I’m James (@GoofyVillain), part of The Top Rope crew and I am pleased to announce that starting this week, I will be reviewing TNA Impact Wrestling on a weekly basis in an article called Insight into Impact. I will be discussing the segments and giving my opinions on them, whether it’s been good or bad.

The show opens with the World Champion, Bobby Roode making his way out to the ring, as Mike Tenay and Taz discussed Sting’s “I’m done” tweet. Roode says how Sting will appear later to say goodbye to the fans, and states how it is down to him that Sting is leaving. Roode claims this is the greatest accomplishment in his life. I felt this was a good way to open the show, not too long of a promo, and did it’s job. As a heel, Roode is really impressing me the more mic time he gets.

We see a backstage segment between Crimson and Matt Morgan, in which they are arguing over who was at fault for them losing the titles at Against All Odds. They finally agree to get on the same page, and head off towards the entrance.

That brings us onto the first match of the night, the TNA Tag Titles rematch between the new Champions, Magnus and Samoa Joe and the team of Crimson and Matt Morgan. This to me just felt like a shorter version of the first match at the Pay Per View. Similar ending as both Crimson and Morgan go to attack Joe, but Crimson clotheslines Morgan, enabling Joe and Magnus to get rid of Crimson and hit their double team finish on Morgan for the win. Even though it felt a similar match to their previous one, this one was more enjoyable for me (minus the PPV problems as well). I still sense a break up between Crimson and Morgan, and their feud to restart.

Brandon Jacobs of the New York Giants appears. I gotta say, this part really doesn’t interest me. He mentions the ruckus with Bully Ray from last week and then says how he’s in Bully Ray’s backyard, and calls him out. Bully Ray answers, and runs through the accomplishments of himself and Jacobs. Bully Ray refuses to fight, as he has a match later which is more important, and Jacobs chases him out the arena.

After a commercial, we see Jacobs searching for Bully Ray. James Storm and Jeff Hardy stop him, and say they have an idea of how Jacobs can get his hand on Bully.

X-Division action, and we see Zema Ion takes on Alex Shelley. It didn’t take long for The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Austin Aries to appear (with popcorn and a glass of wine!). This was another short match, with both guys able to get some good spots in (including a suicide dive from Shelley, which even got Aries off his seat). Ion cheated to win, using the hairspray to his advantage when the ref wasn’t looking, before hitting a running double knee strike and pinning Shelley. For the amount of time they had, this match was good, just surprised Aries didn’t get knocked off his chair though (ala the time he came to ringside with wine to watch Tyler Black in ROH).

We see Garrett Bischoff backstage, who says that it doesn’t matter what Eric says, as it won’t stop him from wrestling. Hulk Hogan appears, and tells him he has a target on his back, and how Eric will make his life a living hell. Garrett appreciates Hulk’s words, and will continue to fight. Hogan said similar to Sting a few weeks ago. I smell a new (poor) gimmick for Hulk, where ever 2 weeks he appears to inform people they’re being targeted. “Yo brother, I just wanna say, you got a target on your back”…

From one backstage promo to another, this time with Madison Rayne. She says that winning the title shot last week on Impact has strengthened her friendship with Gail, and she did it because the competition in the Battle Royal was not up to Gail’s status. I sense an ulterior motive here, as if she’s sick of being Gail’s right hand woman.

That leads us into Knockouts action, which features Gail Kim up against ODB, who has her Eric Young with her. ODB and Eric made this match for me, just down to how wacky they both acted. From ODB’s use of her ample bosom, to Eric climbing in the ring wanting ODB to hit the bronco buster on him, they added comedy to this. Aside from that, I couldn’t get into this match, I just don’t feel bothered by Gail Kim matches lately. She’s talented, but since returning to TNA, I’m not enjoying her current gimmick. Madison Rayne appears at ringside to encourage Gail, to the annoyance of the Champ. Despite ODB using this to her advantage, Gail still manages to get the win with the Eat Defeat, and rejects Rayne’s over-exuberant celebrations.

We see a short interview with AJ Styles, in which he says he’s focused on tonight’s match with Robbie E for the TV Title. He says he’s past whatever the deal with Daniels and Kazarian is. Weird that he says that, considering Kaz beat him.

There’s an update on Jesse Sorensen, in which we hear from his mother, and even Jesse himself. I did feel bad for him watching this, especially when he explained how he felt at ringside, not being able to move his arms or legs. Mike Tenay informs us since the interview, Jesse has been released from hospital, which is a good sign. Again, I do wish this guy all the best on his road to recovery. #GetWellJesse

TV title is on the line, as AJ Styles took on Robbie E, accompanied by Big Robbie T. It’s a good job this isn’t the early 90s WCW, as you could team Robbie E and Robbie T up with Robbie V (RVD)….actually swap that around and they’d be Team V.E.T. Styles had an uphill task consider the Welshman kept getting involved, but just as he starts gaining momentum, the inevitable happens. As AJ is on the apron ready to leap on the top rope, Kazarian and Daniels appear, with Kazarian pulling Styles down and slamming him into the guardrail, causing a DQ win for AJ, and Robbie E to retain. Despite what AJ thinks, this isn’t over.

It’s time for the main event, pitting Kurt Angle and Bully Ray against James Storm and Jeff Hardy. Storm calls out Brandon Jacobs, who comes to stand in their corner. Bully taunts Jacobs throughout the match, I really do enjoy his work lately, think he’s one of the top heels around right now. Angle and Bully work over Hardy for most of the match till Storm gets the hot tag and clears the ring. Angle and Bully regain the upper hand, and go to set up a table, which is stopped by Hardy and Storm hitting a baseball slide to the table into the heels. After it’s set up by Storm, Hardy gets knocked out the ring, and Storm hits the Superkick on Angle, before Storm goes down at the hands of Bully. Jacobs slids into the ring and we see a “3 point stance” from Bully and Jacobs, before Storm turns Bully, hits the Calling Time and Jacobs chokeslams Bully through the table for Storm to pin him. Strange ending, as the ref just stood there watching all this, and it wasn’t a “no DQ match”.

Time to close the show out, and Sting comes out. He addresses the situation with Bobby Roode, but doesn’t get to say much before the World Champ appears to mock Sting. Sting informs him that he isn’t done with TNA, but he’s done getting pushed about. Sting takes off his sunglasses and applies some facepaint, telling Roode that he’s going to get his gear put on, and at Victory Road, he’ll kick Roode’s ass (he says all this while acting insane, I might add). Roode goes to low blow Sting again, but Sting catches his boot, then low blows Roode before saying “follow the yellow brick road to Victory Road Bobby, it’s Showtime…ta-ta for now”.

Aside from the Hogan/Bischoff segment, and the first time we saw Brandon Jacobs, I felt this was a good show. The matches, although a bit short for me, were good, and I feel each one helped develop feuds. Finding myself really liking the direction that Roode, Bully Ray, Aries, Magnus and Samoa Joe are going lately. Those guys are the main reason I watch this show. I even like the “insane” side of Sting, I felt his promo at the end worked, and I liked it. Some aren’t keen on his “joker rip-off”, but for me, it gets a thumbs up. I’d give this a 3 out of 5.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and look forward to your comments, and to writing more articles for WrestlingRambles.