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In the most humble way possible I want to start off by saying it’s my birthday week! I myself personally don’t have much interest in celebrating birthdays, so instead I’ve decided to write about superstars who share the same birth month as me. That’s right, February…the shortest month of the year and frankly the corniest. The corny factor is due to its holidays, Groundhog Day(love it) and Valentine’s day(laaame). So here we go…famous wrestlers born in the month of FEBRUARY!

I first wanted to start off with Buddy Rogers. Born February 20, 1921, Buddy was the original “Nature Boy” in professional wrestling and also the first ever WWWF Champion. This fits perfectly in with the next performer that needs to be mentioned…Ric Flair!

Ric Flair, who was born on February 25, 1949, is one of the most popular superstars to ever come out of the business. Still somewhat active today in TNA, we’ve seen Flair hold almost every title in the business imaginable, and have some of the most memorable matches of the last century. I’m happy to share the same birth month with these legends, especially Ric Flair who I’ve grown up watching. I can’t actually pick a favorite Ric Flair moment, but the Rumble when he won the WWF Title was pretty epic. Also his WCW Horsemen run was quite epic, and I was able to catch the last few groupings of the stable before it crumbled. 

Jim Neidhart, father of Natalya and brother-in-law of Bret Hart, was born February 8, 1955. Growing up I also had the privilege to watch the career of the Hart Foundation grow into a whole Hart movement. Jim, being the power and muscle of the tag team, went together perfectly with Bret’s technical skills and great wrestling ability. I always enjoyed their tag team work and even further on when Jim would team with Owen Hart and create the New Foundation. Even after this we would see a stable version of the Hart Foundation, bringing the family back together to take on the non-respecters. Even to this day buddies from work and I pretend to grab our Anvil goaties….now that’s cool!

Norman Smiley is known to us all due to his big…..wiggle! Back in the WCW Norman never really made it too far, but I must say I never hated his work. I thought it was kind of strange how the technician, born February 28, 1965, wore shoes instead of boots. Norman is actually still in the business today, down in FCW training the up and comers. Obviously the guy has the skills, just never really had that special lift-off some of the others get. Perhaps it was his normal look and almost lack of gimmick, or just the fact that he was overshadowed by all the rest of the big names in WCW at the time.

Ricky Steamboat? Nice! February 28, 1953 was when this legend was brought into this world as Richard Henry Blood. I had to mention his real name because I think it’s pretty damn killer. Obviously we all remember the legend Steamboat from his insane matches with Randy Savage and Ric Flair, but we can’t forget that the old guy has still got it. Remember WrestleMania 25 when Steamboat came out of retirement and teamed with Jimmy Snuka and Roddy Piper to face Chris Jericho? It was a phenomenal return. The crowd was so into it they couldn’t stop chanting “you still got it” every time Steamboat set foot in the ring. That year he also made it into the Hall of Fame, a well-deserved praise.

Honourable mentions have to go to Sherri Martel, one of my favorite managers of all times and a great women’s wrestler back in her day. I absolutely loved her with the heel versions of Macho Man and Shawn Michaels, as she did wonders for their careers in that sense. Another H.M. goes to Lance Hoyt, who’s made a name for himself in the minor leagues and TNA, but who also made it to WWE TV. Although it didn’t last at least he can say it happened. We also couldn’t do honourable mentions without mentioning this man…Ricaaaardo Rooodrrrriiiguez! There’s so much more coming from this guy, but he’s already grown a following just from his work as Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer. What a cool guy to share a birth month with! With my last honorable mention it’s time to get a little funky, because Brodus Clay is also born in the month of Feb. I have high hopes for this guy and although there’s been reports he was taken off TV because he just isn’t ready, I’m excited for the day he is.

As you can see there have been lots and lots of amazing talent born in February. There’s actually quite a bit more out there and it was quite a surprise to take a look and see. If you’re bored, I suggest you do the same thing for your month and see what big names you have on your team. Once again, thanks for the read. If you have any memories of these guys feel free to share or if you feel like checking out your month, post some of the wrestlers that share the same birth month as you. It will be interesting to see who has the most talented month.

James Bones