Wrestling fans of all ages, what’s up? I hope for those of you who had to pay for WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV have thoroughly enjoyed it. Being a residence in the UK, we get half of the WWE’s Pay-Per-Views for free, so therefore didn’t have to spend my money on this one. Before I start rambling on how I’d of  booked the Smackdown Chamber match, I want to announce that I will be continuing my series of the ”Greatest Wrestler’s of Yesterday” column next week or the week after. So, I’ll put my thinking hat on and rationolize on how I would of booked the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match and a little extra regarding the Pay-Per-View.

Before anything had happened, I would of had started the show off the Smackdown Chamber match. The reason being is down to the fact that the RAW Chamber match is more important, their was more noticeable wrestler’s involved, the company’s most prestige  title was on the line. Is that enough reasons? Therefore, the WWE should of had that match the LAST match.

The second thing I would of done was have Cena and Kane’s match the second last match on the card. Why? Well, let’s see. How many times have you and I seen Cena end the PPV after coming back from a merciful beating to end up destroying his opponent at the end of the show? Yes, you are correct, about 500 times, the amount of dicks Chyna has sucked. So again, the WWE should of had the WWE title match the last match. This way the most prestige title in the WWE ends on a high. Hell, it’s not like Cena doesn’t look dexterous if he doesn’t end the night!

So basically how I would have booked the series of the big 3 matches…

  • Smackdown Chamber match to be aired first
  • To air Cena and Kane’s match second last on the card
  • RAW Chamber match to be aired last.

How I would of booked the Smackdown Chamber match
The way I would of picked the contestants (In the following order)

  1. Daniel Bryan
  2. Santino Marella
  3. Cody Rhodes
  4. The Great Khali
  5. Wade Barrett
  6. The Big Show

I’d start off with Daniel Bryan because he’s the champion. Make the Champion look like he can overcome each opponent and still retain the title, better yet…show that he retained HIS title after a survival of the fittest war. Santino second because it would of given him a great chance one on one with the champion, they could of battled fairly, no cheating, no whining, no cheap shots by Bryan etc.. It would show these two have great wrestling ability fighting to eliminate each other. Have Cody make way next, just before Cody enters, Santino Irish whips Bryan over the ropes, this leaves Bryan out and since there is another wrestler in the match, Bryan could take a ‘rest’, has time to regain stamina. Let Santino and Rhodes battle it out. The Great Khali comes in, attacks Bryan first, Bryan gets a beating and is thrown and whipped by chops against the chamber’s steel. Rhodes comes from behind Khali and attacks his knee’s from behind. Bryan gets up and both men work on him, beating him down. Santino, who was just after regaining conciseness hits the cobra to Khali in the middle of the ring, yes the COBRA! Nobody would of expected this. Santino pins Khali. Sure, Khali looks weak…but he’ll be having a quite few months ahead anyway.  Santino gets a huge pop!

Throughout the match, Bryan is teasing and doing everything in his power to piss off Big Show, Show gets aggravated and angry so eventually he breaks the pod and makes way into the chamber and destroys Bryan for a minute or so. Show gets beaten down by Rhodes, Santino and after a while; Bryan. The three realize they have to work together to eliminate the big 7’4, 500 pound athlete that stands before them.  They get to the steel beside the pod Barrett is in and the 3 are punching, kicking…… wearing Big Show out, but Big Show gets adrenaline (As it’ll look like) and shoves and pushed the 3 with extreme force and the pod is broke forcefully again, this knocks Barrett down with impact and Barrett is in the match as the pod is broken.

The reason I would of booked two pods to be broken into is because, well….did you ever see that before? It’s something new and unexpected. The match would carry on as an ordinary chamber match,wrestler’s being thrown around the ring, into pods, bodyslams to the steel, a high flying move off the top of a pod performed by Bryan to Big Show. Big Show gets eliminated from this by Bryan.

The rest of the eliminations would of occurred like this…

  • Barrett Pins Santino
  • Barrett Pins Rhodes
  • Bryan pins Barrett.

The thing that I would of hoped to have of accomplished coming out of that match would be the following…….

  1. Bryan took a beating but overcame it and makes the world title look worth fighting for
  2. Big Show still looks powerful as it took numerous of guys to weaken him
  3. Santino proved he is a credible wrestler and not just a comedian
  4. That this match showed new happenings (Like 2 pods being demolished for 2 wrestlers to get out)
  5. For this Chamber match to be actually remembered unlike previous ones.

This was written pretty quick, I just wanted to write something so wrote it on how I would of booked SD’s Elimination Chamber match. When I was reading over this, I wasn’t so sure if this is any good or not, I’m always critical of myself, though.

Let me know what you think. No account is required to comment, you can post anonymous, use your Twitter of Facebook accounts. I have a special column coming Thursday here on WrestlingRambles.com. The Greatest Wrestler’s of Yesterday will return next week. Thanks for reading.