t give Kofi and Truth the tag titles.  Not another thrown together team.

Up next, the next inductee into the WWE Hall Of Fame.  The next inductee is, Ron Simmons!  Great choice, I’m glad he’s in.

Jericho is backstage crying about how It’s unfair that he never got eliminated from the Chamber match and still lost, he said tonight is “the end of the world as you know it”  Yes…  Again.

David Otunga out to the ring with John Laurinaitis, his opponent is Ezekiel Jackson, being accompanied by Teddy Long.  Otunga gets the win, boring match.

The Undertakers feet are shown walking backstage, he’ll be heading to the ring next.  Should be interesting to see what he’s got in terms of hair.

The Undertaker comes out from the back, he has a hood over his head but I don’t see much hair, if any…  He says for nearly a year every moment of every day he has relived the memory of the beating he took from Triple H, it has been a living hell, not a physical hell, a hell of uncertainty, an uncertainty he can no longer bare.  He says they are at an Apocalypse of the Era Of Wrestling.  He calls out Triple H, telling him he can lie to Shawn but he can’t lie to him, he says Triple H will look him in the eyes.  Triple H comes out he started talking and Taker told him to shut up, he can save the pity because he doesn’t need it, he says Triple H is pitiful for all the excuses he’s making him.  Triple H says Taker isn’t asking Triple H for revenge, of redemption, he’s asking Triple H to “end it” and he’s not going to do it.  Taker calls Triple H a coward.  Triple H gets in the ring angry, he calms down and says he knows what Taker is trying to do, it won’t work, and the answer is still no.  Taker says he knows the real reason, It’s because Triple H knows he can’t do what Shawn couldn’t do, and that Shawn has always been better then him.  Triple H takes off his coat and tie and heads back to the ring.  Triple H yells at him, he says he can do what Shawn couldn’t, and he knows it and Taker knows it, Triple H finally accepts the match.  Triple H demands it be inside Hell In A Cell!  Taker has a slight grin on his face, he pats Triple H’s shoulder and leaves the ring.  He gets to the top of the ramp and looks back at Triple H, he turns back around and goes behind the curtain.  GREAT segment!

Daniel Bryan in the ring, he talks about still being the World Heavyweight Champion, he gets interrupted by his opponent for tonight, Santino…  Match is over quick, Daniel Bryan gets the win with the LaBell Lock.

Kelly Kelly and Aksana taking on The Bella Twins.  Bellas win a quick match after pulling the switcheroo, and a face buster on Aksana.

John Cena on his way back out to the ring, to address The Rock.  He runs down how The Rock isn’t The Rock anymore, he’s just Dwayne, he talks about how Rock has become a prima donna.  Cena roasted Rock the entire time.  That segment was GOLD!  Absolutely amazing stuff, like I said earlier, I want THIS John Cena EVERY WEEK!!

CM Punk comes out wearing wrestling gear and a blazer, getting set to do commentary for the battle royal up next.  The participants in this are Cody Rhodes, R Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Great Khali, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Santino, Big Show, Chris Jericho.  Khali gone first, we come back from commercial and I’m surprised there were no other eliminations during the break, Miz is gone next, Barrett eliminated next, followed by R Truth, Ziggler out next, Big show threw him at Barrett and Truth, Ziggler and Barrett look really hurt after that, Barrett a possible broken arm…  Kofi out next.  Final four are Cody, Big Show, Santino and Jericho.  Santino eliminated, Cody eliminated, down to Jericho and Show, Show gets eliminated by Jericho, with help from an already eliminated Cody, Jericho wins.  CM Punk VS Chris Jericho at WrestleMania.

The show ends with CM Punk getting inside the ring, and offering his hand to Jericho, Jericho backs away and leaves the ring refusing to shake it.

Overall I enjoyed the show tonight, I thought it did a great job in getting people psyched for WrestleMania, It’s no secret I’m not a fan of John Cena, but tonight, he was absolutely amazing on that microphone, and for the first time I can’t wait to see his match with Dwayne at WrestleMania, I’m finally psyched for it.

I really hope Ziggler and Barrett are alright, Barrett had his arm stabilized and was able to walk off on his own, I didn’t see if Dolph was carried out on a stretcher or was able to walk off.

I give this weeks Raw a 4/5 stars, I really thought it did a good job of hyping up WrestleMania and most of the matches were decent.

I hope you liked this weeks column, thanks for reading, leave your comments and let us know what you thought about not only the show but the column as well.