Since we’re on the Road to Wrestlemania or should I say… Ramblin Road to Wrestlemania? hahaha. I figured for the next few weeks these “Remember Whens” will feature the Wrestlers that have matches at the big event. I already did ones on HHH, Undertaker, & Chris Jericho. So, I think it’s natural that we feature Y2J’s opponent at WM 28, CM Punk.

Do you remember when CM Punk wrestled under a mask?

It was back in 2010, Punk was in a ongoing feud with Rey Mysterio. Their last encounter in the feud would end up at Over the Limit in May 2010. If Rey lost he would have to join the SES (Straight Edge Society) and if Punk lost he would have to shave his head. Ultimately, Punk lost and thus his hair was history.

A few days later on an episode of Smackdown, just when we thought we were going to see a bald Straight Edge Savior, Punk comes out in a SES mask. The mask looked pretty good in my opinion and it was good way to hide his head.

The mask didn’t last very long because a couple months later, Punk would lose his mask courtesy of the Big Show.

Can you imagine if he had a mask when he was running the Nexus? I bet it would look pretty cool πŸ™‚ What do you people think of the SES mask? Don’t be afraid to leave your comments and thanks for reading.

Here’s the debut of the SES mask

Here’s the last night we ever saw the SES mask