Through all the years that I’ve been a fan of professional wrestling, there has been numerous of caliber stables that I have seen being created to demolishing every force in their existence and of course watching them be destructed and weakened. I’m going to talk about a recent stable that has undoubtedly left their place in wrestling history as one of the greatest heel stables in pro wrestling history. It was a time which every week we looked forward to show as something captivating or controversial was bound to happen. They were a stable you just had to watch the show  just in case you missed something. So which stable do you think I’m going to write about? Yep, you’ve probably guessed it, it’s Evolution! I’ll talk about how they got going, the breathtaking moments they did and what made them so great. So, let’s recall the imperious stable!

So what made Evolution so competent? Let’s just analyse the stable shall we. The stable was formed in 2003 and they quickly took the whole RAW brand and viewers by storm with dominate impact and assertiveness. The aim of the stable was to leave paying customers and valuable viewers to say, ”Man, this is getting interesting”, after every segment/show that involved Evolution. They were four guys whom were feared by the other wrestlers in the locker-room. The stable consisted of the past, the present and the future of the WWE. The past character was portrayed by the nature boy, Ric Flair, who was a former 16 time World Champion. The present was represented by the game, Triple H, who was the current World Heavyweight Champion. The future was sketched by the enforcer of the group known as Dave Batista, and the legend killer, Randy Orton whom both were marketed as the next big two money making stars for the company.

These four men had the most success on the show like was never seen before. The crowning moment for the stable came in December 2003 when each member of the stable had a title. Triple H was the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton held the Intercontinental Championship and the tag team of Flair and Batista were crowned the World Tag Team Champions. This was the pinnacle point of the stable.

Flair in an Italian voice, ''I'ma call his mamma''

With all great things, must come an end. Every RAW viewer knew Evolution was eventually going to end, it was unpredictable to when this was going to occur. The first constituent of this was when Randy Orton became the youngest World Champion in the history of the WWE at the age of just 24, by defeating Chris Benoit. The story went on as it didn’t sit well with Triple H, meaning the fact Orton was representing being the top guy in the locker room with the prestiges World title, which is what Triple H always had a hunger for. Triple H decided to throw a ‘celebration’ party for Orton. The 3 other members of the stable came down to the ring one night on RAW, Triple H called Orton out, he came out. Furthermore, Batista lifted Orton on his shoulders from behind…Orton of course assuming they were all on the same page. Suddenly, Triple H gave a ”thumbs up” to Orton, additionally Triple H turned the thumbs up to a ”thumbs down”, thus Batista giving Orton a back-drop to the mat which led to Orton receiving a vicious beating. This took one part of Evolution away from the stable, now there is only 3 members. WWE obviously seen Orton was ready to take it on his own and did just that.

Somebody Better Call Yo' Momma after I'm done with you after WM

So, from the stable…we saw one of the future stars break way and make way into a huge company and look where Orton is now (yea yea yea he’s injured but you get my point), he’s the WWE’s second biggest star. Moving away from the Orton side of this, comes Batista. In the 2005 Royal Rumble, Batista overcame 29 other men to earn himself a place in the main event of Wrestlemania, it was of course John Cena whom he eliminated after what appeared to be a controversial Rumble. Triple H and the Nature Boy assumed Batista would pick the WWE champion JBL from the Smackdown brand to face at the main event of Wrestlemania, little did they know Batista wasn’t after JBL and his WWE Championship, the 6’6, 300 pound Animal was after Triple H and his World Championship. Batista had just about enough of being in Triple H and Flairs’ spotlight, Batista wanted to accomplish what Orton did, win a World title…which meant Batista had to move away and get out of Evolution, so was forced to pick a feud with Triple H. As tension started to rise at the contract signing for the WM match, we were all anticipating the moment, that last moment of Evolution, you knew it was coming at that point but it made the moment all that more exciting. Batista made this official by powerbombing Triple H through a table. Perhaps Batista’s outing of Evolution was of a much bigger push than Orton, as this was leading up to the granddaddy PPV of them all; Wrestlemania. Batista and Triple H went at it for just about two months. They had all sort of battles such as arm wrestling, picking each others opponent matches etc..

It finally came to Wrestlemania which was the most anticipated match on the card for the whole show. It was the BIG one. It was hyped up like fuck for months. They had an epic match and put on a fantastic show. Batista of course became the new World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Triple H. What did this do? It put Batista over with the fans due to a couple of factors. One: He defeated the guy that fans hated. Two: We saw the very best and what he’s capable of doing. It wasn’t over yet. Triple H got a rematch at the next PPV, Backlash, but sadly for the game, there was no Backlash for him as Batista successfully completed his first title defence. The feud ended at Armageddon in the Devil’s playground, Hell in a Cell, by Batista defeating a legend in a brutal battle.

Evolution is the perfect example of how a stable should be done, it put over two new guys practically and the stable lasted for the best part of two years, creativity was awe so inspiring, why couldn’t the WWE just of been more patient with Nexus? The Nexus plot was so genius, it was so unexpected that night they came out on RAW and wrecked ringside. The possibilities the WWE could have applied with the Nexus would of been endless.

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