Yo Guys & Gals, I’m back from a week off. I just wanted to let everyone know that I was off last week because something had come up and I couldn’t get round to writing. This week however, I’m glad to be back to writing for Wrestling Rambles and the loyal WR fans.

This week’s column will be pretty short as I’ve got more stuff to deal with, however I will take the time to look at the Elimination Chamber PPV that has just past. I have to say that I was really looking forward to this PPV as it usually is quite good. But like a lot of things I had built my expectations up way too much. I felt that the Raw Chamber line up was a lot more interesting than the SmackDown line up but was shocked to see the Raw Chamber start the PPV. I wondered whether there was a reason behind it being first but nothing really suggested it and nothing materialised. The Divas match was next and I had high hopes for it too but was sadly disappointed by it also, Tamina and Beth are probably in the top 3 of Divas the WWE have on the rosters along with Natalya but I didn’t feel like it showed. The promo with Laurinitis, Otunga, Christian, Del Rio and Mark Henry had virtually everyone snoring in their sleep and considering Laurinitis said on his twitter account that he had a huge announcement I was still waiting for that announcement after they left the ring. The SmackDown chamber match bored me, the filler match with Jack Swagger vs Justin Gabriel wasn’t horrible but in all fairness had no point to it but to let people go to the toilet without having to miss anything substantial. The Cena-Kane match was shit.

You may be asking why I’m going to do a RFP this week for the Elimination Chamber, simply because Raw didn’t provide anything different either and I feel there are enough good photos to look at from the PPV this past Sunday. It’s Clobberin’ Time, let’s go.

Jericho Gets KO’d
During the Raw Chamber match Jericho had spent his energy elimination Ziggler with the CodeBreaker and Kofi with the boston crab, oops, I mean the Walls of Jericho. (I’m kidding about the Walls of Jericho/Boston Crab, Jericho has forever been one of my favourite so I shan’t bash him… too much.) After eliminating Kofi Kingston Jericho had to decided to put a little more hurtin’ on Kofi and then swiftly threw him out of the Chamber. When the Chamber door closed again, Jericho turned around and was met with a roundhouse kick from Punk. Jericho flew back into the door which wasn’t locked; the door flew open and guess what? Jericho took a spill onto the camera man and the fancy lights for the entrance walkway. At this point I didn’t know whether Jericho was just selling really well or if he was legit injured, Punk was watching what was going on and at one point threw up the X signal, hey, has anyone noticed how much the X signal is being thrown around now after Jesse Sorensen took that bump on TNA? Maybe it’s the trend! The camera quickly came to Jericho’s side in time for us to hear, “He can’t continue on” which meant that Jericho was indeed out of the EC leaving Punk and Miz as the last two combatants. But we’ll get to that down below.

Punk Wins the Elimination Chamber Match
Like I said in the intro I was quite shocked to see the Raw EC match start of the PPV. At first I thought that maybe for this PPV WWE was going to go with SmackDown as the leading brand. Usually the matches further up on the match card are more important but not for this PPV. The Raw Chamber included Punk – Jericho – Ziggler – R-Truth – The Miz – Kofi Kingston which I thought was a pretty good line up. Truth was the first to be eliminated following Punk dropping the elbow down on him, next to go was Ziggler after being hit with the CodeBreaker, then Kofi Kingston would be eliminated and destroyed with the Walls of Jericho. Jericho would be the next to leave following the roundhouse kick by Punk and Jericho never returned. This left The Miz and CM Punk to battle it out. By this point I’m sure most people reading this knew who was going to win and I bet you weren’t surprised by Punk being victorious! No, neither was I. I felt the Raw Elimination Chamber was good, a mile better than the SmackDown one but I’m still puzzled as to why it opened the show.

The Cobra Strikes!!
I don’t know about you humans reading this but like the crowd in Milwaukee I was hootin’ N hollerin’ for Santino. When he won the SmackDown wildcard battle royal I didn’t so much as mark out but I was just like, “Hell Yeah”. I then went on Twitter to see that many of people were trying to burst my bubble. I don’t think Santino gets enough credit for what he does in WWE, sure he’s somewhat of a joke gimmick and isn’t so much as a World Heavyweight Champion but I didn’t think it earned everyone the right to jump on WWE’s back about putting him in the EC match. I think we can all agree that Santino is, and will forever be more loved than the giant Shite Khali. Like the Royal Rumble 2011 Santino was the underdog and who doesn’t love an underdog? It was left to Santino and D-Bryan at the end of the SD EC match and as much as I love Daniel Bryan I catapulted myself into fantasy land and started cheering for Santino to win. I think that’s one of the beauties about wrestling; we all are smart enough to predict the winners and to say who is and isn’t getting a push, we all knew Santino wasn’t going to win but somehow, someway we look past the technicalities of it all and cheer for who we want to win despite the realistic outcomes and I have no shame in saying I was cheering for Santino to win. The Cobra snuck into the Elimination Chamber and found its way to Daniel Bryan’s neck. At this point I was sitting back, imagining if Santino actually did win the EC and what I imagined I liked! Wrestling doesn’t always have to be serious, so it’s good to see someone like Santino get a run on a bigger stage.

Daniel Bryan Wins the SmackDown Elimination Chamber
Realistically out of all the combatants in the Elimination Chamber I thought that Daniel Bryan would most likely retain, but failing that I thought that Big Show might have got the win. I didn’t think Wade was going to win it, nor Cody Rhodes because I don’t think they are quite there yet. Some even say that Cody is being pushed beyond his talent, what do you guys think of that statement?  Khali thankfully didn’t stay long in the Elimination Chamber as he was eliminated by the Big Show, next out was the Big Show after being double teamed by Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett, Santino then eliminated both Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett but was then eliminated by Daniel Bryan who picked up the win. I’m not in a good position to really judge this match but I felt it was boring, I actually fast forward through some of it. But I was glad to see Daniel Bryan win because I had a feeling Sheamus would then come out and stake his intentions in challenging D-Bryan for the WHC at WrestleMania which for me is great news because SmackDown is over in Belfast on April, Friday the 13th therefore I will hopefully be seeing my personal favourite Sheamus holding the WHC and I plan on going through each street of Belfast in hopes of finding Sheamus so I can get a picture with him. I’ll let y’all see it when I get it haha!

Cena Puts Kane into an Ambulance
Let’s get this straight, the only reason I put this match on here was because it had one good photo from it which incidentally was at the end of the match. I wonder why no other good photos came from that match…. HMMMM! It was boring. So boring in fact that I skipped the start, the middle and watched the very end. This was just another feather in the cap of Cena on his road to WrestleMania and fulfilled its purpose on keeping Cena on track to take down The Rock. The match ended when Cena lured Kane on top of the ambulance in order to hit him with the Attitude Adjustment off the top of the ambulance and onto some pile of… eh, what did Kane land on again? Was it pillows? Anyhoooo, Kane was shortly placed into the ambulance and drove off to the locker room. I don’t think Kane was complaining too much because at least he managed to get a free ride to the locker room.

That was this week’s photos that I carefully selected from the Elimination Chamber PPV, hell, who am I kidding? There weren’t that many good photos from the EC PPV. Below are some polls, answer them and comment if you wish! All discussion is welcome.




Elimination Chamber 2012 highlights:

That’s all for this week, thanks for taking the time to read and flick through, hope everyone is well and will be back next week for more of Ryan’s Favourite Photos! Until then, follow me on twitter, like me on faceboooo… wait, that’s not cool anymore? Are You Serious Bro?!